Peas In Guacamole? Here's President Barack Obama's Tweet About It

Social media has found a new topic to debate after the New York Times published a recipe which suggested adding English peas in Guacamole. The article from the publication went viral on social media as people dissed the suggestion.

The recipe for the avocado-based Mexican side was written by food columnist Melissa Clark for the New York Times on Wednesday, July 1.

"Adding fresh English peas to what is an otherwise fairly traditional guacamole is one of those radical moves that is also completely obvious after you taste it," wrote Clark.

Clark's assertions of the peas adding an "intense sweetness and a chunky texture to the dip" and intensifying the "color of the green avocado" notwithstanding, the hash tag #PleaseNoPeas started trending on Twitter after New York Times' Twitter post:

The no peas in guacamole debate also had an unlikely participant on Twitter - President Barack Obama, who was also against the addition.

The president also had a surprise ally in Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, who has previously voiced his disregard for the inclusion of peas in guacamole on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Bush reiterated his sentiments on Twitter via his campaign account.

The Texan Republican Party also joined in the fun and took digs at New York Times' unpopular twist on the recipe with the GOP's account tweeting the following:

The addition of peas to the popular Mexican side dish also raised not-so-pleasant-reactions from people on Twitter:

Some even came up with wisecracks.

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