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1 Dead, 14 Others Hospitalized In Carbon Monoxide Pool Leak In Michigan Hotel

A 13-year-old boy is dead and 14 other kids have been hospitalized because of apparent carbon monoxide poisoning. The victims were found lying unconscious around a Michigan hotel's indoor pool.

Public Health April 3, 2017

Australia Ravaged By Flood After Cyclone Debbie Hits Multiple States

Torrential rain hit Queensland and New South Wales in Australia in the wake of ex-tropical Cyclone Debbie. The Rockhampton flooding to come is expected to be its worst in decades.

Earth/Environment April 3, 2017

High-Intensity Interval Training Combats Aging Process In The Elderly: Study

A new study touts high-intensity interval training or HIIT as a potential tool to combat cellular aging in the elderly. Find out how this exercise stops aging, on top of other benefits.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 29, 2017

Even If Paris Climate Goals Are Met, More Frequent, Intense Heat Waves Will Hit World Cities: Study

Researchers have warned that large cities could face deadly heat waves even if global warming is halted at levels agreed in the Paris climate agreement.. What should be done beyond cutting carbon emissions?

Earth/Environment March 29, 2017

Human Waste Detected In Coke Cans At Northern Ireland Manufacturing Plant

Human waste has turned up in drink cans at a Coca-Cola manufacturing plant in Northern Ireland. The discovery prompted machine closure for hours and a police investigation into the product contamination.

Public Health March 29, 2017

More Than Half Of Southern California Beaches Could Be Gone By 2100: Why This Matters

A new study warned about the erosion of Southern California beaches by 2100. What do these findings say about the future of the iconic beaches and current rising sea levels brought on by climate change?

Earth/Environment March 29, 2017

Here’s A Cool Opportunity To Help Find The Elusive Planet Nine

Australian astronomers have released thousands of images for the public to help pinpoint the location of Planet Nine. The images were captured by the SkyMapper telescope and go by the thousands.

Space March 28, 2017

NIH Budget Cuts Disasterous To Life-Saving Research, Leading Heart Doctors Warn

Top U.S. heart doctors and researchers worry that the NIH budget cut in the White House Budget proposal will greatly affect work in producing life-saving heart drugs. Here’s what they have to say at a recent meeting.

Public Health March 28, 2017

Should NASA Outsource SLS Rocket Production To The Private Sector? New Report Says Yes

To control the escalating overhead costs of the SLS rocket and Orion spacecraft program, should NASA pass on the construction to private firms? A new report thinks so, delving on the agency's ambitious rocket program.

Space March 28, 2017

SpaceX Conducts Hot-Fire Test Ahead Of First Reusable Rocket's Historic Thursday Launch

SpaceX has test-fired its Falcon 9 rocket poised to make history on Thursday as a demonstration of Musk's reusable rocket technology. The Thursday launch will mark its fourth launch so far in 2017.

Space March 28, 2017

Climate Change-Influenced Jet Stream Linked To Heavy Flooding, Extreme Weather Events

Climate change could be altering the jet stream in a way that results in extreme weather events such as heavy flooding and droughts. Find out how it largely affects the jet stream's movement.

Earth/Environment March 27, 2017

NASA Develops ‘Sensory Skin’ To Detect Damage Outside Spacecraft In Real Time

A new invention by NASA scientists acts like a 'sensory skin' and picks up signs of damage to spacecraft interior in real time. Learn more about the Flexible Damage Detection System currently in development.

Space March 27, 2017

More Than Colonoscopy: Experts Emphasize How Colon Cancer Is Better Screened And Prevented

Colonoscopy benefits the early diagnosis of colon cancer and related conditions, but screening should go beyond it. This is the standpoint of some experts who practice larger, more comprehensive screening and prevention.

Medicine March 27, 2017

This Shapes Up To Be A Bad Tick Season And Lyme Disease Could Become More Prevalent, Experts Warn

The tick season in 2017 is making an early appearance and Lyme disease is likely to become more widespread, according to experts. But there are other tick-borne diseases to watch out for amid rising temperatures.

Public Health March 27, 2017

Random Unlucky DNA Mutations Cause Cancer More Than Other Factors But There Are Ways To Lower Your Risk

Simple random errors during cell division cause 66 percent of cancerous mutations, versus lower numbers for environmental and lifestyle factors. But it's not just a case of bad luck: Cancer and lifestyle still have strong links to focus on.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 27, 2017

Airlines Offer Free Wi-Fi, Better Connectivity For Smartphones As Laptop Ban Hits US-Bound Flights

Turkish and Gulf airlines have began touting free Wi-Fi for their flyers' smartphones after a recent laptop ban in U.S.-bound planes. The restrictions apply to flights from 10 airports in eight Muslim-majority nations.

Internet March 27, 2017

Impact Crater Linked To Powerful Tsunamis On Mars: Another Proof Of An Ancient Ocean?

New research points to the Lomonosov crater as a potential evidence of strong tsunamis sweeping across part of Mars some 3 billion years ago. Is this another proof that oceans indeed once flowed on the ancient planet?

Space March 26, 2017

Amid Antibiotic Resistance And Current Treatments, How Are We Faring In The Fight Against Tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis is not yet a relic of the past as it continues to kill millions every year, especially in low-income countries and Africa. How is the battle going in the face of antibiotic resistance and new bacterial strains?

Public Health March 26, 2017

Dunkin’ Donuts Kills Well-Loved Coffee Coolatta, Replaces It With Summer Drink

Dunkin’ Donuts is discontinuing the popular Coffee Coolatta and introducing the new Frozen Dunkin’ Coffee this summer. The move is made to produce a coffee-centric lineup, likely in response to the growing coffee culture in U.S. cities.

Life & Style March 26, 2017

Orcas Spew An Array Of Bacteria When They Exhale, And Human Waste May Be To Blame

New research has found that orcas or killer whales breath out good bacteria, pathogenic ones such as salmonella, and fungi when they exhale. Human waste contaminating the environment may be to blame.

Animals March 25, 2017

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