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Chick-fil-A Withdraws Chocolate Chunk Cookie Supply Over Allergen Concerns: Signs, Symptoms Of Peanut Allergy

Chick-fil-A's Chocolate Chunk Cookies are being voluntarily recalled by the supplier because of allergen concerns. CSM Bakery Solutions issued an allergy alert on undeclared peanut present in the flour used in the cookies.

Public Health April 26, 2016

CVS Recalls Herbal Tea Due To Possible Salmonella Contamination

CVS pharmacy announced that it has recalled an herbal tea product due to possible salmonella contamination risk. No reports of illnesses have been reported and the store has already removed all the recalled items from its shelves.

Public Health April 26, 2016

Laundry Pods More Dangerous To Children Than Other Types Of Detergent

Laundry pods are more dangerous than traditional detergents, a new study has found. Aside from the higher cases of poison report among children, laundry pods also pose more serious consequences, even death.

Public Health April 26, 2016

This Is How Ads Lure Kids To Start Using E-Cigarettes

A new study shows advertisements increase teen use of e-cigarettes. How these ads lure kids is a question that must be looked into to mitigate the problem.

Public Health April 26, 2016

It's Rocket Science: ISRO Creates Tiny Heart Assist Device From Rocket Material

Materials and technology usually used in the rocket world have been innovatively leveraged to develop an artificial heart pumping machine. The artificial pump works almost as fast as the human heart!

Public Health April 26, 2016

Victoria's $30 Million Crackdown On 'Prescription Shopping' To Stop Overdose Deaths

The Victorian government is spending $30 million to fund its real-time monitoring system to crackdown prescription shopping that could lead to drug overdose deaths. The system will include Schedule 8 drugs such as morphine and would include participation of physicians, pharmacies and hospitals.

Public Health April 25, 2016

As Height Of Moms Decreases, Chances Of Premature Birth Increase, Study Finds

A new study adds to the growing evidence that maternal height may have a bigger role on pregnancy and its complications than previously thought. Small women may have an increased risk of preterm birth.

Public Health April 26, 2016

Zika Infographics By CDC And WHO: Everything You Need To Know About The Deadly Virus

To help raise public awareness on the dreaded Zika virus, the WHO and the CDC have each published infographics to present what experts know about the disease so far. These diagrams also contain steps on how people can prevent the spread of the virus in their own way.

Public Health April 25, 2016

US Teens Are Attracted To E-cigarettes Due To Online Advertising: Study

Teens in the United States were more likely to vape, researchers say. Those who are in middle and high school were more likely to take the habit if they frequently see online advertisements of e-cigarettes.

Public Health April 25, 2016

KFC Launches Investigation After BBC Probe Finds Feces Bacteria On Ice

KFC has started an investigation after a BBC program revealed that feces from bacteria was present on its ice. Experts say the bacteria may cause illness to anyone who consumes it.

Public Health April 25, 2016

Listeria Concerns Prompt Voluntary Recall Of Frozen Vegetables

Washington-based CRF Frozen Foods voluntarily recalled 15 frozen vegetable products out of listeria contamination concerns. Find out from an FDA food recalls announcement the details on the distribution sites and list of affected products.

Public Health April 25, 2016

Anti-smoking Drugs Do Not Increase Risk For Depression, Anxiety: Study

A large random clinical trial settled the belief that anti-smoking drugs can increase the risk of mental health conditions. Not only is there a lack of increased risk, they may also help smokers abstain from the bad habit.

Public Health April 25, 2016

Ontario Plans To Give Boys HPV Vaccine: Here's Why

Young boys in Ontario will be receiving free vaccinations against the human papillomavirus (HPV) and its potential subsequent cancers starting September. Ontario is expanding their HPV program to include all students in Grade 7.

Public Health April 23, 2016

Cra-Z-Art Jewelry-Making Toy Sets With Exceedingly High Levels Of Lead Being Sold In New York

Not fit for kids. A famous line of DIY jewelry kits for kids sold in New York was found with exceedingly high levels of lead. Officials are reviewing the safety of Cra-Z-Art products and considering a possible recall.

Public Health April 23, 2016

CDC, OSHA Issue Guidance For Protecting Workers From Occupational Exposure To Zika: What You Should Know

CDC and OSHA released on April 22 a guidance to protect workers from occupational exposure to Zika, outlining the occupational hazards related to the infection and what can be done to protect pregnant employees or men whose partners are trying to conceive.

Public Health April 23, 2016

Being Sedentary May Promote Hardening Of Arteries: Study

If you want to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, there’s one important tip you should never forget. It’s best to move around or walk.

Public Health April 24, 2016

How Suicide Rates In US Skyrocketed To 30-Year High

The CDC reports suicide rates are up across most demographics in the United States. What is driving this increase in self-inflicted fatalities?

Public Health April 23, 2016

Did Flu Kill Pop Icon Prince? What You Should Know About Influenza

Pop superstar Prince was reportedly hospitalized because of influenza several days prior to his death. While there were no immediate details released regarding the singer's passing, some health experts believe the cause of death may be connected to his recent respiratory infection.

Public Health April 23, 2016

Young Survivors Of Childhood Cancer Feel Older Than Their Age

Young survivors of childhood cancer feel older than their real age, research says. The research studied the quality of life of childhood cancer survivors and compared it with the general population, and found that young survivors have the same health-related quality of life with 40-year-old adults.

Public Health April 23, 2016

Chemicals Found In Nail Polish, Soap Can Make You Fat

A new study by researchers from the University of Georgia finds that exposure to an ingredient in common items may possibly lead to obesity because of its effect on the body's fat accumulation. Find out more.

Public Health April 22, 2016

NYC Hospital To Pay $2.2 Million For Allowing Reality TV Show To Film Patients Without Consent

New York Presbyterian submits itself for a corrective action plan after losing a case filed against it in Federal court. NYP maintains it did not violate any HIPAA rules despite court ruling.

Public Health April 22, 2016

People With HIV May Age Faster: Virus Causes Premature Aging Of Cells

HIV treatment may cause cells to age faster, a new study has found. This means people with HIV must also take action to curb the effects of premature aging.

Public Health April 23, 2016

Health Awareness In Men Linked To Lower Dementia Rates

Smoking cessation, better diets, increased exercise and other public health measures are pinpointed for the surprising fall in UK dementia rates particularly among men. Authors are convinced brain health in the UK is improving.

Public Health April 23, 2016

Mosquito Killer Billboard Helps Prevent Zika Spread In Brazil

Mosquito killer billboards installed in Rio de Janeiro attract and trap mosquitoes that carry Zika virus. This is how the billboards work.

Public Health April 24, 2016

Subtype Of Thyroid Tumor No Longer Considered As Cancer

A type of tumor characterized by a lump in the thyroid encapsulated by fibrous tissue is no longer considered as cancer. How would the reclassification of this thyroid tumor impact patients?

Public Health April 19, 2016

Clearing The Air: Monsanto Breaks Silence On Zika Virus, Microcephaly And Sumitomo Larvicide

Amid allegations about Monsanto's link to a toxic larvicide that is believed to be the cause of Brazil's microcephaly outbreak, the biotech company spoke out on Monday to clear up 'rumors and misinformation.' Monsanto says it has no connection whatsoever to the Zika virus or microcephaly.

Public Health February 16, 2016

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