Timbersled Rolls Out New Line Of Dirt-To-Snow Bike Conversion Kits

1 October 2015, 5:49 pm EDT By Stacey Szewczyk Tech Times
Timbersled's new snow bike conversion system kits out a dirt bike for winter use, one of the fastest growing powersports.  ( S. Szewczyk | Tech Times )

If you're into Ice Age-style chilling, you probably can't wait for winter and the power sports that make it the hottest chilling season. Or maybe you live in Saskatchewan and need a way to get the groceries home. In either case, you'll be pumped to know that Timbersled is rolling out it's 2016 line of dirt-to-snow bike conversion kits across the U.S. and Canada.

The Timbersled Short Track (ST) kit is designed for the generalist who wants to rip through a wide range of snow conditions. It fits 250F 4-strokes, 250cc/300cc 2-strokes and HP turbo bikes. The Long Track (LT) kit is made for the large rider (220-plus pounds) who's into waist-deep drift riding. The Snow Cross SX120 is a full-out racing kit made up of a narrow track and chassis on a high-performance racing frame. The kits retail for $5,300 to $6,500.

Idaho-based Timbersled developed the world's first snow bike kit for mountain riding six years ago, using its expertise in making snowmobile suspension parts to create a front ski and rear suspension paddle track that will replace the front and rear tires of a dirt bike in under three hours. The resulting vehicle is about 200 pounds lighter than a snowmobile, stands upright without a kickstand and effortlessly weaves between wolverines and pine trees. Best of all, when you wipe out on your snow bike, as you inevitably will, you'll eat powder instead of road grit.



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