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False Alarm Mammograms Can Cause Women To Skip Or Delay Future Breast Cancer Screening

Women who had mammograms with false-positive result are more likely to skip or delay getting breast cancer screening. Experts said this attitude could have potentially fatal consequences.

Public Health February 9, 2017

Elusive Middleweight Black Hole Found At Center Of Giant Star Cluster

Middleweight black holes are elusive but scientists reported finding evidence of one in a globular star cluster. What hinted the presence of the intermediate-mass black hole at the center of 47 Tucanae?

Space February 9, 2017

New Species Of Gecko Can Jump Out Of Its Skin To Escape Predators

A newly discovered species of gecko in Madagascar has the exceptional ability to jump out of its scaly skin to escape predators. What makes this bizarre defense mechanism possible?

Animals February 8, 2017

Inscription In Ancient Tomb Of Chinese General And His Princess Wife Reveals Couple Was Buried On Same Day

The ancient tomb of a general who served the rulers of the Northern Qi dynasty and his princess wife was found during an excavation between August 2012 and June 2013. The tomb was filled with pottery figurines.

Ancient February 8, 2017

Male Contraceptive Gel Could Be Vasectomy Alternative For Men: What Are Its Potential Side Effects?

The male contraceptive gel Vasalgel could be a better alternative to vasectomy, condom, and withdrawal method. What are the possible side effects and problems that may arise due to use of this birth control method?

Healthy Living/Wellness February 7, 2017

More Than 450 Ancient Earthworks Resembling Stonehenge Built In Amazon Rainforest

Researchers discovered hundreds of mysterious earthworks that were once hidden by mature trees in the Amazon rainforest. The discovery challenges the idea of the Amazonian forests being pristine ecosystems.

Earth/Environment February 7, 2017

Vasalgel Monkey Trial Offers Hope For Long-Acting And Reversible Male Contraceptive

No pregnancy occurred in rhesus monkeys involved in the trial that tested the effectiveness of the male contraceptive gel Vasalgel. The result offers hope for a new birth control method for men.

Medicine February 7, 2017

Euthanasia Drug In Dog Food Prompts Illinois Pet Food Company To Issue Voluntary Recall

Pentobarbital, a drug used to anesthesize and euthanize pets, was found in a lot of dog food that sickened five animals. What are the affected products?

Public Health February 7, 2017

Carnivorous Plants Became Leafy Predators Through Convergent Evolution

Meat-eating plants underwent similar genetic changes. Genetic analysis of three species of pitcher plant and another carnivorous plant revealed that distantly related predatory plants followed a similar path to plant carnivory.

Earth/Environment February 7, 2017

This Is How The Ice Sheets Of Antarctica Formed Very Rapidly About 34 Million Years Ago

Scientists have linked two older theories to explain how the ice sheets of Antarctica formed very rapidly. The first theory focuses on climate change, while the second theory focuses on dramatic changes in ocean circulation patterns.

Earth/Environment February 6, 2017

Texas Bank Teller Stole $1.25 Million In Fraud Scheme

A former bank teller faces 30 years in prison for stealing $1.25 million over 10 years from a First National Bank branch in Texas. How did she steal the money?

Feature February 4, 2017

Fukushima Nuclear Plant Worker Sues Power Companies Over Leukemia Linked To Radiation Exposure

A welder diagnosed with leukemia after working at Fukushima nuclear sites damaged by the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami is suing two power companies. He demands around $524,000 in damages.

Feature | Health February 3, 2017

Hitler's Phone Recovered From Berlin Nazi Bunker To Be Sold At Auction

Adolf Hitler's red phone recovered from a Nazi bunker in Berlin is set to be auctioned later this month. How much would it likely fetch?

Feature | Culture February 2, 2017

Gallup-Healthways Annual Well-Being Survey: Here Are The Happiest And Healthiest States In The US

Hawaii topped the Gallup-Healthways 2016 state well-being rankings. Here are the other states whose residents are deemed the happiest and healthiest in the United States.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 2, 2017

Scientists Find 195-Million-Year-Old Collagen In Dinosaur Bone

Scientists have found ancient collagen and other iron-rich proteins in the bones of a Jurassic-era dinosaur. What helped preserve the soft tissue for nearly 200 million years?

Animals January 31, 2017

Moon Has Been Getting Oxygen From Plants On Earth For 2.4 Billion Years

The moon has been receiving oxygen produced during photosynthesis of plants on Earth over the past 2.4 billion years. What are the evidences that prove this?

Space January 31, 2017

Air Pollution Study Reveals Fine Particle Pollutants May Cause Dementia

Tiny and inhalable air pollutants called PM2.5 increase risk for cognitive decline and dementia in older women. How do these fine particles cause mental health problems?

Public Health January 31, 2017

Ancient Bag-Like Sea Creature Could Be Oldest Human Ancestor

An ancient bag-like creature that lived during the Cambrian period could be the oldest relative of humans. Saccorhytus coronaries is the most primitive member of deuterostomes.

Animals January 31, 2017

Liquid-Based Analysis Can Improve Chances Of Findings Alien Life On Ocean Worlds

NASA scientists are working on a liquid-based technique to detect signs of alien life on extraterrestrial ocean worlds. How does the capillary electrophoresis method work?

Space January 30, 2017

Metallic Hydrogen: How Room Temperature Superconductor Could Revolutionize Technology

Metallic hydrogen, a superconductor that can work at room temperature, can revolutionize many fields of technology. It may improve performance of electronic devices. What are other examples of its potential applications?

Material Science January 30, 2017

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