Online Shoppers Spent $5.03 Billion On Black Friday 2017, But Cyber Monday Will Be Crazier

26 November 2017, 10:13 pm EST By Aaron Mamiit Tech Times
The start of Black Friday was pretty underwhelming

Black Friday 2017 sales figures were nothing but good news for retail companies, especially with online sales reaching record-high numbers.

However, despite how crazy Black Friday was, Cyber Monday is expected to be even crazier, with online sales for the shopping holiday expected to set a new bar.

Black Friday 2017: Here's How Much We Spent

For Black Friday 2017, according to a report published by Adobe Digital Insights, online sales reached $5.03 billion, for a 16.9 percent increase compared to Black Friday 2016. Meanwhile, for Thanksgiving 2017, online sales were $2.87 billion, for an even higher 18.3 percent increase compared to last year.

Both figures were record-highs for the two annual holidays, revealing that more shoppers are skipping the lines of physical stores and are instead choosing to do all their purchasing through the internet.

Other interesting pieces of information from the Adobe Digital Insights report include the fact that of the first 24 days of November, each day recorded online sales of over $1 billion, with $38.31 billion in total over that time.

According to the report, 68 percent of the online sales revenue so far this month comes from transactions through desktop computers, followed by 22 percent from smartphones and 10 percent from tablets. 

For Black Friday 2017, the best-selling product is the Nintendo Switch, which is a great sign for Nintendo considering that there were no discounts offered for the hybrid console during the shopping holiday. The device was followed by Hatchimals and Colleggtibles, PJ Masks, Google's Chromecast, and Roku streaming devices.

Shopify, an e-commerce platform provider, also reported that at the peak of Black Friday 2017, shoppers were sending in 2,800 orders per minute, equivalent to $1 million per minute.

Cyber Monday 2017 Predictions

As crazy as Black Friday 2017 appears in terms of online sales, Cyber Monday 2017 is predicted to be even crazier.

According to Adobe Digital Insights, online sales for Cyber Monday 2017 are expected to total $6.6 billion, which would be a 16.5 percent increase compared to last year's version.

The figure, more importantly, will be record number that would make Cyber Monday 2017 the biggest online shopping day in the United States.

The Adobe Digital Insights report was fairly spot on in its predictions for Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales, so there is a high possibility that the expected record-setting sales figures for Cyber Monday will be reached.

Will you be part of the Cyber Monday 2017 online crowd? In the comments section, let us know what you're planning to buy in what will likely be the biggest online shopping day in history.

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