Need NCAA Tournament 2015 Bracket Help? President Barack Obama Unveils His Picks


There's a lot of pressure to put together a March Madness bracket. Money and, more importantly, bragging rights are on the line. You better get it right.

But think about how President Barack Obama must feel. If you blow your bracket, your friends just bust your chops for a couple of days. However, the presidential NCAA Tournament bracket makes national news every year. If he messes up, the whole world knows about it.

Well, here's hoping President Obama put a lot of thought into his picks this year. President Obama sat down with ESPN's Andy Katz to fill out his seventh presidential March Madness bracket this year. His Final Four picks are Arizona, Duke, Kentucky and Villanova, with Kentucky winning the whole shebang.

Here's President Obama's complete bracket.

Though there is always a lot of excitement and intrigue over President Obama's March Madness picks, they haven't been without controversy. President Obama has made an NCAA Tournament bracket every year of his presidency so far, but in 2011, some pundits criticized his participation in this relatively frivolous activity while having a lot on his plate because, you know, he's the Leader of the Free World and all. The White House defended President Obama's participation in March Madness during a press conference that year, saying that he is capable of choosing which team will win the NCAA Tournament and still carry out his duties as President of the United States.

Everything truly is political these days because believe it or not, March Madness is apparently also a partisan issue. ABC News partnered with ESPN to get an unofficial Republican response to President Obama's NCAA bracket. Former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan chose his home state's university Wisconsin to win the Big Dance. Kentucky Rep. Andy Barr chose the Kentucky Wildcats, of course. Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers thinks Gonzaga will win it all.

Likely future Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has also filled out his NCAA Tournament bracket, in case you were wondering.

Obviously, you should keep all of this in mind the next time you enter a voting booth.

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