TiVo Introduces Next-Generation Platform That Combines Cable And Streaming


Today, TiVo has announced a new “Next-Gen Platform” that the company is gearing toward cable TV subscribers and providers. The next-gen platform will combine streaming along with cable for every kind of TV watcher.

The company announced that it is gearing this new platform to providers who might partner with TiVo.

The new TV platform gives viewers a convenient, unified way to watch recorded content from both cable providers and streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more. Cable providers, meanwhile, can implement TiVo's tech to provide customers with "hyper-personalization, recommendations and voice-control" on multiple devices and screens.

How Will The Next-Gen Platform Work

This new platform is available for multiple TV devices, including Linux and Android TV-based set-top boxes and traditional DVRs, but also DVR-free streaming devices such as Apple TV and Amazon's Fire TV. It will also work with smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

It is designed to help current cable providers compete against Netflix and Hulu. This is a step back from cord-cutting and helping existing cable customers find a new way of watching.

TiVo's well-regarded interface could provide a leg up. The company said its cloud-powered software will offer the company’s personalized recommendations, voice commands, and the next-gen platform's main hook of integration across other devices for a multi-screen experience.

According to CNET, Brett Sappington, senior director of research at Parks Associates, talked about the need for a product such as this that combines both services.

"User experience defines the operator's video services for consumers,” Sappington said. "Every pay-TV service and streaming video service is working to capture and maintain consumer attention in order to drive ongoing use and monetization. As a result, operators need a flexible platform that allows them to innovate rapidly and meet or surpass connected experiences offered elsewhere.”

This is a highlight for cable providers, as it gives them a way to compete with internet streaming services.

TiVo recently unveiled its Bolt Vox set-top box, and it is uncertain at the moment if the device will support the cloud-based service. Past Bolt TiVo devices may also see support for the new platform as well, although the press release did not mention anything about it.

Time will tell what devices will feature the new service, and with CES 2018 starting next week on Jan. 9, we’ll be sure to get more information about TiVo's new platform.

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