'Star Wars Battlefront's' Cargo And Droid Hunt Modes Will Require Some Serious Teamwork

The Star Wars Battlefront beta has come and gone, and with it players have gotten a small taste of all the Star Wars action to come in the full-game. Players got the chance to blast their way through the trenches of Hoth on Walker Assault and defend crashed pods in Drop Zone, but Battlefront will have numerous other modes as well.

We've already learned about some of them, such as Fighter Squadron and Blast. Now EA has shone some light on two previously undetailed modes in the form of Cargo and Droid Hunt.

Cargo is Star Wars Battlefront's take on capture the flag. Players will need to run into the enemy base, steal a piece of cargo and run it back to theirs, all while still defending their own cargo. Each team can score while having their cargo stolen, so defense is just as important as offense. Which ever team has the most cargo at the end of 15 minutes wins.

Droid Hunt is sort of like king of the hill, but with a Star Wars twist. Here the hills are three Gonk droids scattered around the map that can actually walk around the level. Players must find them and defend them from the enemy team. Which ever team controls the most or all three by the end of the 10 minute round time wins.

Both game types will feature 6v6 battles, a major change of pace from the massive 20 vs 20 matches that game types like Walker Assault and Supremacy will feature. With such small team sizes, players will need to communicate with each other in order to locate the Gonk droids and to defend their cargo properly.

Star Wars Battlefront will be releasing on Nov. 17 with three different versions: the standard, the deluxe and the ultimate edition. The deluxe copy of the game will come with $10 worth of early item unlocks and some exclusive emotes, while the $120 ultimate edition comes with the deluxe version of the game, exclusive emotes and the game's season pass, which will include four yet to be detailed expansion packs.

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