Burger King Employee Deserves Recognition For Helping Customer With Diabetes: Here's What Happened

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A Burger King employee is gaining recognition online for going above and beyond her call of duty to help a customer with diabetes.

Diabetes, for which there remains low awareness but with increasing statistics, is a tough disease to manage, but people like the helpful Burger King employee make it much easier for diabetics.

Diabetic Woman Suffers From Low Blood Sugar Levels

Rebecca Boening, in a Facebook post, detailed recent events that happened at a Burger King branch in Amarillo, Texas.

Boening, who is suffering from diabetes, was out driving one day when she realized that her blood sugar dropped to dangerous levels. She went off the highway and into the nearest Burger King to pick up food from the drive-thru.

Boening said in her Facebook post that while she was stumbling through her order, she mentioned that she was diabetic and that she needed some food.

As Boening arrived at the first window of the drive-thru to pay for her order, she was surprised to see a woman running to her vehicle. The woman was Tina Hardy, a Burger King employee, and she had an ice cream in her hand.

Burger King Employee Saves The Day

Boening said in an interview with Fox that Hardy had to squeeze herself between the vehicle and the building to give her the ice cream.

"I actually couldn't believe that she was coming to the car," she told Refinery29. "I had stopped pretty close to the building and it was difficult for Tina to get to the drivers window. She almost had to crawl over the hood of my car."

After handing Boening the ice cream, Hardy told her to park her vehicle across the establishment's driveway so that she could watch her as she ate to make sure that everything was fine.

Hardy is married to a man who is also a diabetic, so she knew the importance of getting Boening some food immediately. Once the blood sugar of a diabetic person falls to low levels, he or she can experience various symptoms that include shaking, dizziness, confusion, hunger, and irritability. However, thanks to the quick actions of Hardy, Boening was able to get her blood sugar back up to normal levels as fast as possible.

Boening, meanwhile, has maintained contact with Hardy, continuing to express her gratitude for her actions that day.

"I think that the reason why so many people are connecting to this story is that people just don't help people like they used to," Boening said.

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