Japan will launch Pacific whale hunt next week despite ICJ ruling, environmental activists fume

Japan has announced plans to resume 'scientific' whaling in the Pacific Ocean and Antarctic waters in defiance of global ban. Environmentalists have slammed the decision as a cover for commercial whaling.

Earth/Environment April 19, 2014

Alternative ID methods urgently needed for threatened species: ASU researchers

Researchers say that new ID methods may be needed for endangered animals. Changes in global climate and loss of habitat may necessitate the need for changes in gathering information about animal populations.

Earth/Environment April 18, 2014

Fit for a king: Chimpanzees choose the best woods to create firm beds

Scientists have found that chimpanzee’s can be quite finicky about where they sleep. New findings show that chimpanzees make beds in trees that offer the best safety and comfort.

Earth/Environment April 17, 2014

UK has low hedgehog, red squirrel sightings: Where have they gone?

A new survey shows that hedgehog and red squirrel sightings in the UK are getting less and less common. Results show that people in the UK see these garden animals not as common as they used to be.

Earth/Environment April 17, 2014

Amazon rain forest's biggest enemies are fire and climate change

Fires caused by deforestation and climate change could lead to additional loss of rain forests, according to a new study. Too much stress could push the Amazon past a tipping point for easy recovery.

Earth/Environment April 16, 2014

Storms in America Fueled by Air Pollution in Asia?

Is air pollution in Asia making storms in North America more severe? That appears to be the case, based on a new study from JPL.

Earth/Environment April 15, 2014

Invasive lionfish in Jamaica becoming rarer - they're delicious!

Invasive species in Jamaica, lionfish are facing a dangerous new predator - humans.

Earth/Environment April 15, 2014

Solar power without sunshine? MIT, Harvard scientists made it possible!

Solar facilities can still be a source of power even when the sun is not shining, thanks to a new "wonder" material developed by U.S. researchers.

Earth/Environment April 15, 2014

New IPCC report on climate change suggests solutions: Are renewable energy sources up to the task?

A climate report from the IPCC calls for three to four times as much energy production from renewable energy sources as today. Is the technology up to the task?

Earth/Environment April 14, 2014

Act on climate change issue now before it's too late: UN

A new report released by the IPCC says that it's not too late to side step the negative effects of climate change. However, the report reiterates that time is running out.

Earth/Environment April 14, 2014

IPCC report on climate change promises to rattle skeletons in the closet

A new report on climate change predicts rising temperatures, but doesn't call for specific actions. Some environmentalists are asking why.

Earth/Environment April 13, 2014

Greenland ice cores speak volumes about climate change problems

Ice cores taken from Greenland show clear evidence of acid rain from decades ago. But what changes can be found in the frozen sample?

Earth/Environment April 14, 2014

Proof of success of U.S. Clean Air Act shows up in Greenland ice

Ice cores retrieved from Greenland ice cap confirm four decades of cleaner air thanks to 1970's U.S. Clean Air Act

Earth/Environment April 13, 2014

Odds very much against global warming being due to natural factors, scientists say

Study of historical world temperatures may put nail in the coffin of "natural warming" climate change argument.

Earth/Environment April 13, 2014

Bee fossils from La Brea Tar Pits offer clues to Ice Age climate

Fossils of bees from the La Brea Tar Pits are offering clues to the climate during the Ice Age. Is modern-day colony collapse disorder (CCD) trying to tell humans something as well?

Earth/Environment April 11, 2014

New U.N. report on climate change to highlight carbon emissions and the sources

A new United Nations report on climate change is expected to call out the highest carbon emitters on the planet.

Earth/Environment April 11, 2014

Supposedly 'safer' synthetic gases replacing ozone-destroying CFCs could be a climate risk factor

Little-studied class of synthetic gases, considered 'safer' for Earth's ozone layer, could still be a risk in climate change.

Earth/Environment April 12, 2014

Superior Ecotech, Upslope Brewery developing new algae technology

In what could be a monumental project for environmental sustainability, Superior Ecotech has harnessed the power of algae through the CO2 emissions of breweries.

Earth/Environment April 12, 2014

Nimbacinus dicksoni: Not a Harry Potter spell but an extinct Tasmanian devil cousin

New research shows that a distant cousin to the Tasmanian tiger was smaller but more ferocious. The extinct fox-sized hunter may have hunted prey even larger than itself.

Earth/Environment April 10, 2014

America's list of most endangered rivers highlights river conservancy issues

American Rivers released their latest report on the most endangered rivers in the United States. Is one of them near you?

Earth/Environment April 10, 2014

Eco-tourists spot pair of oarfish off Mexican coast: Why do these elusive sea serpents go to shallow waters?

Tourists have spotted two oarfish off near the Mexican coast. Experts have provided an explanation regarding why these rarely seen fish were spotted in shallow waters.

Earth/Environment April 10, 2014

Permafrost thawing leading to additional global warming?

Is permafrost melting in polar regions leading to more global warming? A new study shows that is exactly what is happening - but why?

Earth/Environment April 8, 2014

Climate change reports of CNN, Fox News may mislead public: Report

A new study reveals surprising facts about how the top American news agencies report on climate change. CNN and Fox news are both guilty of inaccurate reporting about climate issues.

Earth/Environment April 8, 2014

Deserts absorb big amounts of atmospheric CO2, may help alleviate global warming: Study

Deserts may play a large role in alleviating the effects of global warming. Researchers have found that arid areas can absorb increasingly large amounts of carbon.

Earth/Environment April 7, 2014

Monarch butterflies could use your help - here's what you can do

Central Mexican wintering grounds for monarch butterflies, is shrinking in size. Here's what you can do to help them and bring the beautiful insects to your yard.

Earth/Environment April 6, 2014

Arctic ice cover maximum is fifth-lowest on record

Ice cover in the Arctic reached its fifth-lowest level since 1978; in the south, ice in the Antarctic receded to the fourth-greatest extent since measurements started 36 years ago. What does this say about global temperatures?

Earth/Environment April 5, 2014

Bumblebee species in Europe in danger of extinction, may result to $30 bn agricultural crisis: Study

A new study shows that almost a quarter of all European bumblebee species are at risk of extinction. Bees are a critical part of the European ecosystem and the threatened status of many bumblebees could have devastating long term effects.

Earth/Environment April 4, 2014

Climate change watcher: ESA prepares to launch Sentinel-1A satellite

The EU will soon start its largest civil Earth-observation program in history. The ESA will begin the program with the launch of the Sentinel-1A that will serve as its eye on climate change

Earth/Environment April 3, 2014

NASA says new satellite will measure global carbon dioxide levels and human impact on the world's carbon cycle

U.S. satellite to monitor effect of human activity on carbon dioxide emission levels, climate change.

Earth/Environment April 6, 2014

Saharan dust turns England red, braces for worst air pollution in 60 years

The pollution forecasts for England for the next few days are looking grim and the country should prepare for “very high” levels of air pollution. Experts are worried about the possible health effects of the situation.

Earth/Environment April 3, 2014

Exxon Mobil acknowledges climate risk, says it will keep selling fossil fuels

Global warming and man-made climate change have been acknowledged by a major oil company for the first time. So what does Exxon Mobil plan to do about it?

Earth/Environment April 2, 2014

Alvin returns to gulf on 4th anniversary of BP oil spill

The Alvin submersible has returned to the Gulf of Mexico to examine how the region is recovering from the BP oil spill four years ago.

Earth/Environment April 2, 2014

Ocean of garbage makes search for Flight MH370 doubly difficult

While the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 continues, the search efforts are hampered by large amounts of ocean garbage. Some experts say that the search could take years.

Earth/Environment April 2, 2014

Delay in climate policy seen as no salvation for coal-fired power plants

Companies operating coal-fired power plants would see no benefit in delay of climate policies regarding global warming, study suggests.

Earth/Environment April 1, 2014

Second bald eagle egg hatches in Pittsburgh, locals wait for one more

Pittsburgh welcomes the second bald eagle hatchling in an eagle nest in Hays. One more egg remains.

Earth/Environment March 31, 2014

UN climate change report warns of irreversible impacts, calls on the whole world to take action now

The UN has finally released a new report on global warming. The report warns that the effects could be “severe, pervasive and irreversible.”

Earth/Environment March 31, 2014

Artificial islands proposed to protect NY, NJ from Sandy-type superstorms

To stop future hurricanes from bringing death and destruction to the East Coast, the U.S. government is planning on building artificial islands. The islands may help protect New York and New Jersey from large hurricanes.

Earth/Environment March 31, 2014

Bald eagle egg hatches in Pittsburgh, mommy eagle incubates two more

Pittsburgh residents can’t get enough of the new kid in town. One of the three eggs in a Pittsburgh bald eagle nest has hatched with a new eaglet emerging safely.

Earth/Environment March 29, 2014

Climate change has a $100 bn per year tab for humans says UN panel

An incoming UN report seeks to lay bare the true dangers that climate change poses to the planet. The report is already in its final drafting stages and will be released early next week.

Earth/Environment March 29, 2014

Lesser prairie chicken classified as 'Threatened,' authorities blame habitat shrinkage

Due to a rapid decline in numbers, the lesser prairie chicken has been classified as “threatened.” US wildlife authorities are growing more concerned due to the severity of the decline.

Earth/Environment March 29, 2014

U.N. chief witnesses climate change in Greenland

Ban Ki-moon toured Greenland, where the United Nations chief says he saw evidence of global warming first hand.

Earth/Environment March 27, 2014

Household air pollution kills 4.3 mn, 3.7 mn more die from outdoor pollution: WHO

The latest WHO report on air pollution shows that a total of seven million people have died due to exposure to pollutants in the air back in 2012. This number includes those affected by household air pollutants and ambient air pollutants.

Earth/Environment March 27, 2014

Don't challenge Cuvier's beaked whales to a breath holding contest. It can last 2.5 hours!

The best deep diver in the world wouldn’t hold a candle to the elusive Cuvier’s beaked whale. A new study shows its superiority in the animal kingdom in terms of diving skills.

Earth/Environment March 27, 2014

Shrinking size of North American salamanders linked to climate change

Salamander species expending more energy just to survive in warmer, drier habitats with changing climate, have less energy to grow and are gradually shrinking in size.

Earth/Environment March 29, 2014

Climate change will bring extreme heatwave to Britain, rest of Europe by 2040: Weather experts

Climate change may soon cause sizzling hot weather in the UK and the rest of Europe. Scientists are expecting more heatwaves by the year 2040.

Earth/Environment March 26, 2014

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