Twitter redesign goes live - It's beginning to look a lot like Facebook


The Twitter profile redesign is finally here. As expected, the new design features an emphasis on images, a cleaner layout and better ways to promote your page.

All new Twitter users will start off with the new profile right away, but existing users will receive the update in stages over the next few weeks. Right now, Twitter is allowing some users to preview the profile design and then decide if they want to implement it or not. Just like Facebook, the new design features a prominent cover photo across the top of the page. Your profile picture is now in a slightly larger square on the left-hand side instead of smack dab in the middle. Underneath your profile picture is your bio, location, website and when you joined. 

The overall layout is divided into three columns. All of your tweets appear in the center. On the left-hand side, you can see all your photos in addition to your biographical information. The right-hand side shows you who to follow and trends. You can also choose the color theme for your page on a color wheel. Anytime you use a link, hashtag or an @mention, the writing will appear in your color of choice.

In addition to the obvious visual design changes, Twitter has added new functionalities to your profile page, too. Now, your "best tweets" will appear larger than the tweets that didn't perform as well, making your best content easier to find. You can also pin the tweet that best describes or demonstrates what you do at the top of your page. This should make it easier for users and businesses to promote themselves more easily. With the new profile design, you will also be able to filter the tweets you see on each person's profile, so that it's easier to see what you're looking for right away. The filter options are: tweets, tweets with photos and or videos, or tweets and replies.

The new Twitter may look a lot like Facebook, but it's still Twitter. The main page still has the same basic format and the infrastructure remains the same. If anything, the new Twitter is cleaner and more functional, especially if you like tweets with pictures. It seems as though Twitter, like Facebook and Google+, is transforming from a text-heavy platform to a more image-based network.

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