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Manhattanhenge To Light Up New York City On Memorial Day

Manhattan will be bathed in red light this Memorial Day as Manhattanhenge takes place in the Big Apple and around the world. What is this phenomenon, and what does it have to do with Druids?

Ingredients Of Life Found In Rosetta's Comet

Comet 67/P is releasing some of the basic ingredients of life into space. What can this tell us about the early days of our own planet?


Sponge Size Of Minivan Spotted In Deep Sea

The world's largest sponge has been spotted in the waters off Hawaii. What do we know of these strange, ancient creatures?


Mars Once The White Planet During Recent Ice Age

An ice age on Mars may have once made the Red Planet far more white than it is today. How can finding this evidence assist NASA engineers in planning a human mission to that alien world?


Schrödinger's Cat Alive And Dead In Two Boxes At Once

Yale University researchers have taken one of the most famous thought experiments one step further in analysis, finding Schrödinger's cat would be both alive and dead in two boxes at once. How could this help change the future of computing?

May 26, 2016

What Are The Mysterious Neanderthal Cave Rings?

Neanderthals may have been far more sophisticated than previously believed. What do we know about a mysterious underground structure created by members of that species 176,000 years ago?

Ancient May 25, 2016

Cloud Seeding Discovery Could Alter Climate Predictions

Global warming has increased temperatures around the globe since the start of the Industrial Revolution - or has it? New studies show how clouds and trees may have fooled planetary climate models.

Earth/Environment May 25, 2016

More Young Adults Now Living With Parents Than Partners

Young people are now more likely to live with their parents than with romantic partners. What is driving this change, which is taking place around the world?

May 25, 2016

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Newest Weapon In War On Zika

The Zika virus is a danger to people around Latin America and the Caribbean. But has it met its match in the same mosquitoes that spread the virus?

Biotech May 25, 2016

Hubble Uncovers Secrets Of Black Hole Formation

Supermassive black holes form much faster than theories suggest they should. Now, astronomers using the world's most powerful space telescopes believe they know why.

Space May 25, 2016

Watch World's Most Powerful X-Ray Machine Target Liquid Droplets

What happens when you aim the world's largest X-ray machine at samples of liquid and fire? A team of physicists decided to find out, and the results are stunning.

Energy May 24, 2016

Orbital ATK Outpost May Orbit Moon By 2020s

A space station may be orbiting the moon, beginning in five years, just in time for NASA astronauts to pay it a visit on mankind's first deep-space mission in over 40 years.

Space May 22, 2016

OSIRIS-REx Arrives At KSC Ahead Of Mission To Asteroid

The asteroid Bennu will soon be visited by the spacecraft OSIRIS-REx, which recently arrived at the Kennedy Space Center. How could this mission trigger a new gold rush in space?

Space May 22, 2016

Low-Salt Diet Bad For Your Heart? Not So Fast!

Heart disease and stroke may be more common in people on a low-salt diet compared to those who consume moderate levels of sodium, according to a new study. However, this new idea is already generating controversy.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 22, 2016

Added Sugar Warning Coming To New Nutrition Labels

After two long decades, updated nutrition labels are coming to prepackaged foods in the United States. What do these changes mean for the average consumer?

Public Health May 22, 2016

Robobee Can Land Anywhere Thanks To Static Electricity

A drone the size of an insect has been designed by researchers with a unique ability - being able to rest. Why is this such an important development in the evolution of these electronic devices?

Robotics May 22, 2016

New Horizons Headed For Summer Trip To 2014 MU69?

A Kuiper Belt object named MU69 could be a relic from the earliest days of our solar system. And this summer's blockbuster in science may be a visit to the distant body by the New Horizons spacecraft.

Space May 21, 2016

Man-Eating Nile Crocodiles Invade Miami

Nile crocodiles have been found in Florida's Everglades, and they could soon develop into the top predator in the region, biologists fear. How dangerous are these man-eating reptiles?

Animals May 21, 2016

Four Genes Shape Human Noses, Researchers Discover

Noses of people worldwide are shaped by four genes, researchers have discovered. How can this discovery be used to unwrap mysteries in history as well as crime scenes?

May 20, 2016

Superbubble Reveals Super Beauty Of Young Stars

Sitting in the Large Magellanic Cloud outside the Milky Way, a lone stellar nursery sits within a massive void. Meet the emission nebula with a fascinating past — and future.

Space May 20, 2016

View Stunning New Image Of Mars From Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Telescope turned its gaze to Mars as our two planets approach one another. Here is what astronomers see in a breathtaking new photograph.

Space May 19, 2016

Potatoes Could Lead To High Blood Pressure: Study

Potatoes can raise blood pressure, according to a new study. You may be surprised which form is the healthiest.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 19, 2016

New Horizons Images First Kuiper Belt Object Past Pluto

New Horizons has sent its first scientific data on an object beyond the orbit of Pluto. What do these new observations tell astronomers about objects at the edge of the solar system?

Space May 19, 2016

Amateur Paleontologist Discovers New Species Of Dinosaur In Montana

A retired scientist exploring newly purchased land made a discovery of an unexpected sort. He found a previously unknown species of dinosaur.

Animals May 18, 2016

Where Might Alien Life Be Hiding - Europa or Titan?

Europa and Titan are the two likeliest places in our solar system to hold alien life. What are the conditions like on these giant moons, and what is the chance for life on each world?

Space May 18, 2016

Curiosity Rover Records Seasons Happening On Mars

Seasonal cycles on Mars have now been observed over the course of two Martian years. What has the Curiosity rover seen on the surface of the Red Planet?

Space May 15, 2016

A Cure For The Common Cold? Meet IBM's Macromolecule

A new macromolecule from IBM could mean the end of all viral diseases, including Zika, Ebola, and the common cold. How does it work?

Public Health May 15, 2016

How Close Are We To An Entirely Synthetic Human?

Genetic technology is making the sequencing and development of DNA cheaper, faster and easier. How long will it be before artificial human beings are walking the Earth?

Biotech May 15, 2016

Secrets Of First Americans Uncovered From Mastodon Bones

Clovis hunters were not the first inhabitants of North America after all, a new find suggests. Humans were butchering mastodons in Florida 15 centuries before their arrival.

Ancient May 14, 2016

Rocks From 4.5 Billion Years Ago Found From Formation Of Earth

Rocks dating from 4.5 billion years ago still exist within the Earth's mantle, new research reveals. How were these ancient formations found?

Earth/Environment May 13, 2016

What Birds Are Most Threatened By Global Warming?

Bird species around the globe are under threat from global warming and other man-made conditions, researchers warn. Which species are in the greatest amount of danger?

Animals May 13, 2016

Faint Blue Galaxy Could Shed Light On Big Bang

A faint blue galaxy located 30 million light-years from Earth could reveal answer to mysteries of the Big Bang. What can the Little Lion teach astronomers about the earliest galaxies in the universe?

Space May 13, 2016

Ancient Bone Crusher Dog Ate Like A Bear

Cynarctus wangi is a newly discovered dog that roamed North America 12 million years ago. What makes this find so unusual?

Animals May 13, 2016

Climate Change And Colder Temperatures May Have Doomed Neanderthals

Neanderthals may have been driven to extinction by climate change, as well as the arrival of modern humans in Europe, research shows. How does this change what we know of the ancient creatures?

Ancient May 12, 2016

Educational Level May Be Determined By Genes

Genes could play a role in determining how long a student stays in school. How great is this effect compared with other factors?

May 12, 2016

Climate Change Means Larger Fires Everywhere - Not Just Alberta

Wildfires will become more common around the world as global warming continues around the globe. Is the Fort McMurray fire a sign of trouble to come?

Earth/Environment May 11, 2016

Images Of Coral Reef Reveal Damage Caused By Bleaching

Coral bleaching is killing off vast populations in reefs around the world. What is the cost we pay for global warming?

Earth/Environment May 11, 2016

Global Warming Spiral Shows 165 Years Of Climate Change

Climate change is raising temperatures around the world, and the change is getting more pronounced in recent years. Now, a new animation shows rising temperatures in a whole new way.

Earth/Environment May 11, 2016

Saving Plants With One In Five Species Threatened

Around 21 percent of all plant species around the world are in danger of going extinct, a new study reports. What can scientists do to protect global biodiversity?

Earth/Environment May 10, 2016

NASA Announces 1,284 New Planets: Nine May Be Habitable

The Kepler spacecraft has discovered 1,284 additional exoplanets to go with its vast catalog of alien worlds found since 2009. How did astronomers uncover this treasure trove of planets around other stars?

Space May 10, 2016

Reliving The Mount St Helens Eruption Of 1980

Mount St. Helens is once again exhibiting earthquakes, leading some people to worry about a forthcoming eruption. What happened in 1980, its last major eruption?

Earth/Environment May 8, 2016

Pluto Is Looking More Like A Planet After All

The New Horizons spacecraft reveals how solar wind interacts with Pluto. Much like about that distant body, the answer is bizarre.

Space May 8, 2016

China's Hainan Island Home To 35 Tons Of Dead Fish

The bodies of around 35 tons of dead fish have washed ashore on a local lake of the southernmost province of China. The cause of this event is stirring controversy.

Earth/Environment May 6, 2016

Prehistoric Marine Reptile Acted Like Hammerhead Lawnmower

A marine reptile that lived 242 million years ago looked fearsome, with rows of teeth resembling chisels and needles. But these creatures were only a threat to plants.

Animals May 6, 2016

Amateur Astronomer's Guide To Mercury Transit Happening May 9

Mercury will pass in front of the Sun, as seen from Earth, on May 9. Here are some tips to view the event safely.

Space May 6, 2016

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