Samsung Unveils 49-Inch Curved Monitor For The Most Dedicated Gamers

9 June 2017, 3:30 pm EDT By Kevin Billings Tech Times
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It's getting to the point where televisions and PC monitors are starting to become the same. From curved designs to 4K screens, there are very few differences left between the two.

Samsung's newest monitor, while monstrous in size, also adds another key feature missing from high-end displays. It's the sort of upgrade that gamers will rejoice.

QLED Displays

The newest monitor debuted by Samsung is the CHG90 49-inch curved monitor. This makes it the largest PC monitor Samsung has built to this point, with the previous being a 38-inch display. It's also part of the first wave of desktop monitors that will use Samsung's QLED tech. For anyone who is unaware, QLED is a proprietary display tech that uses Quantum Dot materials for a wider range of color in the image. This is something Samsung has been incorporating more into its TVs, so it was only a matter of time until it was added to desktop monitors.

The QLED display will work hand-in-hand with the HDR integration, which is also new for desktop displays. This gives Samsung another edge due to the lack of HDR PC monitors, especially since HDR is such a common feature in newer TVs. HDR stands for high dynamic range, it improves the lighting in an image and gives a more natural appearance.

As mentioned, this isn't the only monitor Samsung is releasing with these features as well. Samsung is also releasing 27 and 32-inch monitors under the CHG70 display model. And don't fret, these will also be QLED screens with HDR built in.

A Monitor For Gamers

Let's be honest, most people don't have a need for a 49-inch desktop monitor. This is a monitor designed for gamers as a replacement to the dual-screen setups that many of them use. The two screens use 16:9 displays glued together, while the 49-inch monitor bumps it to 32:9 for what Samsung calls "super ultra-wide" that offers clear image straight across with no split.

Samsung understands the audience is going to be interested in this monitor. To this end, Samsung worked with EA to optimize the HDR in the screen. Given EA's upcoming graphical powerhouses like Star Wars: Battlefront II, it made the publisher the perfect partner for this.

The screen won't be cheap though. The 49-inch display will be $1,499 when it releases later this summer. If one doesn't have the money to shell out for it but want the perks, the 27 and 32-inch displays will be $599. Granted, still not the cheapest, but it's still an affordable option given the new features.

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