Mega-drought heading for California?

California is experiencing a serious drought these days, but scientists say it's not the worst one to have hit the state in the entire recorded history of its rainfafall.

Earth/Environment January 28, 2014

Los Angeles, brace yourself for a bigger earthquake: Scientists predict

Bigger and stronger earthquakes could hit Los Angeles in the future.

Earth/Environment January 28, 2014

Hungry Lionfish invasion pushing native marine creatures in Caribbean coral reefs to brink of extinction

A new study shows that an invasion of lionfish that is bringing the marine life around coral reefs of the Caribbean towards possible extinction, can be fought by killing most, if not all, of the lionfish.

Earth/Environment January 28, 2014

Now China is exporting air pollution to the U.S.

A new study shows that air pollution in China that is directly the result of manufacturing for U.S. consumption, has been wafting towards U.S. shores.

Earth/Environment January 27, 2014

Ancient forests rationed CO2 to stabilize climate

A new research by scientists in the UK reveals that ancient forests rationed CO2 to stabilize the atmosphere.

Earth/Environment January 27, 2014

El Niño events to double as global warming problem rises

A new research has revealed that extreme El Niño events will double in the next century.

Earth/Environment January 21, 2014

Mysterious ocean bubbles play important role in supporting life, say scientists

Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientists have discovered that microscopic sacs released by cyanobacteria can be a significant source of organic elements that other organisms can feed on.

Earth/Environment January 18, 2014

Big carnivores are dying and humans could be next, warn scientists

More than half of the world's big carnivores including lions, wolves and bears are disappearing at an alarming rate and the loss of such species could be extremely damaging for our ecosystems through out the world, a new study has found.

Earth/Environment January 10, 2014

Secrets of monster underwater waves solved

One of the biggest laboratory experiments ever yields new facts about underwater waves. These giant, invisible waves occur under the ocean's surface and are believed to have an effect on the Earth's climate.

Earth/Environment January 11, 2014

Message in a bottle left in Arctic by geologist 54 years ago, can teach us a thing or two

A geologist's message in a bottle hints on the impact of climate change.

Earth/Environment December 22, 2013

Coldest place on Earth is colder than you think

If you thought New York is cold, think again. Scientists have recently recorded temperatures as low as -135.3 degrees in Antarctica. The measurements were taken by a NASA satellite and is one of the lowest recorded temperatures on this planet.

Earth/Environment December 12, 2013

Can windshield wipers be used to gauge rainfall? Yes, say researchers

Besides clearing the windshield of dirt, debris and water, scientists have found out a new use for the wipers - measure the intensity of rain.

Earth/Environment December 1, 2013

Google Earth reveals perils of over-fishing in Persian Gulf

Researchers used images captured from Google Earth to understand the impact of over fishing in the Persian Gulf.

Earth/Environment November 29, 2013

Weather-maker mushrooms shock scientists

A recent research indicates that mushroom can make their own wind, shocking scientists.

Earth/Environment November 27, 2013

Montreal Protocol (Ozone Treaty) helped slow global warming

Per a new study, the Montreal Protocol helped slow down global warming. Albeit inadvertently.

Earth/Environment November 13, 2013

Bees, Dinos wiped out same time: Is there a connection?

Bees and dinosaurs were wiped out at the same time nearly 66 million years ago.

Earth/Environment October 28, 2013

Pacific Ocean temperatures, US tornado activity link found

Researchers from the University of Missouri have found a link between temperatures in the Pacific Ocean and tornadoes in the United States.

Earth/Environment October 22, 2013

Amazon rainforest home to nearly 400 bn trees but very few tree species: Study

A new study gives an estimate of the number of trees in the Amazon and paints a picture of how the ecology is dominated by hyperdominant trees.

Earth/Environment October 22, 2013

Post 2047, crazy climate will destroy cities worldwide, warns new study

See-sawing temperature and erratic climatic conditions will destroy cities worldwide.

Earth/Environment October 12, 2013

Government shutdown cripples America

A string of cancelations and delays caused by thefederal government shutdown rippled across the United States on Wednesday.

Earth/Environment October 2, 2013

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