Gaming On-The-Go: November New Releases That Are Worth Downloading

There are lots of new games added to the app stores each month, but in November, these are the best ones worth checking out.

FEATURE November 12, 2015

Hedy Lamarr Helped Invent Wi-Fi: Here Are Other Feats Of Engineering

Hedy Lamarr is famously known as an exotic Hollywood beauty but it's time to learn more about the actress' contributions to science and technology. Find out how she improved everyone's lives with her patented idea.

FEATURE November 10, 2015

The Parents' Guide To Streaming Family-Friendly Movies And Cartoons For Kids

Netflix is the home of some of our favorite original series right now, not to mention its large library of movies that are available to stream. However, the platform also has an extensive list of content for kids, including cartoons, sitcoms, animated films and movies for the whole family.

FEATURE November 13, 2015

TAG Heuer Connected Vs. Apple Watch: The First Luxury Android Wear Smartwatch Goes Up Against Apple

TAG Heuer has finally launched its much rumored luxury Android Wear smartwatch just in time for the holidays for those who have $1,500 to spare for gifts. How does it compare to the Apple Watch?

FEATURE November 10, 2015

'Star Wars Battlefront' Preorder Bonuses Guide

With the release of 'Star Wars: Battlefront' just around the corner, it's time to start considering which preorder bonuses to get when buying the game ahead of release. Here are all the preorder bonuses now available.

FEATURE November 10, 2015

A Review Of 'The Dark Knight: The Master Race' #1 By Timmy Williams, Who Has Not Read It

Comedian Timmy Williams reviews the first issue of DC's new 'Dark Knight' miniseries, without actually having read one page of it.

FEATURE November 9, 2015

Internet Too Slow? Here Are Some Tips To Improve Your Broadband Speed

Slow broadband speeds at home are caused by a number of factors, including where the router is located. Users are advised to place routers away from electrical devices such as speakers and lamps that interfere with the router's signal and cause poor Internet connection.

FEATURE November 10, 2015

'Fallout 4' Hands-On: First Impressions - Level 25 And Beyond

After eight long years, 'Fallout 4' is finally here. Usually, such a long wait would throw up some red flags - but in Fallout's case, the eight-year wait was totally worth it.

FEATURE November 9, 2015

Fallout 4 Release Date Drawing Near: Everything You Should Know To Get Ready For The Wasteland

Despite the smashing success of Metal Gear Solid V, Fallout 4 still looks like a strong contender for game of the year. The jury will begin deliberating in the court of public opinion on Tuesday (Nov. 10).

FEATURE November 8, 2015

New Family Of Android Malware Virtually Impossible To Remove: Say Hello To Shedun, Shuanet And ShiftyBug

Over 20,000 cases of app manipulation evidence a massive malware campaign targeting Android. This stuff is nasty, but you can easily navigate away from it.

FEATURE November 9, 2015

Why The Success Of The 'Supergirl' TV Show Matters

For CBS, 'Supergirl' has already proven itself a hit, and that success makes the series a game-changer that will alter the future of superhero TV shows and film for years to come.

FEATURE November 9, 2015

BlackBerry Priv Review Roundup: What Do Experts Think Of The First BlackBerry Android Smartphone?

BlackBerry Priv reviews showed that packing an Android OS and a QWERTY keyboard into a BlackBerry phone was a rather good idea. The Priv’s specs recommend it as a business device with a solid battery life and reliable security features.

FEATURE November 7, 2015

Xperia Z5 vs. iPhone 6s Plus vs. Galaxy S6: Does Sony's Latest Flagship Stand A Chance Against The Most Popular Devices?

The Xperia Z5 is Sony’s latest flagship and a huge improvement to its predecessor, the Xperia Z3+. With more powerful specs and enhanced design features, the Xperia Z5 has bigger reasons to compete aggressively against the iPhone 6s Plus and the Galaxy S6.

FEATURE November 6, 2015

Hollywood Celebrities Back Quentin Tarantino As Police Fraternities Threaten An Ominous 'Surprise' For 'Hateful Eight' Director

Other Hollywood celebrities, as well as the families of people who have been victims of police brutality, are speaking up to defend Quentin Tarantino. Police all over the country are calling out for a boycott of his film 'Hateful Eight' and are also threatening with a 'surprise' in store for the director.

FEATURE November 6, 2015

Guilty Pleasure Movies And TV Series Worth Streaming On Netflix

Don't be embarrassed to stream these movies and TV series that are our guiltiest pleasures.

FEATURE November 6, 2015

Revisiting Each Of The Uncanny X-Men's Centennial Issues

Uncanny X-Men #600 is now in stores! Here's a look back at the milestone issues preceeding it...

FEATURE November 9, 2015

David Lloyd On 'V For Vendetta' And The Guy Fawkes Mask's Legacy

In honor of Guy Fawkes, one of Britain's most notorious domestic terrorists, and the inspiration behind Alan Moore and David Lloyd's seminal graphic novel 'V for Vendetta', David Lloyd spoke to Tech Times on the 410th anniversary of Fawkes' ill-fated plot about how the famed recusant inspired Lloyd's iconic Guy Fawkes mask, which has become one of the most recognizable images of protest in the 21st century.

FEATURE November 5, 2015

Yo-kai Watch For Nintendo 3DS Review Roundup: The Next Pokemon?

Yo-Kai Watch faced a round of reviews and the conclusions just arrived. The game was designed with exploration in mind and the combat system can be intriguing. Level 5 created a new universe, but did it produce a Pokemon rival?

FEATURE November 6, 2015

The Movies, Literature And Video Games That Influenced The 'Fallout' Series

The post-apocalyptic RPG series has always worn its inspirations on its sleeve. Here are some of the major influences that helped define the look and feel of the 'Fallout' universe.

FEATURE November 6, 2015

Samsung ATIV Book 9 Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Book vs. Apple MacBook Pro: Premium Laptops Specs Showdown

Samsung is clearly taking on the Surface Book and the MacBook Pro with its newly unveiled ATIV Book 9 Pro. While previous ATIV laptops were designed as portable machines with midrange specs, the new ATIV is clearly a heavyweight looking to challenge a champion.

FEATURE November 5, 2015

PuzzlePhone vs. Fairphone 2 vs. Project Ara: Which Modular Smartphone Should You Look Forward To?

Modular smartphones have been climbing the podium to fame. But which of the prominent ones - PuzzlePhone, Fairphone 2, Project Ara - will set the standard for modular handhelds?

FEATURE November 6, 2015

Fantasy Football Tips For Week 9: Sleepers, Replacements And Potential Letdowns

These tips could have your squad doing their favorite touchdown dance by the end of Monday Night Football next week.

FEATURE November 4, 2015

Ex-Opera CEO Talks Vivaldi, Your Google Chrome And Mozilla Firefox Alternative [Interview]

Vivaldi has attracted over two million downloads as the Web browser moves a step closer to a final release. 'Vivaldi is all about features - it has a lot of them,' says company CEO and former head of Opera Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner.

FEATURE November 4, 2015

'Star Wars Battlefront: Twilight Company' Review: The Story The Game Forgot

With 'Star Wars Battlefront: Twilight Company,' fans will get the story behind the game franchise. But is it worth a read? Check out our review.

FEATURE November 3, 2015

Gaming On-The-Go: Get Away To Your Personal Party Island In 'Minions Paradise' [Interview]

'Minions Paradise' allows gamers to build a party island with their own loyal army of the iconic yellow creatures.

FEATURE November 5, 2015

Motorola Droid Turbo 2 Review: A Rugged, Long-Lasting Handset Wrapped Up In Verizon Red Tape

The latest Droid sports a shatterproof screen, tremendous battery life, and a whole lot of Verizon.

FEATURE November 3, 2015

BBC's 'The Last Kingdom' Is The Perfect Cure For The 'Game Of Thrones' Off-Season Doldrums

You might not know the name, but trust us, BBC's 'The Last Kingdom' is one of the best new shows on television.

FEATURE November 3, 2015

How Ghost Hunters Demonstrate Hauntings - And Why It's Mostly Nonsense

From local ghost hunters to the bigwigs on TV, paranormal investigations use the same methods to prove that spirits are all around us. But all their 'findings' can be explained scientifically.

FEATURE October 31, 2015

Interview With ESPN 'Sport Science' Host John Brenkus

The longtime host and co-creator explains how the team has added scientific facts to over 1,200 sports highlights for nearly a decade.

FEATURE November 2, 2015

Sonos Play: 5 (2015) Review Roundup: $499 But Totally Worth It

The Sonos Play: 5 is a second-generation WiFi speaker that’s been designed to deliver a full wireless speaker experience that Sonos has been known for. With shipping slated to begin on Nov. 25, the decision on whether to buy or not may be made a little easier by catching up with some dependable reviews.

FEATURE October 31, 2015

This Week In Space: Punch-Drunk Comets And Black Hole Bling

A party comet that brings its own supplies, an X-ray flare burped from a black hole, and the sad fate of a Russian cosmonaut who became the first person to die in space highlight this week's information about space.

FEATURE October 30, 2015

Microsoft Band 2 Review Roundup: What Do Fitness Buffs Say About Microsoft’s New Health Tracker?

Thinking of buying Microsoft's new Band 2? Here's what others have to say and what you need to know about the fitness-tracking wearable tech.

FEATURE October 30, 2015

Looking Back At 'The Lost Boys,' The Best Comedy-Horror Vampire Film 1987 Had To Offer

Heed not the naysayers - Joel Schumacher's 1987 horror comedy totally holds up!

FEATURE October 30, 2015

Guide To The Scariest Horror Anime Series

Halloween arrives this weekend and with the spooky holiday comes horror movies and TV specials. For something completely different, though, why not check out these scary anime series now streaming online?

FEATURE October 30, 2015

OnePlus X vs. OnePlus One vs OnePlus 2: Which One Should You Buy?

OnePlus released a third handset with good specs and affordable pricing. This spec comparison shows users which one of the OnePlus X, the OnePlus One and the OnePlus 2 would be the best smartphone for their needs.

FEATURE October 29, 2015

OnePlus X Now Official As $249 Midrange Smartphone Set To Launch In November: Specs And Features

OnePlus finally made its latest smartphone official, introducing a gorgeous OnePlus X with upper-midrange specs, sleek design and a very attractive $249 price tag. Here's all you need to know about specs, features, pricing and availability.

FEATURE October 29, 2015

Controversial Cybersecurity Bill Passed By Senate – Here's Why You Should Protest

The United States Senate just passed a bill that can give federal agencies the power to do a surveillance on U.S. citizens without being questioned. Find out how a cybersecurity bill can make that happen

FEATURE October 29, 2015

Rosetta Scientists Find Oxygen On Comet 67P: How This Gas Came To Be Formed On The Space Rock

The European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft has detected traces of molecular oxygen on the 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet. Scientists are now trying to determine how the gas was formed on the comet when earlier theories suggest that it should have been annihilated during the formation of the solar system.

FEATURE October 29, 2015

Gaming-On-The-Go: 'Star Wars,' Pixar And Marvel Characters Share The Screen In 'Disney Infinity: Toy Box 3.0' [Interview]

'Disney Infinity: Toy Box 3.0' puts the characters of 'Star Wars' and 'Inside Out' in the forefront, and adds new features such as the Toy Box Hub.

FEATURE October 30, 2015

'WWE 2K16' Review: Grappling With Greatness

2K's annual grappler is back, and this year, the company improved the title in enough key areas to make 'WWE 2K16' a worthy installment in the long-running series.

FEATURE October 28, 2015

Interview: Artist Alex Ross Discusses Drawing The Beatles

In an interview, acclaimed comic book artist Alex Ross discusses his latest project - drawing the musical group The Beatles - and how much comic books have changed over the past few decades.

FEATURE October 29, 2015

The Complete Guide To 'Fallout 4' Pre-Order Bonuses

Now that we're only a few weeks away from the release of 'Fallout 4,' here's a list of all the pre-order bonuses available for those who buy the game early.

FEATURE October 28, 2015

'All Science Fiction Is Satire': An Interview With 'Prez' Writer Mark Russell

Mark Russell, the writer behind DC's reboot of 'Prez', takes the concept of a teenage president voted to office via Twitter and delivers a startling work. His effort speaks to the dark places that governmental corruption can take us - and the ways in which human integrity can combat it.

FEATURE October 28, 2015

Fantasy Football Tips For Week 8: Sleepers, Replacements And Potential Letdowns

These tips could have your squad reaching pay dirt by the end of Monday Night Football next week.

FEATURE October 28, 2015

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