Man Awaiting Transplant Survived More Than A Year Using Artificial Heart In A Backpack

A 25-year-old man in Michigan was able to survive for 555 days without a heart through the help of an artificial heart that was stored in a backpack. The device helped keep oxygenated blood circulating throughout his body.

Biotech June 9, 2016

Successful Test For 3-Parent Babies Means Human Trials Might Begin By Late 2017

Successful preclinical trials in the UK for three-parent babies through mitochondrial donation may make the technique available by 2017. The researchers are awaiting approval from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority to move forward with their study.

Biotech June 9, 2016

Gene Editing Promising But Potentially Dangerous: Scientists

A new report concludes that while gene editing promises great advancements, it can also be potentially dangerous. The panel of scientists concludes that it's too early to release genetically altered organisms such as insects, plants and animals into the environment.

Biotech June 9, 2016

The Battle Over The Synthetic Human Genome

The creation of a completely synthetic human genome may soon be within the reach of genetic scientists. Will this development yield greater developments in medicine or a new age of eugenics?

Biotech June 5, 2016

New RNA-Snipping CRISPR Gene-Editing System May Help Treat Huntington's And Other Diseases

Researchers have developed a way to use CRISPR to target the RNA in cells instead of DNA. If this technique proves successful, it could lead to better methods to modify the proteins in cells, or even eliminate cancer cells.

Biotech June 5, 2016

Scientists Announce Plans To Create Synthetic Human Genome In The Lab

A synthetic human genome project is on its way as scientists unveil their plans to help in human health and agricultural sectors in the most ethical way possible.

Biotech June 3, 2016

BioMarin To Halt Development Of $680M Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Drug

BioMarin will no longer continue developing Kyndrisa after reports of negative reviews by the European Medicines Agency surfaced. The biotech company, however, will pursue next generation antisense oligonucleotides research.

Biotech June 1, 2016

More Efficient CRISPR Gene Editing May Potentially Help Cure Diseases

Researchers have developed a new gene editing tool that is more efficient and easier to use. CRISPR-EZ addresses the issue of target RNA accuracy and embryo viability in IVF transgenic mice.

Biotech May 29, 2016

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Newest Weapon In War On Zika

The Zika virus is a danger to people around Latin America and the Caribbean. But has it met its match in the same mosquitoes that spread the virus?

Biotech May 25, 2016

Scientists Want To Create Part-Human Part-Animal Chimeras To Find Cure For Diseases

A new study by the University of California, Davis explores the potential of developing human-animal chimeras to benefit disease research. Bioethicists, however, say such experiments could end up damaging people's sense of humanity.

Biotech May 23, 2016

New Study Finds GMOs Safe: Why Skeptics Are Not Convinced

A major study has confirmed that GMOs are safe for consumption for both humans and animals. However, skeptics are not easily convinced, with some saying that the recent findings are influenced by biotech companies.

Biotech May 23, 2016

Regulators Approve Sale Of Genetically Modified Salmon In Canada

A biotechnology company gained the approval of Health Canada to sell its genetically modified salmon. The regulators found that the nutritional value of the modified fish products is the same as farmed salmons.

Biotech May 21, 2016

Theranos Voids Thousands Of Edison Blood-Test Results

It's another miss for Theranos, as the Silicon Valley start-up has voided the results of its 2014 to 2015 blood tests conducted on the Edison machines. What are the implications on patients’ health decisions in the last two years?

Biotech May 20, 2016

Minimally Invasive Coil Implant May Improve Breathing Of Lung Patients

Researchers have developed a new minimally invasive therapy that can help improve the exercise ability and overall quality of life of some lung patients. The treatment involves inserting small metal coils into the lungs of patients.

Biotech May 18, 2016

Theranos COO Exits As Startup Faces Federal Investigation

Theranos COO Sunny Balwani retires as the company is restructuring its organization and executive management. The California-based firm is fighting for its life following federal investigations proving the accuracy and reliability of its tests.

Biotech May 15, 2016

How Close Are We To An Entirely Synthetic Human?

Genetic technology is making the sequencing and development of DNA cheaper, faster and easier. How long will it be before artificial human beings are walking the Earth?

Biotech May 15, 2016

Scientists Hold Secret Meeting About Creating Synthetic Human Genomes

Scientists held a secret meeting to discuss the possible creation of synthetic human genomes from scratch. Such technology may pave the way for modifying human embryos and creating humans without biological parents.

Biotech May 16, 2016

White House Begins New National Microbiome Initiative To Understand Benefits Of Bacteria

The White House announced the launch of a new National Microbiome Initiative. The program will bring together scientists from different organizations to study human microbiomes and how they can address several diseases.

Biotech May 14, 2016

'Kidney On A Chip' Can Determine Right Drug Dosage, Prevent Kidney Damage

Researchers developed a 'kidney on a chip' device that allows delivery of precise drug dosages. The technique also helps scientists examine the effects of drugs on human kidney cells.

Biotech May 6, 2016

Can The Dead Be Resurrected? This Philadelphia-Based Biotech Company Will Try

Do we humans have the capability to bring back the dead? A U.S. company aims to do that through its groundbreaking project on 20 brain-dead patients.

Biotech May 4, 2016

Gene Editing Startup Homology Debuts With $43.5 Million In Funding

Gene editing startup Homology Medicine raises $43.5 million in its Series A funding. The company hopes to use naturally occurring genetic mechanisms to cure rare diseases.

Biotech May 4, 2016

You Don't Need To Fast Before A Cholesterol Test, New Guidelines Reveal

A new guideline showed that people do not need to fast before heading for a cholesterol test. A team of international experts reported that there is no significant change in the blood test results of those people who fast and did not fast before having a cholesterol test.

Biotech May 1, 2016

Watch Amazing Zinc Fireworks As Egg Cell Meets Sperm: Why This Sparks Bright Future For Human Fertility

Scientists have identified the occurrence of zinc sparks whenever human egg cells come into contact with sperm enzymes. They are now looking to use these flashes of light to determine whether a particular egg cell is a viable candidate for in vitro fertilization.

Biotech April 27, 2016

The Biomeme System Turns Any iPhone Into A Mobile DNA Lab

The company Biomeme developed a mobile genetic diagnostic platform that features hardware used with an iPhone, software, DNA test kits and an app to provide results on the field in under an hour.

Biotech April 27, 2016

Scientists Discover Nanotechnology Coating That Can Kill 99.9 Percent Of Superbugs

A new water-based coating could be added to the production process of metals, ceramics or glass. This will prevent the spread of the deadly supergbugs and could also kill disease-causing pathogens.

Biotech April 24, 2016

Aunt Creates Rare Three-Way 'Kidney Chain' To Save Her Niece's Life

In a unique three-way kidney swap chain, an aunt helped save not only her niece’s life, but also enhanced the lives of two others who were in need of kidney transplants.

Biotech April 22, 2016

Researchers Create Micro Heart Muscle From Stem Cells

Medical researchers at Gladstone Intitutes successfully stimulated bio-engineered heart muscles created via IPSCs to resemble adult heart muscles. Find out what this means for coronary heart disease treatments.

Biotech April 22, 2016

New Breakthrough Method CRISPRainbow Tracks DNA Rather Than Edit Genes

Researchers from University of Massachusetts Medical School has used CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing tool to track and label chromosomes in live cells. The breakthrough modification of CRISPR technology can become an invaluable tool in studying treatment effects on cells.

Biotech April 23, 2016

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