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This Is How Zika Infects Placenta And Fetus

Emory University researchers discovered that the Zika virus can infect and replicate in immune cells from the placenta without killing them - a crucial point to explain how it damages developing brain cells in fetuses and causes birth defects.

Public Health May 28, 2016

Doctors Want To Postpone Or Move Brazil Olympics As Zika Crisis Grow

Doctors have called on the World Heath Organization to move or postpone Rio Olympics 2016. They pointed out the continuous rise of Zika virus in the country, which may result in a bigger health crisis.

Public Health May 28, 2016

New Rat Study Ignites Debate Over Link Between Cell Phone Use And Cancer

Do cell phones cause cancer? A new report by a federal agency finds a link between cell phone radiation and cancer in rats. However, some experts remain skeptical.

Public Health May 28, 2016

Cooking With Kerosene And Dried Dung Linked To Increased Cataract Risk In Women

Using biomass fuels such as wood, kerosene, or dried dung for cooking can increase a person's likelihood to develop cataracts by about 50 percent, a new study says. This likelihood increases the longer a person is exposed to these fuels.

Public Health May 28, 2016

Superbug Resistant To Last Resort Antibiotic Discovered In The US

For the first time, researchers found a superbug with gene resistant to antibiotic colistin in the U.S. What are the threats posed by this strain of E. coli bacteria?

Public Health May 27, 2016

Health Authorities Estimate Risk Of Microcephaly From Zika Virus At 1 Percent To 13 Percent

Pregnant women infected with Zika virus during the first trimester will have children who are up to 13 percent at risk of developing birth defects, health officials reported. There is indeed a clear link between Zika virus and microcephaly.

Public Health May 27, 2016

Global Economic Crisis Tied To 260,000 Additional Cancer Deaths

A new study suggests that unemployment can lead to higher rates of cancer-related deaths. However, this can be mitigated if governments introduce stronger systems for public health.

Public Health May 26, 2016

Online Conspiracy Theories May Hurt Efforts To Fight Zika Virus

Conspiracy theories and unscientific claims about Zika virus may hurt future programs involving Zika vaccine. Researchers say online information may mislead the public and render them uninterested in actions that aim to halt the spread of the disease.

Public Health May 25, 2016

Air Pollution Heightens Risk Of Stillbirth During Third Trimester

The plot (and air) thickens. A recent analysis strengthens the alleged link between air pollution and increased stillbirth risks during the 28th week of pregnancy or even later.

Public Health May 25, 2016

Pregnant Smokers Increase Their Baby's Risk Of Developing Schizophrenia

Mothers who continue to smoke during pregnancy are putting their child's health in jeopardy. Researchers have found that aside from neurologic and immunologic health problems, children born from mothers who smoke are more likely to develop schizophrenia.

Public Health May 24, 2016

Young Female Cancer Survivors Need More Information On Fertility Preservation

New research reveals that most young female cancer survivors need more information about preserving their fertility before and after treatment. Experts urge for increased reproductive health counseling.

Public Health May 25, 2016

Person Infected With Measles Attends Northern Illinois University Graduation Ceremony

A relative of a graduating student might have exposed other people to measles during the Northern Illinois University graduation ceremony on May 14. The Illinois Department of Public Health confirmed it as northern Illinois's first measles case.

Public Health May 23, 2016

30 Years Of Faulty Dietary Advice Is Dangerous For Fight Against Obesity: Health Charity

A new report by the National Obesity Forum suggests that urging people to adhere to a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet is dangerous for the fight against obesity. The report has provoked a backlash in the scientific community.

Public Health May 23, 2016

Puerto Rico Faces Zika Virus Spread Amid Debt Crisis

Puerto Rico is faced with Zika virus spread and an ongoing debt crisis. These two problems may take a toll on the country's tourism industry.

Public Health May 22, 2016

Alcohol Intervention Programs Unsuccessful On Fraternity, Sorority Members

Some kids are not all right. A study revealed that alcohol interventions among college fraternity and sorority members were unsuccessful in reducing alcohol consumption rates and its consequences.

Public Health May 21, 2016

Added Sugar Warning Coming To New Nutrition Labels

After two long decades, updated nutrition labels are coming to prepackaged foods in the United States. What do these changes mean for the average consumer?

Public Health May 22, 2016

Caregivers Can Benefit From Early Patient Palliative Care

Early integration of palliative care among cancer patients can also benefit family caregivers, a new study has revealed. Caregivers experienced better quality of life and fewer depression symptoms.

Public Health May 22, 2016

FDA Unveils New Food Label To Help Consumers Make Healthy Choices

The FDA has released a new food label to help people make better health choices. The new Nutrition Facts includes revamps on vitamin and information on 'added sugars.'

Public Health May 22, 2016

EPA Sets New Health Advisory For Toxic Chemical In Drinking Water

A new EPA advisory set recommended limits for chemicals like perfluorooctanoic acid in drinking water. The move came about after growing pressure from health experts and studies showing the effects of toxic chemicals in drinking water.

Public Health May 20, 2016

Yellow Fever Outbreaks In Africa Serious But Not An Emergency: WHO

WHO said on May 19 that the outbreak of yellow fever in Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo is a cause of great concern. However, the situation does not constitute a declaration of a public health emergency internationally.

Public Health May 20, 2016

US House Approves $622.1 Million Zika Funding Bill

U.S. House approved $622.1 million for Zika virus funding. The said approval was released just a day after the Senate also issued its own version of the bill.

Public Health May 20, 2016

Thousands Of Public Pools Set To Close Due To Serious Health Violations: CDC

CDC has reported that thousands of public pools close due to serious health violations. Inspections of swimming pools revealed that these public water venues may pose health risks if operation continues.

Public Health May 20, 2016

Infant Bike Helmets Sold at Target Recalled Over Choking Hazard

Infant bike helmets sold at Target have been recalled due to choking hazards. No injuries have been reported so far, but the company wants to ensure the safety of consumers.

Public Health May 19, 2016

Three Out Of 10 Gay Men In Southern Cities Have HIV: Report

A new report has found that HIV frequency rate is most dire among men who have sex with men (MSM) population in southern cities of the U.S. Findings show that three out of 10 gay men are diagnosed with HIV.

Public Health May 19, 2016

Drug-Resistant Bacteria Will Kill Every 3 Seconds By 2050

Drug-resistant bacteria may kill every 3 seconds by the year 2050, a new report has suggested. The increasing cases of antimicrobial resistance pose serious threats to public health and therefore must be addressed as soon as possible.

Public Health May 19, 2016

ADHD May Appear During Young Adulthood For Some People, Then Lead To Misdiagnosis

ADHD is a disorder that commonly strikes during childhood, but new research suggests that for some people, it emerges until much later. This late-onset of ADHD may be a distinct disorder altogether, scientists said.

Public Health May 19, 2016

South Carolina Bans Abortion After 19 Weeks

South Carolina has passed a bill to ban abortion after 19 weeks of pregnancy. The said bill will hold no exceptions, including pregnancies due to rape or incest.

Public Health May 18, 2016

US Senate Approves $1.1 Billion Funding To Fight Zika, But Is It Enough?

The U.S. Senate passed a compromise $1.1 billion fund for fighting the Zika virus, with the White House originally requesting $1.9 billion in emergency funds. Is it enough and appropriate as Zika virus funding?

Public Health May 18, 2016

New York Senate Outlines Plan To Combat Heroin, Opioid Abuse

The New York State Senate has unveiled its recommendations on how to address heroin and opioid abuse in the state. The proposals include suggestions from doctors, addiction experts, law enforcement and even victims of drug addiction and their families.

Public Health May 18, 2016

Four Common Surgical Procedures Much Safer, Cheaper In Rural Critical Access Hospitals Than In Cities

Common surgical procedures are found to be much safer and cheaper in rural hospitals than in city counterparts, a new study has revealed. The findings confirm what rural surgeons have long suspected.

Public Health May 19, 2016

Teen Poisoning Cases In The UK On The Rise Because Of Heavy Drinking Among Girls

Teen poisoning cases surged in the UK because of heavy drinking. The rates were particularly high among teenage girls and young women, especially the ones living in the UK's poorest areas.

Public Health May 18, 2016

This Wearable Monitor May Help Detect 'Masked' Hypertension

Around-the-clock blood pressure monitoring through the use of a wearable device may help spot 'masked' hypertension, a new study revealed. The study may help patients pay closer attention to their BP levels.

Public Health May 17, 2016

Genetically Modified Food Safe, Even Beneficial For Humans: Study

Despite fears over the health effects of genetically modified food, an analysis of nearly 900 studies found GM crops are safe. The study also revealed the benefits of GM crops on human health and the environment.

Public Health May 18, 2016

Is It Legal For Doctors To Counsel Patients On Gun Safety?

A new report suggests that doctors should counsel or ask patients regarding gun safety and other firearm-related issues. This is part of efforts to prevent gun-related violence in the United States.

Public Health May 17, 2016

Weed Killer Glyphosate Unlikely To Pose Cancer Risk To Humans: UN Report

UN experts discovered that weed killer glyphosate is unlikely to cause cancer. A new report found that consuming the herbicide via oral route and exposure to the chemical do not result in carcinogenic effects.

Public Health May 18, 2016

Australian Athletes To Get Anti-Zika Condoms For Rio Olympics

Australian athletes will be provided with anti-Zika condoms for the Rio Olympics. The said products may help protect the players as they travel and stay in the Zika-affected country.

Public Health May 18, 2016

Hy-Vee Voluntarily Recalls Frozen Fried Rice Due To Listeria Fears

American supermarket chain Hy-Vee voluntarily recalled two of its frozen rice food items due to listeria scares. To date, no hospitalizations linked to the case have been reported.

Public Health May 17, 2016

Dementia Patients Delay Doctor's Visit Over Myths, Fears

Most people with signs of dementia would prefer to delay a visit to the doctor due to fears that it would mean their 'life is over,' a new survey revealed. However, experts encourage the public to act on their symptoms as early as possible.

Public Health May 17, 2016

Dental Clinic Offers Free Dental Care To Uninsured Children

Uninsured kids received free dental services at Kool Smiles in Baltimore. The event called 'Sharing Smiles Day' provided kids with free tooth extraction, filling, root canal procedures and dental health education.

Public Health May 16, 2016

New York Gov. Cuomo Announces Legislations To End HIV/AIDS Epidemic

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo pushes to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the state. The leader set out new legislation to curb the problem by enhancing testing and access to treatments for patients.

Public Health May 15, 2016

May Is Mental Health Awareness Month: Here's What You Can Do To Spread Awareness And Get Involved

It's Mental Health Awareness month. It's time return to a conversation that should carry on year-round.

Public Health May 15, 2016

A Cure For The Common Cold? Meet IBM's Macromolecule

A new macromolecule from IBM could mean the end of all viral diseases, including Zika, Ebola, and the common cold. How does it work?

Public Health May 15, 2016

Obama Administration Takes Step To Protect Rights Of Transgender Patients

The Obama administration took steps to protect the rights of transgender patients in the country. Among the inclusions in the final rule is banning of health insurance discrimination among people with different age, sex, disability or ethnicity.

Public Health May 14, 2016

Puerto Rico Reports First Case Of Microcephaly Related To Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus

The first case of microcephaly in Puerto Rico related to Zika virus has been reported. The U.S. government plans to extend their support to help curb the spread of the mosquito-borne infection.

Public Health May 15, 2016

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