Samsung's All-In-One PC Looks Like A Sound Bar With A Monitor

While a lot of laptops were introduced by Samsung in this year's CES 2017, an All-in-One PC also made its debut. Featuring two 10-watt speakers on a 24-inch monitor, this rather large computer boasts some high specs.

Computers January 12, 2017

Oculus Ready PCs Starting To Become More Affordable: Gamer Ultra VR Tower Only $500 In Bundle With Oculus Rift

CyberPowerPC's Gamer Ultra VR desktop PC, which is capable of supporting the Oculus Rift, has a price tag of $650. However, it only costs $500 when bundled with the $600 virtual reality headset.

Computers January 10, 2017

How To Install Kodi On Raspberry Pi And Build Your Own Home Media System

Kodi is a popular and free open source media player software. Together with a Raspberry Pi, you can use it to create your own home media system.

Computers January 15, 2017

Dell Unveils World's First Wireless Charging 2-in-1 At CES 2017: Latitude 7285 Touts Ultimate 'No Wires' Experience

Dell has unveiled a new Latitude 7285 hybrid laptop at CES 2017, touting it as the world's first wireless charging 2-in-1. The hybrid laptop promises the ultimate 'no wires' experience, so here's how it works.

Computers January 7, 2017

Samsung Chromebook Pro And Chromebook Plus: What The Experts Are Saying

After months of making consumers anxious for a new laptop, Samsung unveiled the Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro at CES 2017. Find out how the new Samsung Chromebooks fared after a hands-on test by the experts.

Computers January 15, 2017

CES 2017: Meet AsusPro B9440, The 'World's Lightest' Windows 10 Business Notebook

Asus unveiled its AsusPro B9440 business notebook at the CES 2017 and claims it is the lightest Windows 10-powered business laptop. The device’s light weight can be attributed to its metal chassis, which is made from a premium magnesium alloy.

Computers January 5, 2017

Dell's Inspiron 7000 Is The Budget Gaming Laptop Crammed With GTX 1050: Prices Start At $799

Dell's latest budget Inspiron 7000 is outfitted with Nvidia's latest GTX 1050 technology, which can purportedly bring desktop-level gaming to laptops. According to the company, it is answering the public's clamor for consumer-friendly mobile gaming rigs.

Computers January 4, 2017

Intel Unwraps The Latest Kaby Lake Processors: Core i7-7700K, i5-7600K, And i3-7350K

Intel has unveiled new seventh-generation Kaby Lake processors, with the higher-end Core i7 chip poised to power desktop computers. Interestingly, the new Core i3 chip can now be overclocked, a first for the variant.

Computers January 3, 2017

Acer Unleashes Predator 21 X At CES 2017: This Monster Gaming Laptop Has A Price Tag Of $8,999

Acer finally unveiled the Predator 21 X at the ongoing CES 2017. The monster gaming laptop packs an absurd level of power, but for an eye-popping price tag of $8,999.

Computers January 3, 2017

Dell Kicks Off CES 2017 With 2-in-1 XPS 13 Convertible Laptop: Specs, Pricing And Availability

Dell has officially announced its new XPS 13 2-in-1 convertible ahead of CES 2017, touting more flexibility, a thinner profile, and a sleeker device overall. Here's what you need to know about specs, trade-offs, prices and availability.

Computers January 2, 2017

Dell XPS 13 2-In-1 Model Spotted On Official Website: Will It Be Unveiled At CES 2017?

An image of a 2-in-1 version of the popular Dell XPS 13 was spotted in the company's official website. There is not much else known about the device, which will likely be showcased at the upcoming CES 2017.

Computers January 2, 2017

Best Microsoft Products Of 2016: Windows 10, Surface Pro 4 Tablet And More

Microsoft has had its share of ups and downs this year. While the company has had a long history of struggle with its smartphone devices, its Surface Studio served as a shining beacon to a lackluster year of mediocre computers.

Computers December 31, 2016

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Freaked Us Out In 2016: WaveNet, AlphaGo, Interceptor And More

2016 brought in a lot of advancements when it came to the exploration and development of artificial intelligence or A.I. Most of them are pretty cool, but some are just downright freaky.

Computers December 31, 2016

Best Laptops Of 2016 By Category: Best Ultrabook, Budget Ultrabook, Surface And 2-In-1 Laptops

Following our feature on the best laptops of 2016 for different types of users, we give you now our top picks for the year's best laptops according to their specific product category: Ultrabook, budget Ultrabook, Surface, and 2-in-1 laptops.

Computers December 31, 2016

New Lenovo ThinkPad Laptops Get Windows Precision Touchpads And Kaby Lake Flavor

Lenovo has upgraded its laptop line and the 2017 ThinkPad line will sport Intel Kaby Lake processors, Microsoft's Precision Touchpad, and increased security features. The new models should roll out in March, with the cheapest one priced at $674.

Computers December 28, 2016

How To Set Up Your Raspberry Pi 3: A Step-By-Step Guide

Here is an easy how-to guide to get you started on doing amazing things with the Raspberry Pi 3

Computers December 31, 2016

The 7 Coolest Raspberry Pi 3 Projects Of 2016

Enthusiasts have been trying their hands at projects using the versatile Raspberry Pi 3 microcomputer. Let’s take a quick look at seven of the coolest Raspberry Pi 3 projects of 2016.

Computers December 30, 2016

Leaked Asus Chromebook C302CA Packs Intel Core m3, 4 GB RAM And USB-C For $499: Is This A MacBook Killer?

The Asus Chromebook C302CA was leaked through a Newegg listing. The laptop is not the direct successor of the popular Asus Chromebook Flip, but it might have what it takes to draw customers away from the more expensive Apple MacBook.

Computers December 27, 2016

Microsoft Unleashes After-Holiday Discounts: Save Up To $400 On Surface Pro 4, Surface Book

Microsoft may be clearing the way for its upcoming Surface Pro 5. The current-gen Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book have received after-holiday discounts of up to $400.

Computers December 27, 2016

AMD Ryzen Processor Review Leaked: Comparable To Intel Core i7-6900K

With the New Horizon event gone, many folks are talking about the new Ryzen processor and wondering if it can compete with Intel's finest. Well, according to the first published review, the answer is a resounding yes.

Computers December 27, 2016

Best SSDs 2016: Which Should You Buy To Upgrade Your Old Laptop?

SSDs are slowly becoming the new normal, and while quite a number of them are priced expensively, transitioning to an SSD storage system is still manageable. Here are the best SSDs you can buy right now.

Computers December 25, 2016

Apple Looks Into New MacBook Pro's Failure To Get Consumer Reports Recommendation Due To Battery Issues

Apple failed to secure Consumer Reports’ coveted 'recommended' rating for its 2016 MacBook Pro lineup, caused by the laptops’ inconsistent battery performance. As a result, it is now working with the publication to look into problems with the battery life.

Computers December 24, 2016

Best Gaming Laptops: Razer Blade Pro, HP Omen, Alienware 13, And More

If you are in the market for the best gaming laptop, check out these five rigs available in 2016 that can provide you with top-notch performance. Some will even add some style and an array of customizations to your gaming experience.

Computers December 25, 2016

Federal Report Claims Artificial Intelligence Will Take Over 47 Percent Of Jobs In The United States: Should You Start To Panic?

A federal report claimed that up to 47 percent of jobs in the United States are at risk of being taken over by artificial intelligence. Should workers start to panic over possibly losing their positions to the technology?

Computers December 23, 2016

New MacBook Pro Failed To Get Consumer Reports Recommendation, But Here's 5 Reasons Why The Apple Laptop Is Worth It

Apple has failed to net Consumer Reports’ 'recommended' rating for the 2016 MacBook Pro models, due to battery issues. Despite this, here are five reasons why the laptop is still excellent.

Computers December 23, 2016

Early Prototype Of Raspberry Pi PIXEL Is The Linux-Based Desktop Environment We Want!

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released a PIXEL version that can be downloaded to PC and Mac computer models. This will allow old and slow computers to have a working operating system.

Computers December 26, 2016

New MacBook Pro 2016 First MacBook To Not Get Consumer Reports Recommendation: Battery Life Problems To Blame

Consumer Reports, a publication that has consistently given MacBook models in the past its 'recommended' rating, didn’t hand out one for the 2016 MacBook Pro models. The laptops’ inconsistent battery life apparently detriment its chances.

Computers December 22, 2016

Raspberry Pi PIXEL Desktop Environment For Mac And PC Can Breathe New Life Into Old Machines

The Raspberry Pi PIXEL desktop environment has now become available for Mac and PC, promising to revive even old machines that are too slow to run modern operating systems. Here's what you need to know.

Computers December 22, 2016

Cybersecurity Experts Identify 3 Hacking Trends Of 2016

Hackers are choosing to use their skills to victimize and exploit. Take a look back at 2016 and find out which cybercrimes hackers utilized the most.

Computers December 30, 2016

Best 2016 Laptops With The Longest Battery Life: MacBook Air, Acer Aspire One, Lenovo ThinkPad X260 And More

There are only a handful of laptops that can easily zoom past the 10-hour battery life threshold. Here is a useful list if you are in the market for the very best of this bunch.

Computers December 21, 2016

Apple May Be 'Losing Focus' Despite Tim Cook's Promise Of 'Great Desktops': Report

Fans are worried that Apple's line of desktop computers are being neglected by the company. Tim Cook assuaged this fear in a statement made to employees.

Computers December 21, 2016

'Crysis' Developer Crytek Closes Five Studios: Plans To Focus On Main Strengths

Crytek has closed several of its studios and has decided it needs to focus on creating premium IPs and its CryEngine. The company is also facing a debacle where it's not able to pay workers regularly. Many are expected to be laid off with the closing of five studios.

Computers December 23, 2016

Best Laptops Of 2016 For Different Users: Students, Professionals, Entrepreneurs And Gamers

Whether you're a student, professional, entrepreneur, or gamer, there's an ideal laptop for you. Check out our selection of the best laptops of 2016 for different types of users.

Computers December 31, 2016

New Samsung Notebook 9 Laptops Now Official: Kaby Lake, FHD Display, 1.8 Pounds But Only 7 Hours Battery Life

The new Samsung Notebook 9 laptops are rocking Kaby Lake processors and FHD displays, and the 13.3-inch model is touted as the lightest in the market at 1.8 pounds. However, they can only deliver 7 hours of battery life.

Computers December 20, 2016

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 4K Graphic Card Announced: GTX 980 Ti Owners Get First Taste

Nvidia has announced the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 4K graphic card, the one card to rule them all. It comes at a time when AMD is prepping to launch its own 4K graphic card, codenamed Vega. Both cards should hit market in 2017.

Computers December 22, 2016

Year-End Deals On Apple iMac And MacBook Models Abound: Where To Buy The Best Mac For You

Apple has recently updated its lineup of computers. If you think your computer is due for an update as well, here are some of the best deals on the Mac, MacBook or iMac that Apple has to offer.

Computers December 17, 2016

Lenovo Yoga 910 Review: Here's Why Everybody Loves The Upgraded Hybrid Laptop

The Lenovo Yoga 910 is a great laptop hybrid to buy if you cannot decide between a laptop and a tablet. The large screen and fast processor make it a standout among other hybrid computers.

Computers December 17, 2016

AMD RyZen Destroys Intel’s Core i7-6700K CPU: Here's How Good This Processor Is

AMD RyZen is official, and from everything we have seen, it would appear as if Intel will finally get some much-needed competition. No price has been revealed just yet, but we expect AMD to undercut Intel a great deal when RyZen launches next year.

Computers December 17, 2016

New Chromebook 'Eve' First To Feature Fingerprint Scanner, Gets High-Resolution Display And Kaby Lake Processor

The new Chromebook called 'Eve' features a Kaby Lake processor, fingerprint scanner, and high-resolution display. Based on the features alone, this Chromebook will be a high-end device.

Computers December 20, 2016

You Can Now Use Your New MacBook Pro's Touch Bar For Adobe Photoshop: Here Are The Functions

Adobe has now released a new update for Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 for Mac that adds Touch Bar support for the 2016 MacBook Pro. Let’s take a look at the things users can perform on Photoshop using the Touch Bar.

Computers December 14, 2016

AMD Radeon RX 460 Cores Can Be Unlocked To Boost Performance Via BIOS Modding: 896 Stream Processors To 1,024

There is a trick that can boost AMD Radeon RX 460's performance by about 12 percent. It will be able to unlock additional cores that AMD has so far failed to admit as well as stream processors and texture mapping units, all for a very simple and short procedure.

Computers December 13, 2016

Twitter's Jack Dorsey Interviewed Edward Snowden Via Periscope: How To Watch The Q&A If You Missed It

Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey's interview with whistleblower Edward Snowden was streamed live through Periscope. Those who missed it can also watch the video on Periscope.

Computers December 15, 2016

Some Netgear Routers Are Easy To Hack: R6400, R7000, And R8000 Confirmed To Have Security Vulnerability

Three of Netgear's routers have been found to be vulnerable to basic attack, which could lead to the complete takeover of an entire network. This is mainly blamed on the routers' inability to filter out malicious commands hidden behind web URLs.

Computers December 12, 2016

Are MacBook Pro Users Switching To Microsoft Surface Pro?

Apple released its newest version of its Macbook Pro laptop computer late this year, but not everyone is happy about it. The bad news doesn't end there as Microsoft is seeing increased sales of its Surface Pro devices due to Macbook Pro users jumping ship.

Computers December 22, 2016

Microsoft 12 Days Of Deals: Big Discounts On Select Gaming PCs And Dell Laptops

‘Tis the season to be jolly. For Dec. 14 and Dec. 15, as part of its 12 Days of Deals sale, Microsoft’s slashing up to $1,000 on gaming laptops and up to 40 percent discounts on select Dell laptops.

Computers December 12, 2016

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