Netflix Adds Pin Protection That Lets Parents Block Specific Titles


Parents were able to create PINS for Netflix content with a specific maturity rating. Now, the streaming service wants to take it a step further by giving users the ability to create PINS for specific movies and original TV series.

Netflix Adds Pin Protection That Lets Parents Block Specific Titles

By adding PIN protection for specific movies or TV series, Netflix is giving parents more control over the different types of content their young children and teenagers can stream online.

"We understand that every family is different and that parents have differing perspectives on what they feel is appropriate to watch at different ages," said Mike Hastings, Netflix's director of enhanced content.

Netflix offers a lot of family-friendly content, however, some series on the streaming service aren't considered appropriate for children 17 or under.

For example, hit series 13 Reasons Why is a dark teen drama based on the young adult book Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, which is not a show most parents would want their children to watch.

The teen drama series is about high school students, Clay Jenson, and his close friend Hannah Baker, a teenage girl who committed suicide after being bullied by her classmates in school. Baker records a bunch of cassettes explaining the 13 reasons why she decided to tragically end her life.

Throughout the series, the show features extremely graphic rape and suicide scenes, underage drinking, and lots of profanity.

To help parents and guardians out, even more, the company said it will also display the maturity level rating for a Netflix Original series or film once the title begins to play. So when parents play 13 Reasons Why on Netflix, the title will display the maturity level in the top-left corner, language, and sexual content to help parents decide if their child should watch the show. If not, they can create a PIN to block the series.

Netflix currently displays maturity ratings in different parts of the streaming service, though, the company wants users to see the maturity level as they start playing a movie or TV series.

"We are also continuing to explore ways to make this information more descriptive and easier for our members to understand with just a quick glance," said Hastings.

Netflix hasn't started rolling out the new feature just yet but plans to in the coming months.

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