'Arrow' Season 3: Is A Major Character About To Die? We Look At The Possibilities


TV series Arrow hasn't shied away from killing off major characters in the past (we're still freaking out over Tommy and Sara), so it's likely more death is on the way to Starling City.

However, after recent cryptic tweets from series stars Stephen Amell and Colton Haynes, we think that a major character death is coming up soon, as in this season.

It wouldn't be unprecedented for the show to kill someone off for the season finale (just like Tommy in the first season), and, in fact, we'd be more surprised if the entire Team Arrow was intact in the end. Take a look at the ominous tweets below:

Obviously, these two actors filmed something extremely emotional on set, and these tweets definitely hint at a character death. But who will it be? We take a few guesses.

Roy Harper, aka Arsenal

This is our top pick for the character most likely to get the axe in an upcoming Arrow episode. Why? Because now that Oliver Queen, aka Arrow, is back, Roy's place in the group isn't as important. Sure, he worked well with the team in Ollie's absence, but now, he's back to being a sidekick, and he's not one that Arrow really needs. He's outlived his usefulness, save for once being Thea's love interest.

It's also actor Colton Haynes' tweet that tips us off that it might be his character getting the boot. What could create a "rough night?" That's probably saying goodbye to the entire cast and crew of a show that you've been a part of for so long.

Roy's death would also create an emotional impact for the other characters as he is part of Team Arrow, as well as the guy we're pretty sure that Thea Queen is still in love with.

Detective Quentin Lance

Here's another character that's no longer that useful to the Arrow team. After his heart attack, he was no longer capable of really being a part of Team Arrow. Also, now that he knows that Sara is dead and that Laurel is the new Black Canary, what more is there for him to accomplish?

This death, too, would leave a high emotional impact on the other characters. Not only is he Laurel's dad, but he's also spent time working with Team Arrow.

Thea Queen

Thea seems to have outlived her purpose on the show (basically being Malcolm Merlyn's puppet) and is aware of her father's schemes, leaving her with little to do but be a secondary character within Team Arrow itself. However, would Arrow kill off two major female characters and likely irk its female fans? It's highly doubtful, but you never know what the writers have in store. We're betting that Roy dies and Thea takes his place on the team. Ollie's nickname for her is "Speedy," after all.

Malcolm Merlyn

Although Malcolm Merlyn deserves to die an untimely death because of how dastardly he is, it's likely that he'll stick around, because that's what he does. The man always turns up and manages to somehow manipulate situations in his favor. He's Ollie's main nemesis, and John Barrowman's portrayal of him always makes those scenes fun, especially when he forces Ollie to work with him.

Of course, this all depends on Merlyn surviving Ra's al Ghul, but stills released by The CW show Merlyn returning from Nanda Parbat alive and well.

So who will it be?

Of course, there are other characters that the series might kill (such as Felicity or Diggle), but these are the four most likely candidates to us. What do you think? Give us your theories in the comment section below.

Arrow returns to The CW on March 18.

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