Six-Song Mashup Proves That Country Music All Sounds The Same

One of the downsides of having such a massive music industry is that a lot of songs all start to sound the same. It's understandable that, within a single genre, some of the songs will start to sound similar, but in today's homogenized music industry, a lot of songs just blend together. 

At a certain point, it comes down to the fans to make a decision about the music they listen to. Most of the time the decision is made with their collective wallets, but some fans just take it to the next level.

After all, if you aren't happy with an artist's music, why not splice it up and make some music of your own? That's what Sir Mashalot did...

Country songs have always sounded relatively similar to one another; after all, the acoustic guitar can really only do so much. That being said, there's definitely a limit: six different songs from six different artists probably shouldn't blend so well into one another. Sure, there are a few cuts where the shift from one song to another is more noticeable, but the fact that the music can continue throughout six different tracks and still hold a rhythm together is amazing (and somewhat scary). The lyrics are the cherry on top - somehow, throughout multiple different songs, the jumbled lyrics still make a modicum of sense.

Of course, musical mashups are nothing new: rap and hip-hop artists have been mixing different songs together for years now. Country, for the most part, has been ignored by this trend, but who knows? Maybe after this mashup, country mixes will become more popular.

It certainly can't get any worse than the mashup of the entire Skrillex track list..


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