Patriots And 49ers To Invest In Virtual Reality Training

Two more NFL teams are investing in virtual reality training to give them an edge.

Tech Times confirmed with STRIVR Labs CEO and Founder, Derek Belch, on Thursday (July 23) that the San Francisco 49ers have officially signed on to use the technology. The New England Patriots are projected to sign on as well, according to reports.

The Patriots and 49ers are expected to join the Dallas Cowboys as NFL teams that are investing in virtual reality training with STRIVR, a Silicon Valley tech company. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers signed on with the SIDEKIQ simulator football software by EON Sports VR.

The difference between the two companies is STRIVR captures live plays from teams' practices and incorporates it into its software, before feeding the 3-D video to players via an Oculus Rift headset, giving them real-practice and game experience. EON Sports VR does not capture live video, according to Belch.

In speaking with Tech Times last month, Belch vowed that STRIVR could have "anywhere from five to 10 NFL teams come training camp time," which begins next week.

In addition to Auburn, Arkansas, Clemson, Vanderbilt, Dartmouth and Stanford, which are all using the company's patent-pending virtual reality training regimen, Belch also said the number of college football programs using STRIVR's program will double from late July through early August.

Virtual reality training seems like it's en route to becoming a staple in the NFL.

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