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How Did Insects Use Camouflage 100 Million Years Ago?

Insects were using pieces of the natural world for camouflage, even 100 million years ago. What secrets are fossils trapped in amber revealing to biologists?

Ancient June 25, 2016

Hubble Images NGC 1854 Star Cluster In Stunning Photo

The star cluster NGC 1854 has been imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope in a new photograph. What science can be gleaned from this dazzling image?

Space June 25, 2016

Math Problem Given To 10-Year-Old Baffles Internet

Professional mathematicians, along with people around the world, are stumped trying to find the answer to a math problem assigned to 10-year-old students in the UK. So, what's the answer?

June 24, 2016

Flirtey Drone Delivers Drugs From Ship To Shore

Medical supplies and samples were carried to and from a ship for the first time, as that vessel was docked off the New Jersey shore. What makes this flight so important?

Robotics June 24, 2016

How To Watch The Batman Movies In Chronological Order

Batman has been seen in several films over the last 50 years. How is it possible to see each of these movies in chronological order?

Movies/TV Shows June 24, 2016

Hubble Space Telescope Finds New Dark Spot On Neptune

Neptune has developed a new dark vortex, whipping around the planet. The mighty storm has just been imaged by astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope.

Space June 23, 2016

Former NASA Engineer Builds World's Largest Nerf Gun

The world's largest Nerf gun has been created by a former NASA engineer. Why would anyone build a giant toy that fires bathroom plungers at 40 miles per hour?

Geek June 22, 2016

Large-Scale Motion Seen At San Andreas - Is The Big Quake Coming?

The San Andreas is slipping in places where no movement has ever before been recorded. Does this mean the next big earthquake is coming to California?

Earth/Environment June 22, 2016

How Graphene Is Made And How It Was Discovered

Graphene could radically change electronics in the coming decades, but how is it manufactured? And what is the odd story of its invention, more than a decade ago?

Material Science June 21, 2016

Top 5 Reasons Aliens May Be Living Next Door

Will it take 1,500 years to find alien life, or will humans be joined soon by other civilization? There is a growing body of evidence aliens may be closer than we think.

Space June 19, 2016

Strawberry Moon Seen On Summer Solstice June 20

This summer solstice also features another special treat - the strawberry moon! How can you see it?

June 19, 2016

Meet The X-57 Maxwell - NASA's Newest Experimental Plane

The latest experimental NASA aircraft in a decade, the X-57, has been unveiled by the space agency. What is this airplane like?

June 18, 2016

Ice Age Giants Fell From Onslaught Of Humans, Climate Change

Giant animals which roamed the Earth at the end of the ice age may have met their match from a one-two punch of human hunters and climate change. What was life like during this distant era?

Ancient June 18, 2016

ALMA Detects Most Distant Oxygen Galaxy Ever Seen

The most distant oxygen ever seen in the visible universe was recorded in an ancient galaxy. What can this finding tell us about the earliest epoch of the Cosmos?

Space June 17, 2016

Gravitational Wave Astronomy - Has LIGO Launched A New Science?

The LIGO observatory has recorded gravitational waves for the second time. Could this be the beginning of a new branch of science?

Space June 16, 2016

Bizarre Meteorite - First Of Its Kind - Unearthed In Sweden

A quarry in Sweden is the resting place of a meteorite unlike any ever seen on Earth. What is the history and geology of this bizarre extinct meteorite?

Ancient June 16, 2016

Butter From 2,000 Years Ago Discovered In Ireland

A 22-pound chuck of butter churned 20 centuries ago has been found in Ireland. Would you believe it is still edible?

Ancient June 15, 2016

Prebiotic Chiral Molecules Found In Space For The First Time

Chiral molecules, essential to the operation of life processes, have been discovered outside the solar system for the first time. What can this mean to the search for life in space?

Space June 14, 2016

Was Antikythera Mechanism A 2,100-Year-Old Computer?

An ancient device thought to predict astronomical events may have been a computer built 21 centuries ago. Why did ancient Greeks build this machine?

Ancient June 12, 2016

Accidental Deaths Of Americans Reach Record High

Accidental deaths are now more common than ever before across the United States. What is driving this increase in fatalities?

Public Health June 12, 2016

Dead Zone In Gulf Of Mexico As Large As Connecticut?

A dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico could be as large as the state of Connecticut, researchers predict. What do we know about this marine zone of death?

Earth/Environment June 11, 2016

One-Third Of World Can No Longer See Milky Way

Light pollution is now drowning out views of the Milky Way for one-third of people on the Earth. Where is the problem the worst, and what issues could this present?

Space June 11, 2016

Could Arctic Amplification Lead To Greater Loss Of Arctic Ice?

Arctic amplification, resulting from the loss of sea ice, could be driving global warming. How does this effect alter the global climate?

Earth/Environment June 10, 2016

What Is The Mysterious Monument Discovered At Petra?

An ancient, massive structure has been discovered in the city of Petra in Jordan. What was the purpose of this once-magnificent building?

Ancient June 9, 2016

Four New Elements Named On The Periodic Table

The periodic table is now a little longer after the announcement of a series of new element names. How were they named?

Material Science June 9, 2016

My Precious! Real-Life Hobbits Go Back 700,000 Years

The ancient hobbit people of Indonesia were living on the island of Flores 700,000 years before previously believed. What was the origin of these tiny ancient people?

Ancient June 9, 2016

Archerfish Can Recognize Human Faces - That's No Fish Story

Fish are able to recognize human faces, researchers at the University of Oxford have discovered. Remember that the next time you are making faces in your aquarium!

Animals June 8, 2016

LISA Pathfinder Hunts Gravitational Waves In Freefall Experiment

A gravitational wave detector could be manufactured, which would work in space following an exciting new experiment. How could the LISA Pathfinder investigation confirm or deny a prediction made by Albert Einstein a century ago?

Space June 8, 2016

The Battle Over The Synthetic Human Genome

The creation of a completely synthetic human genome may soon be within the reach of genetic scientists. Will this development yield greater developments in medicine or a new age of eugenics?

Biotech June 5, 2016

Saturn Is Shining Brightly - Here's How To See It!

Saturn is easily visible in the night sky, shining much more brightly than normal. What is causing this dazzling light show?

Space June 3, 2016

Jupiter's Clouds Float On Vast Ammonia Deposits

Astronomers have now peered beneath the outer layer of clouds on Jupiter using a powerful network of radio telescopes. What did they find?

Space June 2, 2016

Odd Polygons Suggest Pluto Underwent A Face-Lift

Pluto is far more active than anyone believed. Now, astronomers have discovered the secret of mysterious polygons found on the surface.

Space June 2, 2016

Peppered Moths Changed Their Colors With Industrial Revolution

What drives the colors in wings of butterflies and moths? New research reveals how these markings are made, answering a question that goes back more than 150 years.

Animals June 2, 2016

Did Asteroids Bring Water To Interior Of Moon Long Ago?

Could water found on the moon have arrived there from asteroids? A new study suggests that could be the case.

Space June 1, 2016

Fish From Amazon With Human-Like Teeth Found In California

A pacu fish, related to piranhas, was found in a pond in San Francisco. How dangerous are these creatures?

Animals May 31, 2016

Image Of A Lifetime From Pluto And New Horizons

New Horizons has imaged the surface of Pluto like never before, and likely never again within decades. What does this magnificent new photograph show?

Space May 29, 2016

International Space Station Expands With New Inflatable Room

The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module has been expanded in space for the first time. Why is NASA considering inflatable compartments for spaceships traveling to Mars?

Space May 29, 2016

Bizarre Ancient Marsupials Had Taste For Snails

Malleodectes mirabilis was an ancient marsupial with a taste for escargot, which goes back 15 million years. Here is the the story of how this creature was discovered.

Ancient May 29, 2016

Dozens Injured, One Dead In Freak Thunderstorms Across Europe

Thunderstorms are ravaging across Europe, killing one person and injuring dozens more. What is driving these catastrophic events and what dangers do they bring?

Earth/Environment May 28, 2016

Manhattanhenge To Light Up New York City On Memorial Day

Manhattan will be bathed in red light this Memorial Day as Manhattanhenge takes place in the Big Apple and around the world. What is this phenomenon, and what does it have to do with Druids?

May 28, 2016

Ingredients Of Life Found In Rosetta's Comet

Comet 67/P is releasing some of the basic ingredients of life into space. What can this tell us about the early days of our own planet?

Space May 28, 2016

Sponge Size Of Minivan Spotted In Deep Sea

The world's largest sponge has been spotted in the waters off Hawaii. What do we know of these strange, ancient creatures?

Animals May 27, 2016

Mars Once The White Planet During Recent Ice Age

An ice age on Mars may have once made the Red Planet far more white than it is today. How can finding this evidence assist NASA engineers in planning a human mission to that alien world?

Space May 27, 2016

Schrödinger's Cat Alive And Dead In Two Boxes At Once

Yale University researchers have taken one of the most famous thought experiments one step further in analysis, finding Schrödinger's cat would be both alive and dead in two boxes at once. How could this help change the future of computing?

May 26, 2016

What Are The Mysterious Neanderthal Cave Rings?

Neanderthals may have been far more sophisticated than previously believed. What do we know about a mysterious underground structure created by members of that species 176,000 years ago?

Ancient May 25, 2016

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