This Website Finds The Best New Shows On Netflix

Cloverfield Paradox hit Netflix and surprised everyone

Looking for new shows to watch on Netflix tonight but dreading the thought of having to browse through thousands of movies and TV shows on the streaming service?

Flixable, a new search engine for Netflix, claims it can save users hours of browsing time by making it easier for Netflix subscribers to select what they want to watch.

How does Flixable work? The site is constantly keeping track of what movies and TV shows are being added and removed from the streaming service, allowing users to see newly added content.

Search By Title, Ratings, Or A Movie Or TV Show Release

Instead of browsing and switching through Netflix categories such as Action, Children & Family, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, and Thrillers, Flixable makes it possible to find out what's new on Netflix by searching by a movie title, movie and TV ratings, specific genre, and the date a title was released. The site also allows users to search by an actor or actress name. 

There's also a popular tab within Flixable's search engine that keeps track of movies and TV shows that have been watched the most for the day, week, and month.

Reddit User Ville Salminen Created Flixable

Flixable was created by Ville Salminen, a Reddit user who announced his latest project through r/television over the weekend. The Netflix search engine had attracted millions of hits shortly after sharing the site on Reddit, proving to be a success.

Reddit Users Are Praising Flixable

Reddit users are praising the new site, saying it's already much better than Netflix's UI.

"Just spending two minutes with this is enough to show just how unbelievably bloated, slow, and inefficient the Netflix UI has become," said Reddit user StaplerLivesMatter.

Another Reddit user said they were on for a short period before selecting a few movie titles to watch.

"Same! I was on for 30 seconds and had three movies picked out." 

The Inspiration Behind Launching Flixable

What inspired Salminen to launch Flixable? After reading numerous complaints from Netflix subscribers on how difficult it is to find content, that's when he took it upon himself to create Flixable.

What's next for the creator of Flixable? He may very well just build a similar search engine but for Amazon and Hulu.

Tried using Flixable? Let us know how your experience was in the comment section below.

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