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Brain Structure Of Transgender Adolescents Resembles Gender They Identify With

Brain scans conducted on young transgender people showed that these youth have brain functions similar to the gender they identify with. The analysis suggested that transgenderism develops at an early age and that it is something that might be innate.


Discovery Of Ancient Human Bones In Denmark Suggests A ‘Barbarian-on-barbarian’ War Took Place In Northern Europe

A team of archeologists found ancient human bones in a wetland in Denmark. The finding suggested that barbarian tribes fought among each other in a yet recorded battle that took place in the first century A.D.

Ancient May 22, 2018

China Launches Satellite For Moon Mission: What Is ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’?

China took what it described as a major step toward being the first in the world to set up a communication satellite from the ‘dark side of the moon.’ The country launched a relay satellite named Queqiao or Magpie Bridge on May 21.

Space May 22, 2018

Intermittent Fasting Diets Could Increase Risk Of Type 2 Diabetes

A group of researchers warned people against the potential health risk of the popular intermittent fasting diet fad. Their finding was presented during an annual meeting that is being held by the European Society of Endocrinology from May 19 to May 22.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 21, 2018

Scientists Confirm Adolf Hitler Died In 1945: Study Of Hitler’s Teeth Suggests Probable Causes Of Death

French researchers were hopeful that they could finally put an end to numerous conspiracy theories regarding the real cause of Adolf Hitler’s death. The team was given the special privilege to examine fragments of Hitler’s teeth.

Feature | Science May 21, 2018

Study Says Tinder Users Don’t Have More Casual Sex Than Nonusers

Researchers surveyed the Tinder usage of 600 students ranging from ages 19 to 29. The survey revealed that users do not acquire more casual sex partners than those who are not Tinder users but similarly engage in casual sex.

May 21, 2018

Autistic Trait In Early Humans Linked To Ice Age Art Revolution

Experts concluded that early humans with autistic trait led an art revolution during the Ice Age. Their ability to focus on detail, an aptitude attributed to people with autism, also helped them create complex hunting tools for their survival.

Ancient May 16, 2018

‘Lost’ And Found Asteroid Safely Sweeps Past Earth On May 15

Asteroid 2010 WC9, an Apollo-type space rock, made a safe flyby close to Earth on May 15. NASA said it is the closest distance it can get for at least two centuries.

Space May 16, 2018

Changes In Body Odor Can Indicate Malaria Among Asymptomatic Carriers

An international team of researchers classified the changes in the odor of people infected with malaria. The team hopes that the scent they identified could help them detect infections among asymptomatic carriers.

Public Health May 15, 2018

Meditation, Breathing Exercises May Help Improve Brain Health

Researchers from Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience and the Global Brain Health Institute in Dublin dissected the neurophysiological link between breathing exercise and brain health. They provide a scientific explanation of how exactly pranayama, yoga, and mindfulness improve people’s concentration.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 15, 2018

Michigan To Regulate Cannabidiol As Marijuana Amid Confusion On Hemp Products Prohibition

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs clarified that cannabidiol is within the scope of the term "marijuana” as per Michigan laws. This meant that CBD products are to be regulated with how marijuana products are being controlled.

Public Health May 15, 2018

New Pig Virus Could Potentially Jump To Humans And Animals

Scientists at The Ohio State University and Utrecht University in the Netherlands were concerned about the possibility of the porcine deltacoronavirus infecting humans in the future. Their laboratory experiment showed that the virus could jump to human cells.

Public Health May 15, 2018

Fish With Human Teeth Caught Off South Carolina: Get To Know The Sheepshead Fish

A fish with human teeth, caught off the coast of South Carolina, had reportedly creeped people out. A biologist took to Facebook to educate people about the species.

Animals May 14, 2018

Geneticists Are Growing Miniature Brains From Human Stem Cells Engineered With Neanderthal DNA

A team of geneticists from the Max Planck Institute in Germany genetically altered human stem cells by combining them with Neanderthal DNA. The team hoped to grow miniature brains from these engineered human stem cells.

Ancient May 14, 2018

Newly Created ‘Super Wood’ Biomaterial Surpasses Strength Of Spider Silk

Researchers from Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology produced a material that they said surpassed the strength of spider silk. Called the “super wood,” the material also exceeded the strength of metals, alloys, ceramics, and E-glass fibers.

Material Science May 13, 2018

78-foot Monster Wave Breaks Record In South Hemisphere

Scientists in New Zealand believed that they documented the largest wave ever recorded in the southern hemisphere. It measured 78 feet and was estimated to be as high as an 8-story building.

Earth/Environment May 12, 2018

Astronomers Chart 3D Shape Of Musca Cloud For The First Time By Watching It 'Sing'

Astronomers from the University of Crete charted the 3D structure of the Musca cloud for the first time. Their model revealed that it was shaped like a pancake and not like a needle as what previous studies stated.

Space May 12, 2018

34-million-year-old Skull From Antarctica Reveals Baleen Whales Had Teeth And Gums

A discovery of an ancient skull belonging to the Llanocetus denticrenatus revealed that whales used to have teeth and gums and behaved as vicious predators. Further analysis suggested that baleens of today’s whales have developed following a complex evolutionary process.

Animals May 12, 2018

Majority Of Colorado Marijuana Dispensaries Recommend Weed For Pregnant Mothers With Morning Sickness

Majority of Colorado cannabis dispensaries advised their pregnant customers to take marijuana products to treat their morning sickness. The recommendation was made despite experts saying that marijuana products are potentially harmful to pregnant mothers and their unborn babies.

Public Health May 11, 2018

Proposed NASA Budget Allots $10 Million To Find Technosignatures From Aliens

A proposed bill from Congress brought the spotlight back again to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence or SETI. Its approval would set a milestone for NASA after the government canceled its SETI program in 1992.

Space May 11, 2018

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