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Santa's Reindeer Now Smaller And Weaker Because Of Climate Change

The weight of reindeer has dropped by 12 percent because of climate change. How do warmer temperatures influence the growth and size of the animals popularly portrayed pulling Santa Claus' sleigh?

Animals December 13, 2016

Lake Buried In Ice Indicates Impact Of Climate Change On East Antarctica

A lake of freshwater was found underneath the Roi Baudouin ice shelf in East Antarctica showing that climate change has impacted the region. What are the dangers posed by englacial lakes?

Earth/Environment December 13, 2016

Hospice Staff At Florida Hospital Left Body Of Deceased Veteran In Shower Room For 9 Hours

Hospice staff at the Bay Pines VA Healthcare System in Florida failed to follow appropriate procedures by leaving the body of a dead veteran in shower room for nine hours. The staff members were also found to have tried to cover up the mistake.

Public Health December 11, 2016

Mutant Fish Evolved To Withstand Lethal Levels Of Toxic Waste In Polluted Waters

The atlantic killifish has evolved to be 8,000 times more resilient to toxic waste than other species of fish. High levels of genetic variation allow the fish to adapt to industrial pollutants that would normally kill them.

Animals December 10, 2016

Japan Launches Magnetic Tether To Clean Up Space Junk

Japan's space agency launched a magnetic tether that would clean up orbiting debris in space. About 100 million pieces of space junk pose threats to the International Space Station and satellites.

Space December 10, 2016

Radiation From Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Detected On US Shores: Should You Worry?

The seaborne radiation from Fukushima has reached U.S. shores. Cesium-134 was detected in samples of seawater taken from Oregon - is there reason for Americans to panic?

Earth/Environment December 10, 2016

Monkeys Can Talk: Lack Of Speech Due To Brain Wiring

Monkeys have vocal tract that make these primates anatomically equipped to talk. The key to acquiring speech though lies somewhere in the brain.

Animals December 10, 2016

DNA From 17th Century Mummy Of A Child From Lithuania May Rewrite History Of Smallpox

Smallpox, a deadly disease that killed millions before it was declared eradicated in 1980, was likely a modern killer and not an ancient disease. The findings were based on analysis of DNA from a 17th century mummified child in Lithuania.

Ancient December 9, 2016

Gummy Bears Send High School Students To Hospital: How To Tell If Candies Are Laced With Drugs

More than a dozen high school kids attending Naperville North High School fell ill after eating gummy bears that may be laced with a still unknown substance, possibly marijuana or marijuana oil. How do you identify candies laced with drugs?

Public Health December 8, 2016

Pfizer Fined $107M for 2,600 Percent Price Hike On Epilepsy Drug Phenytoin Sodium

Britain's Competition and Markets Authority slapped pharmaceutical company Pfizer with a fine equivalent to about $107 million for hiking the price of phenytoin sodium capsules. The epilepsy drug is used by about 48,000 patients in the UK.

Public Health December 8, 2016

Giraffes Placed On Extinction Watch List As Population Plunges

The long-necked giraffe is often seen in safaris, zoos and the media that the animal's plummeting number has gone largely unnoticed. The giraffe is now rated as vulnerable to extinction.

Animals December 7, 2016

Preparing For An Asteroid Impact? UN Proclaims June 30 As International Asteroid Day

The United Nations declared June 30 as International Asteroid Day to raise awareness on the dangers of asteroid impact. What are the odds of asteroids hitting planet Earth?

Space December 7, 2016

Lemur-Like African Primate Galago Inspires Design Of Fast Leaping Robot

The galago, a lemur-like primate found in Africa, inspired the designs of the new robot named SALTO. What are the abilities and potential applications of this new robot?

Robotics December 7, 2016

Depression, Suicidal Thoughts Common Among Medical Students

More than a quarter of medical students suffer from depression and one in 10 have suicidal thoughts. What are the reasons behind these suicidal risks and depressive symptoms?

Healthy Living/Wellness December 7, 2016

Cosmic Dust From Birth Of Solar System Discovered On Rooftops In Paris, Oslo And Berlin

Cosmic dust particles are leftover particles that existed since the formation of the Solar System. These ancient particles were previously found only in Antarctica and the deep ocean.

Space December 6, 2016

About 2 Million Pounds Of Ready-To-Eat-Chicken Recalled

National Steak and Poultry announced it is recalling nearly 2 million pounds of ready-to-eat chicken products that may have been undercooked. What products are affected by the recall?

Public Health December 6, 2016

Ancient Teeth Samples From Time Of Roman Empire Bear Evidence Of Malaria Parasite

Analysis of teeth samples from skeletal remains dating back to the era of the Roman Empire unveiled mitochondrial genomic evidence of Plasmodium falciparum, the mosquito-borne parasite that causes malaria. What did the discovery prove?

Public Health December 6, 2016

Bacteria Carrying Gene Resistant To Carbapenem Antibiotics Discovered In US Pig Farm

A bacteria carrying a gene resistant to carbapenem antibiotics has been discovered in a pig farm in the United States. How did the mutant gene get into the animal farm?

Public Health December 6, 2016

Smoking One Cigarette Per Day Still Linked To Higher Risk Of Early Death

Occasional smoking, or smoking only between one and 10 cigarettes per day is still linked with early death. People who smoke lightly also have higher risk of dying from lung cancer, heart disease or respiratory diseases compared with those who never smoked.

Public Health December 5, 2016

Four Oklahoma Veterans Facility Employees Resign After Maggots Were Found In Resident's Wound

Four employees resigned from a veterans facility at Talihina after maggots were found in the wound of a resident who later died of sepsis. The employees decided to resign before the start of the termination process.

Public Health December 5, 2016

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