Firefox TV dongle to compete against Chromecast? Mozilla says 'no' but...


A tweeted picture of a Mozilla employee reveals what looks like a media streaming stick that the company is working on.

The device will allow the company to compete with the Chromecast device of Google, which has gave Google its first step in invading the living rooms of users.

The picture was tweeted by Christian Heilmann, a Mozilla Develop evangelist.

"A fully open TV casting prototype device running #FireFoxOS. Open boot loader and all," said Heilmann in his tweet.

FireFox OS is a Web-based software created by Mozilla that is being described as an alternative to mobile operating systems. 

The rumored device still has no name. It also has no price tag and release date yet. However, what is known about the device is that it will work like Chromecast, and may even be able to operate Chromecast apps. The device's technology also takes advantage of the screen-casting and multi-display systems that the developers of Firefox have been spending time on.

The goal of the device,just like its existing competitors is to give users the ability to cast the Firefox web browser to HDMI-compatible devices. The device also looks to provide a casting platform to the users that will be more "open and hackable" than the Chromecast.

Google's Chromecast is not as "hackable" because the company's SDK is restricted to only Android, iOS and Web programs. There are also some limitations experienced by app developers in tapping into the SDK of the Chromecast, mostly related to content.

According to Roettgers, the device will not come with the same restrictions that the Chromecast does, allowing developers to utilize it for Windows Phone or Fire phone applications. In addition, developers may also add casting to desktop applications, with the possibility of creating their own cast-enabled hardware. The hardware can then be used to operate other software, as the device comes with an open boot loader.

The rumored device, however, was refuted by Mozilla as one its own.

"This is not a Mozilla project," a representative of the company said, "and we do not make devices."

"Firefox OS is an open platform freely available for any company to build on without restrictions. This means companies can experiment with different form factors that run Firefox OS."

Roettgers, however, reported that Mozilla has been secretly in development on the project with a partner, and that a release date for the device may be coming soon.

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