Apple iPad Mini 4 Review Roundup: Is It Still Relevant In The Age Of Phablets?


Apart from unveiling its new iPhones, the new Apple TV and a huge new iPad, Apple also unwrapped its brand new iPad mini last month: the iPad mini 4. The company, however, introduced the new tablet so briefly with only limited details during the launch.

As we may recall, Apple debuted the iPad mini 3 last year, which was not well-received by Apple enthusiasts. The reason? Reviews state that the iPad mini 3 seemed to be a joke of an upgrade, since it only made a very short list of modifications from its predecessor, including the Touch ID sensor.

Good thing, though, the iPad Mini 4 seems to gain mostly positive reviews, so far, from the experts in the industry.

For people who are looking for a mini tablet, and for those who have the extra $399 to splurge, the iPad mini 4 is without a doubt a good choice. In fact, almost all expert reviews over the Internet indicate that the iPad mini we wanted last year has already landed, and it's undoubtedly the iPad mini 4.

Let's take an up-close look at what the experts have to say about the iPad Mini 4.

Vibrant Screen

"It has the best-looking screen Apple's ever put on a small iPad, which alone is worth the step up from iPad mini 2 or 3," writes The Verge on its post.

In terms of pixel density, the mini 4 is a sure winner when compared to its predecessors. The newest iPad mini 4 touts a 7.9-inch 2,048 x 1,536 with a pixel density of 324 ppi, "making for crisp text and eye-popping visuals," according to Engadget.

iOS 9 Is Beneficial For Multitasking

"The coolest part of iOS 9 on the iPad is split-screen apps," reads CNET's review. "And that's the best part of the new iPad mini 4, too, especially since it's one of the few iPads that can take advantage of that new feature."

The split-screen applications are ideal for Web browsing and for checking email or Twitter simultaneously, despite smaller screens.

Solid Performance

The newest iPad mini boasts a 1.5GHz dual-core Apple A8 chip and combines it with 2GB of RAM to support Split View multitasking feature of iOS 9.

Respectable Battery Life

"The iPad mini 4 has a physically smaller battery than the Mini 2, but the more power-efficient components means that battery life actually increases a bit," says Ars Technica. "Not bad."

"I'm not sure who worries about iPad battery life anymore, but the mini 4 holds true to the 10-hour figure that Apple promises," added The Verge.


"Cameras are unchanged from previous Minis - meaning 1.2-megapixel FaceTime at the front and 8-megapixel main - though the machine can handle burst mode now and slow-motion video now, which is nice," writes The Sydney Morning Herald.


While the new device sports a wide array of pros, the mini 4 has also its cons. Following are some of the identified cons of the mini tab:

  • Rotation lock switch is gone
  • Base model only houses 16GB of storage
  • Air 2 is still the faster tablet

Should You Buy It?

For users who think that iPhone 6 Plus is still too small to carry out research at home, the iPad mini 4 is indeed ideal. A 7.9-inch screen size is just right when traveling, playing games, reading books, sending emails and more. So, yes, the mini 4 is still relevant in the age of phablets.

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