The Stir M1 Smart Desk is One Techie Furniture for Your Wish List at $2,990


The new Kinetic M1 is the latest product from Stir which is patterned after its predecessor, the Kinetic F1. It's the second smart desk in the company's lineup that boasts of impressive specs and outstanding functionality.

The M1 sports the same powerful brain found in its older and more expensive sibling. It's smart enough to learn the user's habits and keep track of the length of time that the user is in a standing position. Furthermore, it can also be programmed to have the "goals" of reminding the user on the need to stand up and become more active while working throughout the day.

"On average, Stir Kinetic Desk users stand for half their day, and 95 percent of our users move every day. This is a massive change, especially when compared with push-button and other manually height-adjustable desks. We poured everything we could into meeting the demand for this new product, collected tons of customer feedback and spent the last year scrutinizing every detail to perfect the M1," said Stir CEO and founder JP Labrosse.

The Stir Kinetic Desk M1 features specs that make it one of the market's most innovative desks to date. These include a CPU of 1GHz, connectivity options of WiFi and Bluetooth, and a touchscreen console of 5 inches which runs Linux. The new desk, compared to its predecessor, boasts of a sleeker design and a slightly lighter build. It has four power outlets built-in. The desk also needs to be plugged in when used.

Depending on the user's preference, the desk's height can be easily manipulated to measure between 25 and 51 inches. This is achieved after tapping the touchscreen that is embedded in the front left corner of the desk.

The 30 by 60 inch desk also gives out a subtle motion that would tell the user if it's time to get up and move around a little. Of course, the desk wouldn't force the user to do so since it will have to receive a double-tap in order to know that the user is ready to switch positions.

Another notable feature of the M1 is its slimmer and more ergonomic design. It sports curved edges to give extra comfort for the users' arms. Its slim and flexible profile enables it to accommodate a host of accessories such as keyboard trays and task lamps.

The Stir M1 can be purchased directly from Retail price is set at $2,990 which includes shipping.

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