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Pregnant Woman's Immune Response Shaped By Baby’s Sex: Study

According to a study by Ohio State University researchers, the bodies of pregnant women react differently when carrying a male and when carrying a female fetus. The study says high inflammation was noticeable in the pregnant woman who was carrying the female fetus.

Public Health February 13, 2017

Is Conventional Medicine Making Women Suffer Heart Disease In Silence?

A CNN report cited how an underlying sexism in medical research has cost lives, with heart disease research and treatments historically tailored for men. Women may be suffering from heart attacks in silence, experts warned.

Public Health February 14, 2017

Texas Woman Sues Popeyes: Customer Claims Flesh-Eating Screwworms In Rice And Beans

Rice and beans with flesh-eating screwworms? A woman from San Antonio is going after Popeyes for allegedly serving her the popular side dish with an extra ingredient.

Public Health February 13, 2017

Pregnant Inmate Gives Birth On Prison Cell Floor Of County Jail

Jessica Preston gave birth on the prison cell floor of the Macomb County Jail despite that the hospital is just about three minutes away. Her baby was born one month early and weighed less than 5 pounds.

Public Health February 12, 2017

Iranian Baby With Congenital Heart Disease Ready To Undergo Surgery

The Iranian baby temporarily banned from coming to the United States because of President Donald Trump's immigration order appears ready to undergo heart surgery. The girl's condition can be deadly if left untreated.

Public Health February 12, 2017

Common Weed In Florida Fights Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs Without Killing Bacteria

The red berries of the Brazilian peppertree, a noxious weed in Florida, contain compounds that can disarm potentially deadly bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. What makes the plant a good tool for fighting superbugs?

Public Health February 10, 2017

Ruth’s Pimento Spreads Recalled Over Listeria Risk

Ruth’s Salads has announced an expanded recall of pimento cheese products. In a food recall announcement, the FDA pointed to potential listeria contamination as the reason behind the recall.

Public Health February 10, 2017

False Alarm Mammograms Can Cause Women To Skip Or Delay Future Breast Cancer Screening

Women who had mammograms with false-positive result are more likely to skip or delay getting breast cancer screening. Experts said this attitude could have potentially fatal consequences.

Public Health February 9, 2017

South Korea Confirms 2nd Strain Of Foot-And-Mouth Disease Outbreak

South Korea has raised its foot-and-mouth disease alert status to highest level as a second strain of the virus was confirmed Thursday. The government has begun vaccinating all its cattle and livestock.

Public Health February 9, 2017

Millions Of Americans Likely Have Hearing Loss Without Knowing It: What Can Be Done?

A newly released federal study has found that about 1 in 4 adults who think they have good or excellent hearing have signs of hearing loss. What can be done to prevent this permanent damage?

Public Health February 9, 2017

Myopia In Children May Be Linked To Amount Of Time Spent Indoors

The amount of time spent by children indoors may cause myopia, according to a study. Scientists have discovered that myopia is developed when the retinal cell does not function properly. The new finding will hopefully lead to new treatment.

Public Health February 13, 2017

How West Nile Virus Transmission Is Higher During Drought

It has been thought in the past that West Nile virus epidemics spread in most ideal temperatures of transmission. The new study, however, shows us how West Nile virus transmission is higher during drought.

Public Health February 12, 2017

Obesity And Infertility: How Your Waistline Affects Your Chances Of Having Kids

A new study from the National Institutes of Health suggests that a couple’s body mass index may play a crucial role in their chances of getting pregnant.

Public Health February 13, 2017

Ovary Removal During Hysterectomy Increases Risks Of Heart Disease, Cancer, And Premature Death, Reveals New Study

Removing your ovaries through hysterectomy may not be a good idea. A new study from the University of Warwick in England linked this common surgical procedure to heart disease, cancer, and untimely death in women.

Public Health February 15, 2017

Health Canada To Do Random Testing On Medical Cannabis After Mass Recall Affecting 25,000 Customers

After mass product recalls and health complaints in 2016, Health Canada announced, through an official statement, that it will now do random testing on medical marijuana products sold in the country.

Public Health February 10, 2017

Flu Cases In Children Still On The Rise, Doctors Warn

Pediatric flu death is considered a key marker of a harsh flu season. Thus experts are closely watching flu cases in children in the current flu season, which is fast turning into a harsh one.

Public Health February 8, 2017

Licorice Bad For Pregnant Women: Sweet Treat Harmful To Fetal Development, Finds Study

It may seem like a harmless piece of candy but licorice is actually dangerous to pregnant women. According to researchers, the sweet treat can negatively impact fetal development.

Public Health February 7, 2017

Holy Smokes! E-Cigarettes Safer Than Tobacco, Long-Term Study Reveals

Electronic cigarettes give tobacco smokers who want to quit a better option. Latest Cancer Research UK-funded study found that e-cigarette smokers had less presence of toxins and carcinogens in their body compared to smokers of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Public Health February 9, 2017

HPV vs Pap: Verdict Out On Best Screening Method For Cervical Cancer

Experts have finally decided on the best screening method for cervical cancer. HPV tests check for the presence of the human papillomavirus while pap smear tests work by checking for cell changes in the cervix.

Public Health February 9, 2017

Is Homeopathy Pseudoscience? Top Russian Science Body Thinks So

Is homeopathy a pseudoscience? A top science body in Russia has called the alternative medicine system pseudoscientific, arguing that its methods have no scientific basis.

Public Health February 7, 2017

Make Or Break: How Will Childhood Cancer Treatments Affect Future Sex Lives Of Young Patients?

A new study has shown that childhood cancer survivors may take longer achieving psychosexual development milestones – sexual debut, committing to relationships, and having kids – but are just as sexually satisfied as people without cancer.

Public Health February 9, 2017

BEWARE: Pet Medicines Pose Serious Harm To Children

Pet medicines must be kept out of reach of children. In Central Ohio, 88 percent of accidental poising cases among children involved medicine for dogs.

Public Health February 12, 2017

Social Gains, Not Biological Logic, Drive Female Genital Mutilation: Study

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is widely practiced due to social and cultural gains, a new study has reported. The United Nations has reaffirmed its call to end the practice, which it dubbed a form of violence against women.

Public Health February 7, 2017

Euthanasia Drug In Dog Food Prompts Illinois Pet Food Company To Issue Voluntary Recall

Pentobarbital, a drug used to anesthesize and euthanize pets, was found in a lot of dog food that sickened five animals. What are the affected products?

Public Health February 7, 2017

What Is Dripping? Study Finds 1 In 4 Teens Who Smoke E-Cigarettes Tried The Trend

Study found that 1 in 4 teens who have smoked an e-cigarette have also tried dripping before, the method that consists of vaping without the use of a tank cartridge for a strong hit with more clouds.

Public Health February 6, 2017

Doctors Trained Abroad Offer Better Care Than US Medical Graduates: Study

Where your doctor graduated from might now also be a factor in the kind of care you get. According to researchers, doctors who went to medical schools abroad offer better care than those trained in the United States.

Public Health February 6, 2017

Obamacare Replacement May Be Ready By 2018, Says Donald Trump

Obamacare replacement plan by the Trump administration will reportedly bring an insurance policy for everyone. President Trump has shared that the policy may be ready by 2018.

Public Health February 6, 2017

What Is Castleman Disease? Patient Goes In Search Of Treatment For Devastating Disease

A former quarterback and medical student who was ravaged by a rare and devastating condition called Castleman disease embarked on scientific research to find a treatment for the illness. Read on to know his full story.

Public Health February 5, 2017

Animal Study Shows New Zika Vaccine Effectively Protects With A Single Dose

Based on mRNAs, a new vaccine candidate against Zika has been shown effective against the virus. According to preclinical results, just one dose of the vaccine offers protective benefit.

Public Health February 3, 2017

Solar-Powered Water Purifier Offers Hope Against Global Drinking Water Shortages

Solar-powered water purifier offers a ray of hope to combat global drinking water shortages. Developed by University at Buffalo academics, the new device will make access to safe drinking water cheaper and better.

Public Health February 6, 2017

Ohio Coroner Running Out Of Room For Bodies Amid Spike In Overdose Deaths

The spike in overdose deaths in Ohio has put pressure on the state's capacity to respond in terms of facilities and medicine. The Montgomery County coroner plans to rent spaces at funeral homes because the 12 new spaces in the refrigerator are 'not enough.'

Public Health February 4, 2017

Flu Cases On The Rise In Kansas City Area: How To Avoid Infection

The flu outbreak in Kansas City area has taken a serious turn and has been termed ‘very bad’ by health officials. An estimated 570 flu cases have been registered in Kansas hospitals last week.

Public Health February 3, 2017

Tree Man Syndrome: Bangladeshi Girl May Be First Female With Rare Disease

A 10-year-old Bangladeshi girl is receiving treatment for a rare genetic disease -- possibly the 'tree man syndrome.' The disease causes bark-like lesions to grow on the patient's skin.

Public Health February 2, 2017

Smokeless Tobacco Products Recalled As Sharp Metal Fragments Are Found Inside

U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company has voluntarily recalled some smokeless tobacco products after sharp metal objects have been found in selected cans. The FDA too is pursuing a new rule that will limit a carcinogen content in such products.

Public Health February 2, 2017

Deadliest Tuberculosis Type Spreads Across South Africa Via Person-To-Person Transmission: Study

Published in the New England Journal of Medicine, a new study of extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR- TB) in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa says person-to-person transmission is the reason behind the outbreak.

Public Health February 3, 2017

Biggest Breast Cancer Breakthrough: Map Links Breast Cancer Cell Shape And Genes To Disease Outcomes

Scientists say the cell shape and genes can soon predict the behavior of breast cancer in a patient, helping doctors decide on an effective mode of treatment.

Public Health February 3, 2017

Mystery Illness In India Traced To Lychee Fruit

Lychee may appear harmless but researchers have confirmed that the fruit plays a role in a mystery disease that has been plaguing a town in India since 1995.

Public Health February 1, 2017

Air Pollution Study Reveals Fine Particle Pollutants May Cause Dementia

Tiny and inhalable air pollutants called PM2.5 increase risk for cognitive decline and dementia in older women. How do these fine particles cause mental health problems?

Public Health January 31, 2017

Party Pooper: Experts Warn Popping Balloons Can Lead To Permanent Hearing Loss

Hearing experts from the University of Alberta measured noise produced from bursting balloons, and discovered that it can be louder than a shotgun blast and cause permanent hearing loss.

Public Health February 1, 2017

Beth Israel, Lahey Health Revisit Merger Talks

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and Lahey Health are at the fourth attempt of a merger. The administrators believe the two systems would work better together, being an effective competitor for Partners HealthCare.

Public Health February 1, 2017

Antibiotics Can Bolster Bacteria Growth And Resistance To Treatment: Study

A new study from the University of Exeter in England confirms that bacterial overgrowth is encouraged by antibiotics, as seen in the mutated E.coli bacteria used in the study. Antibiotic resistance continues to be a global health concern.

Public Health February 1, 2017

HIV Patients More Susceptible To Diabetes, Says Study

A recent study reveals that the risk of getting afflicted with diabetes mellitus is slightly higher in HIV positive adults. The researchers surveyed data from MMP and NHANES for the purpose of the study.

Public Health January 31, 2017

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