AT&T 2G Network Officially Shut Down As Carrier's Focus Shifts To 4G, 5G Evolution, And Other Technologies

AT&T has officially shut down its 2G network, essentially killing 2G and EDGE handsets on their tracks, if they haven’t died already. 2G’s exit lets AT&T focus more on 4G and its next-generation 5G Evolution wireless technology.

Internet January 18, 2017

Download Your Vines Now Before You Lose Them: Last Chance

Vine has announced a few months back that it's shuttering its video hosting platform and the day has now come. Today is your last chance to download your Vines, so here's how to do it.

Internet January 17, 2017

T-Mobile Ad Takes Shots At Verizon, Asks Why Big Red Doesn't Offer Unlimited Data Like The Un-Carrier [Video]

T-Mobile used dogs to attack Verizon's decision to impose a 200 GB data cap. The carrier touted its newer and faster LTE infrastructure to highlight its credentials as a better alternative.

Internet January 16, 2017

Facebook To Start Testing Anti-Fake News Tools In Germany

Facebook has announced that it will besting a fake news filtering tool in Germany in the coming weeks. The social media company is under pressure to introduce steps against misinformation that many believe is undermining democracy.

Internet January 15, 2017

Verizon's Jetpack MiFi 7730L Supports Up To 15 Devices, And The Mobile Hotspot Is Available Now

Verizon's new Jetpack MiFi 7730L is being targeted for groups on the road requiring lots of data. The device is equipped with LTE Advanced that can reach up to 50 percent faster peak speeds in more than 450 cities.

Internet January 14, 2017

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Warns Against Net Neutrality Repeal Before Stepping Down: 'Where's The Fire?'

In his final public speech before stepping down as FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler defended net neutrality and the Open Internet Order. The policies are in danger of being repealed under the incoming Trump administration.

Internet January 13, 2017

Opera Neon Brings Drastic Changes To The Windows And Mac Browsing Experience

Opera has released a concept browser called Neon, which is quite astonishing both in its presentation and its sheer ambition. It is already available for download so you can try out the new design.

Internet January 13, 2017

YouTube 'Super Chat' Lets Creators Earn Money From Live Streams

YouTube has bid adieu to Fun Funding and welcomed Super Chat that will let the creators earn some revenue while connecting with millions. It comes with some modified features that have been implemented to make this initiative a success.

Internet January 13, 2017

Snapchat Makes Finding Friends, Groups, And Stories Easier With A Universal Search Bar

Snapchat dropped a big update that will make it easier and faster for users to find content, contacts, and features that they want. It is also expected to rake in more ad revenue for the company.

Internet January 13, 2017

Amazon Launches Streaming Service Anime Strike: Prime Members Can Subscribe For $5 A Month

Amazon introduces Anime Strike, an anime on-demand subscription service that costs $4.99 a month with a seven-day free trial. The service includes old as well as new shows and original series such as 'Scum's Wish' and 'Onihei.'

Internet January 13, 2017

The Chainsmokers New Song 'Paris' Is Released As ‘Closer’ Passes 1 Billion YouTube Views [Video]

The Chainsmokers smash hit ‘Closer’ has officially surpassed one billion YouTube views. The duo has also just released a brand-new song, ‘Paris.’

Internet January 16, 2017

Mariah Carey’s New Year's Eve Debacle: ‘We Belong Together’ And Other Song Streams Shot Up After Failed Performance

Mariah Carey’s streaming numbers shot up following her disastrous New Year’s Eve performance. All three songs sung by Carey saw huge gains in streaming numbers following the debacle.

Internet January 13, 2017

AT&T And Verizon Zero Rating Again On FCC's Radar For Net Neutrality Violations, But T-Mobile Binge On Is OK

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler issued a new report before leaving office, again raising concerns of net neutrality violations with AT&T and Verizon's zero-rating practices. T-Mobile's Binge On gets a pass and the report explains why.

Internet January 12, 2017

JetBlue Launches Free Satellite Wi-Fi On All Local Flights: Was The Wait For Fly-Fi Worth It?

JetBlue has rolled out Fly-Fi to all local flights, offering passengers free satellite Wi-Fi connections with speeds of up to 20 Mbps per device. Was the wait for the service, first announced in December 2013, worth it?

Internet January 11, 2017

Facebook Announces New Journalism Project To Build Stronger Ties With The News Industry

Facebook announced a new initiative called the Facebook Journalism Project, which could make the social media network a better platform for journalists. It is also created in part to address the proliferation of fake news.

Internet January 11, 2017

Ed Sheeran’s New Songs ‘Shape Of You’ And ‘Castle On The Hill’ Break Spotify One Day Streaming Record

Ed Sheeran has started off 2017 with two new hits. His just-released tracks 'Shape Of You' and 'Castle On The Hill' both individually broke Spotify’s record for most song streams in a single day.

Internet January 13, 2017

Europe Wants Facebook, Google, WhatsApp And Others To Implement Stricter Privacy Rules Like Telcos

The European Commission wants Facebook, Google, WhatsApp and other online services and apps to play by the same privacy rules governing telcos. The EC has submitted a new proposal in this regard, aiming to 'complete the EU data protection framework.'

Internet January 11, 2017

AT&T To Raise Legacy Unlimited Plans Price By $5 Again

AT&T has confirmed another $5 price increase to its grandfathered data plan, bringing the total to $40 a month. It did the same early last year, the first time it did so after seven years.

Internet January 10, 2017

Streaming Drives Music Industry Comeback In 2016 With Uptick In Music Sales

The music industry experienced growth in 2016, thanks to the popularity of streaming. Streaming sales shot up during the year, while physical sales of music as well as digital downloads continued to drop significantly.

Internet January 11, 2017

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Taps Former Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe

Mark Zuckerberg has tapped David Plouffe to head the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Aside from steering the organization, the political operative's hiring can help the Facebook honcho realize his own political ambition.

Internet January 11, 2017

Tokens Of Next Monopoly Game To Be Decided By Fans Through Online Voting: Here Are The 64 Choices

Hasbro has decided to do an online vote for the eight tokens of the next Monopoly game. In addition to the eight current pieces, other options include the T-Rex, a pair of race cars, and a variety of emojis.

Internet January 10, 2017

Kickass Torrents Comeback Bombing? Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, Rarbg, Torrentz2, 1337x Remain Top Sites Despite KAT Return

Is the return of Kickass Torrents a bomb? The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, Rarbg, Torrentz2, and 1337x, the former top torrent site’s biggest competitors, have seen no overall traffic drop despite KAT’s return.

Internet January 11, 2017

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer To Resign From Board: Yahoo To Be Renamed Altaba After Verizon Deal

Marissa Mayer, Yahoo’s chief executive, is to exit from the company’s board once the Verizon sale pushes through, according to reports. Additionally, Yahoo’s RemainCo will also be called Altaba if and when that happens.

Internet January 10, 2017

Facebook To Start Testing Mid-Roll Ad Format: Expect Clips In The Middle Of Videos Soon

To provide video publishers with revenue for their content, Facebook may soon start testing a new mid-roll ad format that lets creators put clips in the middle of their videos after the 20-second mark.

Internet January 10, 2017

Verizon's Upgrade Fees Now Set At $30, Unlimited Data Plans Get 200 GB Cap

Verizon has increased the upgrade fee for subscribers switching to a new phone. This will be the case when paying for a handset's full retail price and the installment payment scheme.

Internet January 9, 2017

Drake, Rihanna, And The Chainsmokers Dominated Nielsen’s Top On Demand Streaming Songs In 2016

Nielsen has released its figures on the top on demand streaming songs for 2016. Drake, Rihanna, and The Chainsmokers dominated, with seven of the top 10 songs featuring one of those three artists.

Internet January 10, 2017

Apple ‘Carpool Karaoke’: James Corden Host Replacements Named For New Apple Music Series

Apple Music has finally revealed the hosts for its version of James Corden’s ‘Carpool Karaoke.’ Rather than a single host, the new series will feature a multitude of guest pairings.

Internet January 12, 2017

Uber Movement Tool Provides Cities With Detailed Traffic Data

The just-released Movement tool from Uber could aid city governments and urban planners make informed decisions based on passenger data. The tool, limited to several cities at present, culls rider data and stores it in a vast network of traffic information.

Internet January 9, 2017

Twitter Suspends Martin Shkreli For Harassment Of Freelance Journalist: Here's What Happened

The Twitter account of Martin Shkreli was suspended due to his targeted harassment of freelance journalist Lauren Duca. Here is what the "Pharma Bro" did to warrant the suspension.

Internet January 9, 2017

BEWARE: Fake Facebook Live Videos Spreading

Facebook Live is being used for spreading misleading information for the sake of likes. Is this the next tool for the dissemination of fake news?

Internet January 15, 2017

WikiLeaks Wants To Expose Personal Info Of All Verified Twitter Users In Massive Database: Here's Why

WikiLeaks is already infamous for its previous doxxing activities, but now it wants to pull off something bigger and creepier. The group is threatening to expose the personal information of all verified Twitter users in an online database.

Internet January 7, 2017

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's 2017 Resolution: Travel To More US States And Talk To More Americans

Mark Zuckerberg's personal challenge for 2017 involves traveling to 30 U.S. states and meeting more Americans. While the resolution is tamer than his previous vows, it could actually be more relevant to Zuckerberg's work at Facebook.

Internet January 3, 2017

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video: Which Streaming Service Is Better For 2017?

Both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video deployed new features and improvements last year. All things considered, which video streaming service emerged as the better option for you this 2017?

Internet January 2, 2017

Facebook Knows A Lot About Your Offline Habits, Buying Third-Party Data To Serve Better Targeted Ads

Facebook has been steadily purchasing user data from third-party data brokers, including information such as household income estimates, shopping habits, and more to serve better targeted ads. Opting out is not impossible, but it's rather cumbersome.

Internet December 31, 2016

Twitter Looks Into 4 Themes To Fix And Improve In 2017: Abuse, Edit, Topics And Interests, And Conversations

Twitter has some big plans for 2017, focusing on four themes to fix and improve: online abuse, editing tweets, following topics and interests, and keeping track of conversations.

Internet December 31, 2016

Editing Tweets Is The Most Requested Twitter Feature Ever, But Anything Past A Quick Edit Requires Revision History

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey asked users what they'd most like to see on Twitter in 2017 and, unsurprisingly, the ability to edit tweets is among the most requested features. Dorsey didn't dismiss the possibility, but explained that a revision history might be required.

Internet December 30, 2016

Here's A Closer Look At Amazon's Flying Warehouse And Drone Fleet

Amazon’s recently granted patent for what’s essentially a flying warehouse is equal parts groundbreaking and perplexing. Here’s an attempt to parse the retail company’s futuristic vision of the commercial delivery system.

Internet December 30, 2016

Offensive Tweets About Debbie Reynolds And Carrie Fisher's Deaths Prompt Twitter Backlash

As the world mourned the passing of Hollywood icons Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, some tweets about their deaths have sparked outrage. Cinnabon and comedian D. L. Hughley are both under attack for separate remarks, considered offensive and tasteless by some readers.

Internet December 30, 2016

Twitter Rolls Out 360-Degree Video Live Streaming, But Only For A 'Small Group Of Partners' First

Twitter has a launched a new feature that will enable users to broadcast 360-degree live videos. The feature, however, is currently limited to select partners, but is slated for a wide rollout in the coming weeks.

Internet December 29, 2016

Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, Rarbg, Torrentz2, 1337x And Kickass Torrents: 2016's Most Popular Torrent Sites Ranked

2016 saw a big shakeup in the world of torrenting, with three of the largest sites shutting down, two of which have ultimately returned in new versions. The Pirate Bay, ExtraTorrent, Rarbg, Torrentz2, 1337x and Kickass Torrents rank among the most popular sites of the year.

Internet December 29, 2016

Facebook Safety Check Triggered By Firecrackers: No, There Was No Bombing In Bangkok

Facebook’s Safety Check feature incorrectly informed Bangkok residents that an explosion occurred in their city, according to reports. Apparently, the Safety Check’s algorithm misread a minor government protest as a full-blown explosion.

Internet December 27, 2016

'Game Of Thrones,’ ‘The Walking Dead’ And ‘Westworld’ Are The Most Pirated TV Shows Of 2016

HBO’s blockbuster ‘Game of Thrones’ is once again the most pirated TV show of the year. AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ remains in second, while HBO newcomer ‘Westworld’ captures the no. 3 spot for 2016.

Internet December 29, 2016

Yes, You Can Have Tim Curry Read 'A Christmas Carol' On Your Amazon Echo: Just Ask Alexa

Amazon Echo owners can now ask Alexa to pull Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol from audible and have it narrated, available up to Jan. 3, 2017. Did we mention it’s narrated by none other than Tim Curry?

Internet December 26, 2016

George Michael Song Streams Shoot Up On Spotify In Wake Of His Christmas Day Death

Music fans worldwide are streaming the late George Michael’s songs on Spotify in the wake of his Christmas day passing. The streaming service reports a huge spike in listening to music from the late pop icon.

Internet December 27, 2016

Microsoft's Beam Pro Live Streaming Service Improves With New Features: Twitch In Trouble?

Microsoft is gearing up to better compete with after new features were announced for its Beam Pro service. These features are in Beta, and only Pro users can take advantage for now. The general public should get a shot at them in 2017.

Internet December 26, 2016

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