Twitter tests embedded tweets within tweets

17 June 2014, 4:59 am EDT By Joseph Mayton Tech Times
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Twitter is currently testing tweets within tweets, in embedded form, which should give the micro-blogging site even more functionality to do more things for each user.

The goal is to clean-up users' feeds on the site and allow for the retweeting of tweets that are embedded, which should give postings more space to comment on such tweets a user wants to discuss.

According to reports, users can embed a tweet by dropping the link of the update's URL and when it goes live, instead of a link being published, the new format would allow for the linked tweet to be completely displayed. This should help to allow users to use others' tweets without getting into messy links on a person's feed.

It is unclear whether this new embedded tweeting option is only being allowed for a select number of users, which Twitter often does, or if it is available across the entirety of the site at the current moment.

Roberto Baldwin of The Next Web points to the fact that not all Twitter updates are immediately rolled out to all users. "The social network regularly tests new features with select users," he wrote.

But Twitter has not made an official statement on the new embedded tweet idea, which has left many experts and observers wondering what it will mean in the short- and long-term.

It does appear that this new embed idea will be functional on iOS and Android, but not necessarily on the web version of the site, which should give more backing to users who get onto Twitter mainly from their smartphones or tablets.

But other observers believe that the embed concept could be too tedious, whereby users on smartphones will have to physically click on the embedded link to view it, while users on the web interface will be entirely in the dark and won't be able to view any embedded links.

The idea sounds positive and hopeful for the micro-blogging site, but it still has a number of kinks to work out before it can hit the ground running. Without Twitter making an official statement on the matter, it all appears to be rumors, as no media outlet has reported that they were able to embed links when they tested the new concept.

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