Far Cry 5 Gameplay Trailer Shows The Chaos Of Hope County: Snipers, Pilots, And Even Dogs Fight Back


Ubisoft showed off a new gameplay trailer for open-world shooter Far Cry 5 at its E3 2017 press event.

The trailer provides a good look at what players can look forward to in the controversial game, which is set to be launched on Feb. 27, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Far Cry 5: Allies Against A Cult

The first Far Cry 5 trailer, released last month, revealed that the franchise will take its trademark chaotic action into the United States for the first time. The game is set in Hope County, Montana, a fictional city that has been taken over by a cult led by Joseph Seed.

Seed, who has a militia under his control, is forcefully recruiting members from Hope County. Players will take on the role of a deputy sheriff, who will look to free Hope County and take down Seed and his cult. Players will not be alone, however, with Far Cry 5 creative director and executive producer Dan Hay previously revealing that there will be allies that can be recruited in the game.

The new gameplay trailer showcases some of the allies that players can team up with in Far Cry 5. A gruesome scene quickly escalates into a chaotic battle, started off by gun-for-hire Grace Armstrong who serves as a sniper to take down the enemies from afar.

As the player gets into the thick of things, a dog named Boomer rushes to the scene. The fangs for hire is capable of taking down opponents and grabbing their weapons, leaving them defenseless. Nick Rye, a pilot, is then shown descending from the sky in his aircraft, shooting at the cult members and dropping bombs. A truck arrives on the scene, driven by a friend for hire to team up for two-player co-op missions.

Each of the allies in Far Cry 5 has their own back stories on why they hate Seed and his cult. It is unclear what players will have to do to recruit them to join the fight, but it appears that teaming up with them presents the best chance for liberating Hope County.

The gameplay trailer ends with the trademarks of the franchise: explosions and gore, as Hope County descends into chaos.

Far Cry 5 Special Edition: The Hope County, MT Collector's Case

In addition to the new gameplay trailer, Ubisoft also revealed a special edition for Far Cry 5 named The Hope County, MT Collector's Case.

Inside the case is a gold edition of Far Cry 5, which grants players access to all future DLC coming to the game, along with a Digital Deluxe Pack that contains weapons, vehicles, and outfits that players can use. The special edition also includes a steelbook case, a copy of the game's official soundtrack, and a double-sided map of Hope County.

The best part about The Hope County, MT Collector's Case for Far Cry 5 is a trophy deer skull that measures 45 centimeters (18 inches) wide perfect for hanging over the TV as players blast through Hope County.

The Hope County, MT Collector's Case can now be preordered through the Ubisoft Store, where players can also send in their purchases for the Standard, Deluxe, and Steelbook Gold editions of Far Cry 5.

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