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Love Chocolates? Regular Consumption Could Reduce Risk Of Irregular Heart Rhythm

A study concluded that regularly eating chocolates in moderation may help lower atrial fibrillation or heart flutter risk. Researchers found that consumption of two servings of chocolate per week reduced the risk by over 20 percent.

Public Health May 24, 2017

WHO Suspects 4th Death From Ebola In Congo, CDC Issues No Travel Advisory Yet

Four people have died in the Ebola outbreak in Congo. The WHO confirmed the latest death on Sunday, noting there are now 37 suspected Ebola cases in Africa. The CDC is still evaluating the situation before issuing a travel advisory.

Public Health May 22, 2017

Oregon Girl Temporarily Paralyzed After Undetected Tick Bite

Lyme disease and the Powassan virus are not the only health concerns associated with tick bites. A little girl in Oregon was diagnosed with tick paralysis after she unknowingly got bit by an American dog tick and became temporarily paralyzed.

Public Health May 22, 2017

WHO Controversy: Is The Cash-Strapped UN Health Agency Splurging On Travel?

The World Health Organization (WHO) annual spend on travel may be greater than those on major public health initiatives such as AIDS or malaria, according to internal documents. Find out more about this AP exclusive on shocking WHO travel costs.

Public Health May 22, 2017

Over 200,000 Pounds Of Beef Franks Recalled Due To Possible Metal Contamination

John Morrell and Co. made a recall of two of its beef franks products. The FSIS announced the recall was due to a possible metal contamination.

Public Health May 21, 2017

New UK, EU Laws Crack Down On Smoking And Vaping

UK’s additional restriction to tobacco products comes into force on May 21. Here’s what you have to know about the stricter measures that will be implemented.

Public Health May 21, 2017

Experts Predict 2017 To Be The Worst Tick Season Ever

Health officials and experts forecasted that the 2017 summer would be the worst tick season ever. Other than Lyme disease, experts warned people against the deadly Powassan virus, which is another type of tick-borne disease.

Public Health May 20, 2017

5 Fall Ill From Gas-Station Cheese Sauce: Here’s How You Can Get Sick With Botulism

A case of botulism has five ill after consuming contaminated nacho cheese. What are the different types of botulism and how does one get sick from it?

Public Health May 20, 2017

In Italy, Kids Now Need To Get 12 Vaccines Before Enrolling In State-Run Schools

The Italian cabinet just approved a new law requiring parents to vaccinate their school-aged children. Proof of vaccination is required upon enrollment or parents will be fined.

Public Health May 20, 2017

‘Kissing Bugs’ In Your Home: Chagas Disease May Be More Fatal That Previously Thought

New research suggests that fatalities from Chagas disease may be under-reported due to its non-symptomatic stage. Trypanosoma cruzi increases the risk of death in infected individuals.

Public Health May 20, 2017

WHO Aims To Bring Test Vaccine To Ebola-Hit Democratic Republic Of Congo

DRC’s latest Ebola outbreak poses a major challenge to the World Health Organization. Should the government approve, WHO hopes to bring the Ebola vaccine to the affected region within one week.

Public Health May 19, 2017

Did Anyone Notice McDonald’s Ditching Artificial Ingredients In Its Ice Cream Treats?

The saga of artificial ingredients in fast food continues. Some months ago, McDonald's vanilla ice cream has started to get rid of artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors in a bid for healthier offerings.

Public Health May 19, 2017

Scientists Are A Step Closer To Produce Limitless Supply Of Blood

Scientists made a breakthrough discovery where they found a method to produce limitless blood supply. This procedure could potentially be used to treat blood disorders and life-threatening infections.

Public Health May 19, 2017

Woman Fights For Her Life, Others Hospitalized For Botulism After Consuming Gas Station Cheese Sauce

A woman from Sacramento has spent the last three weeks in the ICU after consuming contaminated nacho cheese from a gas station. What is botulism, and can it cause an outbreak?

Public Health May 19, 2017

Diarrhea-Inducing Parasites In Pools On The Rise: CDC

CDC warns about increasing reports of parasite infection from pools and water parks. The 2016 Crypto outbreaks more than doubled the number of reported cases in 2014.

Public Health May 19, 2017

10-Year-Old Girl Nearly Chokes On Fidget Spinner, Mom Warns

Fidget spinners are all the rage among kids of all ages, yet a Texan mother claims her daughter almost choked on one of the fidget toy’s metal bushings. Are fidget spinners a choking hazard?

Public Health May 18, 2017

How Did This Arkansas Baby End Up With 100 Rat Bites?

A couple from Magnolia in Arkansas faces Class B felony as their baby has suffered a maximum of 100 rodent bites. The couple has revealed knowing about the rat infestation in their house but didn't do anything, according to investigation.

Public Health May 18, 2017

Millions Of US Travelers Skip The Measles Vaccine: Here Are The Potential Consequences

More than half U.S. travelers who are eligible for the MMP vaccine don’t get immunized against measles before traveling abroad, revealed a new study. Almost half of them simply refused vaccination, increasing their chances of importing the virus.

Public Health May 17, 2017

Foot And Leg Amputations Risk Linked To Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Drug Invokana

FDA required Johnson & Johnson to include a boxed warning about the risk for foot and leg amputations in type 2 diabetes patients who use Invokana. Who are most at risk for amputations?

Public Health May 16, 2017

1.2 Million Deaths Among Adolescents Could Have Been Prevented: WHO Report

Road traffic accidents are the leading cause of death among adolescents worldwide, says a WHO report, stating most victims are pedestrians or cyclists. Almost 1.2 million teens lose their life every year, and most teenage death causes are highly preventable.

Public Health May 16, 2017

Caffeine Overdose Blamed For Death Of 16-Year-Old Teen

A highschool student collapsed in his class after drinking three caffeinated beverages over a period of two hours. The coroner said that the teenager died due to caffeine-induced heart event.

Public Health May 16, 2017

Climate May Affect Pregnancy: Gestational Diabetes Linked To Outdoor Temperature

Pregnant women exposed to hot average temperature have higher risk for gestational diabetes than soon-to-be mothers who are exposed to colder temperatures. Here's how a warmer climate affects health during pregnancy.

Public Health May 15, 2017

California County Reports Almost 1,000 Cases Of Norovirus In Schools: Details On The Outbreak So Far

Health experts urge parents to keep sick children at home as the norovirus outbreak in California now totals more than 950 confirmed cases. Thirty-two schools in Yolo County have reported norovirus infections, affecting both students and their teachers.

Public Health May 16, 2017

10-Year-Old NY Boy Overdoses On Cannabis-Laced Sour Candy: Here Are The Details

A 10-year-old boy from Rockland County in New York has been brought to the emergency room after consuming sour gummy candy laced with medical marijuana. Find out more about the case and how THC in marijuana affects the body.

Public Health May 15, 2017

Green Chile Frozen Burritos Recalled Due To Possible Listeria Contamination

Green Chile Foods recalls meat and poultry frozen products after traces of Listeria monocytogenes was found during a routine test. Find out if your frozen burrito is affected.

Public Health May 14, 2017

Rare Human Rabies Case Confirmed In Virginia Resident Who Was Bitten By A Dog

The Virginia Department of Health confirmed a case of rare human rabies in a Virginia resident. The infected individual suffered a dog bite while traveling abroad.

Public Health May 13, 2017

Global Cyberattack Targets Over 70 Countries, UK Hospitals Held At Ransom

UK’s National Health Service was severely hit by a cyberattack that targeted over 70 countries. The latest cyberattack stamps the medical industry as a vulnerable target.

Public Health May 13, 2017

WHO Confirms At Least One Ebola Death In Congo: Another Outbreak At Hand

Another Ebola outbreak has been reported out of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The World Health Organization was quick to respond to DRC’s eighth Ebola outbreak since 1976.

Public Health May 13, 2017

Brazil’s Zika Emergency Is Over With Drop In Cases Of Mosquito-Borne Virus

Brazil has lifted its public health emergency over the mosquito-borne illness Zika virus. This occurs 18 months after its worst outbreak, which causes severe birth defects like microcephaly in newborns.

Public Health May 12, 2017

Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs Existed Even Before The Dinosaur Age

A study indicated that drug resistant enterococci or Superbugs existed even before the dawn of the dinosaurs. The research conducted also isolated the genes responsible for the superior resistance in these bacterial strains.

Public Health May 12, 2017

Parasites Could Be Lurking In Your Sushi: Food Safety Tips To Avoid Anisakiasis

A man was hospitalized after complaints of abdominal pain turned out to be a parasitic infection from sushi. Here's what you need to know about Anisakiasis and food safety.

Public Health May 14, 2017

Fond Of Eating Sushi And Other Undercooked Seafood? It Could Cause Anisakiasis Caused By Parasites

Scientists cautioned people about a particular dangerous strain of parasite, which infests raw fish and seafood. The parasite infested food when consumed and caused severe stomach pain, vomiting, and many other digestive problems.

Public Health May 14, 2017

Avocado Hand: Slicing For Guacamole Sends People To The Hospital

Doctors have seen an increase in injuries caused by slicing avocados. What is behind incidents of people lacerating their hands while preparing the green fruit for their guacamole?

Public Health May 12, 2017

Heroin Epidemic Triples Cases Of Hepatitis C In The US

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports of higher hepatitis C incidences due to the heroin epidemic. The report calls for state policies for HCV prevention, and testing for at risk individuals.

Public Health May 12, 2017

New Study Says Cheese Won’t Up Your Heart Disease And Stroke Risk: What’s The Beef With Full-Fat Dairy?

The recent study saying full-fat dairy products such as cheese, butter, and milk don’t increase the risk of heart disease was rapidly contested by some medical organizations. The cheese debate lays down the pros and cons of saturated fat.

Public Health May 11, 2017

Hanford Nuclear Site Incident: What Are The Health And Human Risks?

The tunnel breach detected in Hanford Nuclear Reservation in the United States has triggered concerns about radiation hazards, and workers have been alerted. The facility is famous for having supplied plutonium for the bomb dropped on Nagasaki.

Public Health May 11, 2017

Minnesota Health Department Needs $5 Million To Combat Measles Outbreak In The State

The Minnesota Health Commissioner revealed that the state needed $5 million to combat the outbreak of infectious diseases in the state, including measles. The measles outbreak has stretched the state’s resources.

Public Health May 11, 2017

Cotton-Tipped Swabs Send Dozens Of Children To The Emergency Room Every Day

About 34 children are sent to the emergency room each day for using cotton-tipped applicators to clean the ear. Why is it not safe to use these products?

Public Health May 10, 2017

Meningitis-Causing Bacteria Suspected To Be Behind Deadly Mystery Outbreak In Liberia

Evidence points to a contagious bacterial infection that can lead to meningitis in the occurrence of a mystery illness in Liberia. Find out more about this infectious disease from U.S. health officials as well as the WHO.

Public Health May 9, 2017

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