Apple iPhone 6 in Boiling Coca-Cola, Baked in Turkey, Drill and Scratch Test, and More

When people have way too much money and time and too little sense, the iPhone 6 seems to be a top target for boredom alleviation. After bendgate -- when the newest iPhone was released -- one YouTuber decided to put his very many Apple devices through even more torturous tests.

Dunked in Coca-Cola, baked in a Turkey for Thanksgiving, drilled, smashed, cooked with sugar like a caramelized apple treat, the iPhone 6, unsurprisingly, fails every one of these random, meaningless stress tests, turning the state-of-the-art smartphone into one very expensive and often times fire hazardous paperweight.

We do not recommend trying any of these at home in any way, shape or form.

Here are some high-quality tests by TechRax, a Ukranian YouTuber who says he has been "smashing technology since 2011."

Was Thanksgiving Dinner a bore this year? Perhaps next year you can try this recipe involving an iPhone 6 for stuffing? Or not...

Lobster and crab taste great when boiled in Coca-Cola. A boiled iPhone 6? Not so much...

Coke has too many calories for you? Here is a test boiling the iPhone 6 in regular, boring water.

Are you one of those who believed the iPhone 6 hoax to recharge the battery using a microwave? This test proves once and for all that, well, it somehow works -- but you'll end up with a dead phone in the process.

All these iPhone 6 recipes are making me hungry! Here is a non-kitchen-related stress test to see how the iPhone 6 fares against a drill. Hint: Not too good.

More durability tests with hammers and knives. Actually, pretty standard compared to the other tests conducted.

Just in case the zombie apocalypse finally happens, you can always use your iPhone 6 as a weapon in this Molotov cocktail DIY.

And, as a bonus, here is the iPhone being pulverized, along with a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, in the long-running YouTube favorite series: Will it Blend?

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