Fashion Week Brings Virtual Reality To the Runway

Fashionistas are turning out for all the latest fashion shows during New York Fashion Week, but many of us are not lucky enough to attend the hottest events. However, thanks to virtual reality, you will be able to experience the show yourself—that is if you own a VR headset.

Fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff debuted her Bohemian Fall 2015 collection down the catwalk last Friday. Filming the show using two high-tech cameras to see a 360-degree view of the show, Minkoff plans to release the show using virtual reality. It will be released in a few months since it will take around 50 days to get the experience ready for viewing.

Those who plan on attending the show through their Oculus Rift and Cardboard VR viewers can choose to view it from the photographer pit or from the beginning of the runway. Viewers will see the models showing off the latest fashions, as cameras flash to snap their pictures and celebrities look on in the audience.

Uri Minkoff, the company's CEO, said that featuring VR technology into the fashion world is just one example of how the designer has embraced technology. New stores feature touch-screen mirrors and even released wearables in the fall of 2014.

Minkoff teased what is to come on her Instagram, showing a video montage of all the looks in her latest collection.

But Minkoff is not the only fashion brand entering the virtual realm of fashion shows. During London Fashion Week, TOPSHOP and Inition, a 3D agency, is allowing customers to experience their fashion show virtually, from their store located in Central London.

Viewers will get a front-row seat look at the live-streamed catwalk by wearing headsets that give 360-degree views of the runway, backstage and A-listers who arrive. TOPSHOT will let viewers check out the show in the days leading up to, and during, the event starting on February 16 and running through Feb. 18.


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