Once In a Supermoon, Here's How Twitter Shared The Super Blood Moon Eclipse

28 September 2015, 7:24 am EDT By Jan Dizon Tech Times
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Hundreds of netizens shared their #SuperMoon and #SuperBloodMoon photos on Twitter.  ( Bill Ingalls NASA | Getty Images )

Whether they had clear skies or clouds, people all over the world braved the night skies in their home cities to gaze upon the incredibly rare phenomenon of the Super Blood Moon Eclipse. Photographers from all over the world set up their equipment, or even just whipped out their camera phones to record the special celestial event to share the experience with other moon-gazers.

Twitter was blood red during the hours the blood moon was visible in different cities all over the globe. While some countries were not fortunate enough to be in the range of the eclipse, or others had cloudly skies blocking their view, the images shared on social media made many feel like they were all sharing a global event under one night sky.

Twitter Moon
(Photo : China FotoPress | Getty Images)


Camera Phones

Although amateur and blurry, the blood moon still looks spectacular through the lens of a mobile phone camera.

City Scapes

Even the lights of a big city can't compete with the one and only Moon.

Around the World

How the super moon was seen from various landscapes and famous landmarks all over the globe.

Supermoon Memes

There are, of course the inevitable memes that arose using the #SuperMoon and #SuperBlood Moon hashtags

Finally, here are some tweets to ponder on which is the bigger phenomenon: The super blood moon eclipse or the advent of social media to unitedly share the real-world cosmic event, virtually?

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