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Supermassive Black Holes Are Growing Faster Than Their Host Galaxies

A new study has shown that the supermassive black holes present in massive galaxies are growing faster than their host. Earlier, researchers believed that the growth rate of black holes and their host galaxies were in tandem with each other.

Space February 18, 2018

Scientists Discover What Causes The Pulsating Northern Lights

An international team of researchers directly observed what causes the pulsating aurorae. Although scientists knew about the process leading to the Northern Lights, they haven't known what causes them, until now.

Space February 17, 2018

Conjoined Toddler Twin Girls Successfully Separated At Houston Hospital

A 75-member medical team has successfully separated a pair of conjoined twins. The twins, who are toddler girls, were operated at the Texas Children's Hospital.

Public Health February 15, 2018

NASA May Send Submarine To Explore Saturn's Moon Titan

The US space agency is planning to send a submarine to Titan, which is Saturn's largest moon. The submarine is going to explore the satellite's vast liquid ocean.

Space February 14, 2018

Christie's To Auction Meteorite That Produced Sonic Boom Over Michigan

Last month a fireball had broken apart over Michigan, pieces of which fell on Lake Zukey. Auction house Christie's is now going to auction the well-preserved Michigan meteorite, which was collected by a resident.

Space February 14, 2018

No Strong Links Found Between Ultrasound During Pregnancy And Autism: Study

A new study was recently conducted to prove that there was a link between ultrasounds during pregnancy and the fetus developing autism later on in life. The study results, however, indicated that there are no strong ties between the two.

Public Health February 13, 2018

Trump's New NASA Budget Could Cancel Important Telescope Project That Can Solve Dark Matter Mystery

The new budget for the fiscal year 2019 for NASA was released on Monday, Feb 12. It could be detrimental for the WFIRST project that aims to study dark energy.

Space February 13, 2018

International Weed Day Linked To Rise In Deadly Car Crashes

A new study has shown that 4/20, which is the annual pot celebration day, is related to an increase in fatal car accidents. Moreover, people do not think that smoking up can influence their driving.

Public Health February 12, 2018

Asteroid Flies By Close To Earth: Why Are Many Asteroids Being Spotted?

An asteroid brushed past the planet on Friday, Feb. 9. Dubbed 2018 CB, it was the second asteroid to make a flyby close to Earth last week.

Space February 12, 2018

Scientists Create 'Superionic Ice' That May Also Exist On Uranus And Neptune

Scientists have recently created superionic ice on Earth, believed to be found on icy giant planets. It is a strange form of ice that is simultaneously liquid and solid.

Material Science February 8, 2018

Key Parts Of Earth's Ozone Layer Not Healing: Study

Scientists found that the ozone layer is not healing after all. In fact, the depletion may be more harmful than ever, according to a new study.

Earth/Environment February 7, 2018

Here's How You Can Watch The SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch

SpaceX is all set to launch the Falcon Heavy rocket on Tuesday, Feb. 6. Here are the best ways to watch the momentous event live.

Space February 5, 2018

Russian Cosmonauts Placed Antenna In Wrong Direction During Record-Breaking Spacewalk

Recently, a new spacewalk record was set by Russian cosmonauts on the space station. However, it occurred erroneously because an antenna was pointing in the wrong direction after being fixed.

Space February 5, 2018

Study Reveals The Healthiest Plant-Based Milk Alternative To Cow's Milk

A study has determined which non-dairy milk is the best substitute for cow's milk. Researchers compared the nutritional values of soy, rice, coconut, as well as almond milk and this is what they concluded.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 31, 2018

Mammals And Birds More Likely To Survive Climate Change

A new study indicated that warm-blooded animals have a better chance of surviving climate change than cold-blooded creatures. The findings have an important bearing on how climate change can impact Earth's biodiversity.

Earth/Environment January 30, 2018

NASA Remembrance Day Honors Challenger Space Shuttle Victim Christa McAuliffe

NASA recently honored deceased teacher-turned-astronaut Christa McAuliffe who was a crew member of the Challenger Space Shuttle. Present day astronauts on the space station are going to carry out the experiments that McAuliffe had planned over three decades ago.

Space January 29, 2018

Tiny Pollution Particles Have Strong Influence On Storms And Rains

Ultrafine particles linked to pollution can have a powerful impact on the intensity of storms and precipitation. Even the tiniest of particles can have a significant effect on the strength of a storm.

Earth/Environment January 29, 2018

Dust Storms May Have Played Role On Atmosphere Loss On Planet Mars

A new study suggested that Martian dust storms play an important role in helping gas escape from the planet's atmosphere. A research team conducted the study based on observations made by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Space January 28, 2018

Plastic Pollution Makes Corals More Susceptible To Diseases

A new study revealed that plastic waste in the oceans harms the health of coral reefs. These aquatic habitats are already in danger because of climate change.

Earth/Environment January 27, 2018

NASA's Parker Solar Probe To Get Closer To Sun Than Any Other Man-Made Object

This summer, the atmosphere of the sun will get a visitor from Earth. The Parker Solar Probe by NASA will set on a close solar journey to investigate the sun's mysteries.

Space January 23, 2018

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