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Newborn Pacific Island May Offer Clues About Life On Mars

There is a newborn island in the South Pacific, borne out of a volcanic eruption of ash and rocks, named Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai. It may offer insightful clues to scientists about the possibility of life on the Red Planet.


Men With Older Brothers Have Higher Likelihood Of Being Gay

Men with many older brothers have a higher chance of becoming gay. A study has explained how certain maternal antibodies, produced in women pregnant with boys, increase with more male children one has.


2,000-Year-Old Egyptian Mummy Taken To Hospital For Medical Testing

Syracuse's Crouse Hospital performed medical tests on its oldest patient ever on Sunday. A 2,000-year-old Egyptian mummy was brought in for a CT scan.


Asteroid 3200 Phaethon To Fly By Close To Earth On Dec. 16: Will It Pose Any Danger?

A huge asteroid is going to fly by quite close to Earth on Dec. 17. The space rock called 3200 Phaethon has been deemed a potentially hazardous asteroid by NASA.

Space December 11, 2017

Indonesia Launches Vaccination Campaign To Fight Diphtheria Outbreak

Indonesia has started a campaign to vaccinate 8 million children and teenagers against diphtheria. There has been an outbreak of the bacterial infection in the nation since the beginning of the year.

Public Health December 11, 2017

Black Holes Not As Powerful As Imagined

Scientists discovered that the magnetic fields of black holes are weaker than previously believed. The study was based on observable data gathered from the black V404 Cygni.

Space December 9, 2017

NASA Fails To Spot Whale-Sized Asteroid That Skimmed Past Earth

A massive asteroid flew close by Earth recently. NASA failed to spot the asteroid while it was traveling near the planet and detected it only after it passed Earth.

Space December 9, 2017

Fat Squirrel Caught Stealing Gourmet Chocolate From New Jersey House

An obese squirrel recently hoodwinked a family in New Jersey. The plump rodent not only stole from the holiday treats the family had placed outside their house, but also picked up the choicest of treats.

Public Health December 8, 2017

Pfizer Slashes Viagra's Price In Half As It Launches Generic Version Of Impotency Drug

A generic version of Viagra will be sold by pharmaceutical company Pfizer from Monday onward in the United States. The drug will be half the price of Viagra and compete against generics of the drug manufactured by other companies.

Medicine December 7, 2017

Little Foot: South Africa Unveils 3.6 Million-Year-Old Skeleton Of Young Girl

A 3.6 million-year-old skeleton belonging to an early human ancestor was unveiled in South Africa. The fossil belonged to Little Foot, a young female.

Ancient December 7, 2017

High Fat Diet May Help In Weight Loss: Study

A new study showed that a diet high in fat may help in losing weight. The researchers discovered a method in which altering the Hedgehog pathway signaling system, resulted in suppressing obesity.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 6, 2017

'Take Me Home Button' May Help Rescue Astronauts Lost In Space

A new technology may help lost astronauts find their way back to the space station. Called the ‘Take Me Home Button’, the system can help to automatically propel an astronaut to safety.

Space December 6, 2017

Giant Super Earth May Possibly Host Alien Life

Scientists identified an exoplanet that may have the right conditions to support life. The alien planet K2-18b is located in the habitable zone of its parent star.

Space December 6, 2017

Physicists Win ‘Oscars Of Science’ For Baby Universe Photo

A team of researchers won the Breakthrough Prize for mapping the early cosmos. The project was a part of the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe, which captured a photo of the baby universe.

Space December 5, 2017

NASA James Webb Space Telescope Out Of Cryogenic Testing Chamber

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is ready to undergo the next round of testing. It recently completed a hundred day test in a vacuum chamber at the Johnson Space Center.

Space December 5, 2017

Study Reveals How Saturated Fatty Acids Affect Your Health

Saturated fatty acids, such as those obtained from lard, is harmful to health. Now, researchers have found why and how are they toxic.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 4, 2017

Full Cold Moon: Fun Facts About The First And Only Supermoon Of 2017

The supermoon that was seen over the weekend is the last of its kind this year. Know why and when a moon is called a supermoon.

Earth/Environment December 4, 2017

Quantum Simulator Can Solve Problems That Fastest Conventional Computers Cannot

Two different teams of physicists have recently presented a new procedure for creating superconducting interconnects. The process has helped them to create a quantum simulator that can compute faster than classic type of computers.

Feature | Science December 3, 2017

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket To Launch Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster To Mars Orbit

American aerospace company SpaceX is going to launch the Falcon Heavy in January. CEO Elon Musk said that he will send personal Tesla Roadster as the payload.

Space December 3, 2017

Voyager 1: NASA Fires Up Dormant Space Probe Thrusters For The First Time Since 1980

NASA fired up Voyager 1 thrusters for the first time in 37 years. The spacecraft is currently traveling in interstellar space.

Space December 3, 2017

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