Twitter Lite Rolls Out: A Lighter And Faster Version Of Twitter

Twitter has introduced a faster and lighter version of its service. It can be accessed via mobile web browsers even with slow networks.

Apps/Software April 6, 2017

Facebook's New Weapon Against Revenge Porn Has Flaws, But A Step In The Right Direction

Facebook recently revealed new tools that it will use to fight against revenge porn. The weapon, while powerful, still has certain flaws, but it is a step in the right direction in the fight against the damaging practice.

Apps/Software April 6, 2017

Microsoft Releases Collaborative Event-Planning App ‘Who’s In’ For iMessage, But Will It Fail?

Microsoft wants iPhone users to use the Who’s In feature when they plan events with friends. But as informed by similar apps that struggled to gain momentum, Who’s In may be fighting an uphill battle.

Apps/Software April 6, 2017

You Can Now Manually Install The Windows 10 Creators Update: Here’s How

As promised, Microsoft is allowing anyone to download the Windows 10 Creators Update earlier than its official rollout. Here’s how to manually download and install it now.

Apps/Software April 5, 2017

Tizen OS For Samsung Smart Devices Filled With Security Issues That Hackers Can Exploit

A security researcher discovered glaring security issues in Tizen, the operating system that Samsung has developed for a variety of smart devices. The researcher described the code of Tizen as the worst one that he has ever seen.

Apps/Software April 6, 2017

Apple Music For Android Gets Updated: Brings Heavy UI Changes And Song Lyrics

Apple has now updated the Apple Music app for Android after leaving it untouched for months. The update brings visual upgrades, along with a reshuffling of features for a cleaner, more ordered look.

Apps/Software April 5, 2017

Android Dethrones Windows For The First Time Ever, Becoming The World's Most Popular OS

Android reached a major milestone that's long been coming, as it finally dethroned Windows as the world's most popular OS. In March, Android accounted for the most internet usage worldwide, followed by Windows and iOS.

Apps/Software April 4, 2017

Samsung Bixby AI Assistant Unofficial Port Available For Older Smartphones Despite Galaxy S8 Exclusivity

Samsung introduced a new and 'fundamentally different' assistant called Bixby, but it's exclusive to the Galaxy S8 series for now. Nevertheless, an unofficial port is now available and brings Bixby to older Samsung smartphones as well.

Apps/Software April 3, 2017

Snapchat Throws Shade At Instagram For April Fools', Shows It Can Also Play The Copying Game

Snapchat’s April Fools' prank is being regarded as the winner of this year’s pranks because it finally addresses, albeit lightly, Facebook’s attempts to copy Snapchat. The prank involves a filter that parodies the Instagram user interface.

Apps/Software April 3, 2017

Android 7.1.2 Nougat Now Rolling Out To Pixel C, Nexus Player: Last Update Before Android O?

Reports claimed that Android 7.1.2 Nougat has started rolling out to the Pixel C and Nexus Player. The operating system update is likely the last one for Android Nougat before Google releases the next major version, Android O.

Apps/Software April 3, 2017

You Can Now Search Public Stories On Snapchat: Here’s How To Use The New Feature

Snapchat has launched a search feature for Our Stories, letting people comb through the trove of submissions globally. The feature will leverage an algorithm in order to determine the content and theme of a video and index it accordingly.

Apps/Software April 1, 2017

Verizon AppFlash Launcher Baked Into Its Smartphones Is Basically Spyware, Warns EFF

Verizon teamed up with Evie for a new app launcher called AppFlash, which will be preinstalled on Verizon devices. U.S. privacy advocate EFF warns that AppFlash is essentially spyware and deals a heavy blow to user privacy and security.

Apps/Software March 31, 2017

Android Wear 2.0 Arrival Delayed For Some Smartwatches: Here's Why

The Android Wear 2.0 rollout is delayed for most major smartwatches barring a few. Google confirmed in a statement that this postponement is due to a bug, which the company is looking to fix before complete rollout.

Apps/Software March 31, 2017

Android Apps On Track To Beat iOS App Store In App Spending, Report Says

The Play Store, along with third-party Android stores, is expected to beat out iOS in terms of mobile app spending, according to a new report by App Annie. Google will mostly owe the growth to China’s growing mobile app market.

Apps/Software March 29, 2017

Google Maps 'Save Your Parking' Beta Feature Removed After Testing, But Maybe It's Not Gone For Good

Google started testing a neat 'Save Your Parking' feature with a recent Google Maps beta, aiming to help users locate their car faster. After just 10 days of testing, however, the feature has been removed.

Apps/Software March 30, 2017

Yes, Tinder Is Now On Your Desktop Too

Tinder has now arrived onto desktops, letting users swipe left and right directly from their computers. The web app, however, fosters a different goal in mind, which is to encourage people to actually interact with each other more.

Apps/Software March 28, 2017

Apple Releases iOS 10.3 With Find My AirPods Feature: How It Works

Apple has officially released the latest iOS 10.3 with a number of cool perks and features, including Find My AirPods to easily locate the wireless earphones. Here's how it works.

Apps/Software March 28, 2017

Apple watchOS 3.2 Update Brings Theater Mode: Here's How It Works

Apple rolled out the watchOS 3.2 update for its Apple Watch, which brings features like SiriKit and Theater Mode users' way. Here's a guide to help one activate the Theater Mode feature on the smartwatch,

Apps/Software March 28, 2017

Facebook Messenger Rolls Out Live Location Feature: Here's What It Does And How To Use It

Facebook Messenger rolled out the Live Location feature, allowing users to share their real-time location to friends and family members. Here is how to use the tool, which is now available on the iOS and Android versions of the app.

Apps/Software March 28, 2017

Facebook Launches Town Hall Feature To Make It Easier To Reach Out To Elected Officials

Facebook has launched a new Town Hall feature that will make it easier for users to follow and reach out to their elected representatives. According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the social network is increasing its focus on civic-minded tools.

Apps/Software March 28, 2017

Facebook Ending Messenger Support For Select Phones: Are You Affected?

Facebook announced that it would discontinue support for older versions of Messenger by March end. The Facebook Messenger app will no longer be supported on devices that run on Windows Phone 8.1 or lower.

Apps/Software March 28, 2017

Apple Releases iOS 10.3: All The New Features You Need To Know

Apple has officially released the stable version of iOS 10.3 after a multitude of betas. Here’s all the major features and changes you need to know.

Apps/Software March 27, 2017

Google Play Store Launches ‘Free App Of The Week’ Section: ‘Card Wars - Adventure Time’ Is Up First

Google has added a section inside the Play Store that’ll feature a free app each week, staving off their premium price points for a limited time. This makes it more parallel to Apple’s App Store, which employs a similar concept.

Apps/Software March 27, 2017

Best Apps To Make Money On iOS And Android

Need apps to make money? Well, here are some for iOS and Android, including one that even helps you achieve your fitness goals.

Apps/Software March 27, 2017

CityConnect Is Creating An Augmented Reality App For Cyclists And It's Like 'Pokémon GO'

CityConnect’s augmented reality app brings both fun and safety for bikers. The 'Pokémon Go'-style app could encourage more people to go and try cycling.

Apps/Software March 27, 2017

Google Adds Voice-Only Calls To Duo And File Sharing To Allo

Google has updated its messaging platforms, Duo and Allo, alongside Photos, with added features that cater to people with slow network connections. The updates is rolling out in Brazil first, then the rest of the world in the coming days.

Apps/Software March 26, 2017

Instagram Rolls Out Two-Factor Authentication For All Users And Can Now Blur Sensitive Photos

Instagram rolls out two-factor authentication and blurs sensitive photos. New announcements are made from the social media site for a safer and friendlier use of their platform.

Apps/Software March 24, 2017

Facebook Adds Individual Message Reactions, Mentions To Messenger: Here’s How They Work

Facebook has introduced two new features to Messenger that make chats more dynamic and easier to navigate: reactions and mentions. The updates are rolling out now and will be available globally in the coming days.

Apps/Software March 23, 2017

Apple Acquires Automation Tool Workflow, Makes It Free For Everyone: Why This Matters

Apple has completed inking a deal with Workflow, an automation app for iOS. Apple hasn’t shared what it plans to do with the acquisition, but improved automation might just be the next big thing on future iOS releases.

Apps/Software March 23, 2017

Amazon Alexa Reaches The Huawei Mate 9, But Don't Get Too Excited Just Yet

Amazon's Alexa voice assistant has started rolling out to Huawei Mate 9 smartphones in the United States, offering a range of neat features and options. On the downside, don't expect a deep integration as the implementation is incomplete.

Apps/Software March 22, 2017

iTunes 12.6 Introduces New ‘Watch Anywhere’ Feature For Easier Movie Rental Playback Across Devices

Apple has now made it easier for users to watch movie rentals in iTunes across devices. Starting with iTunes 12.6, users can now finish a rental on a separate iDevice even if the film wasn’t rented using it.

Apps/Software March 22, 2017

Updated Google App Brings Shortcuts So You Can Search For Stuff Much Faster

Google has added neat little shortcuts to its Google app for iOS and Android to make searching much more easier and faster. Rolling out to U.S. users, shortcuts take the chore out of searching for specific areas of interests.

Apps/Software March 22, 2017

Google Releases First Android O Developer Preview: All The New Features You Need To Know

Google has released the first developer preview of Android O, the next version of its OS believed to be called Oreo. Android O doesn’t feature a heavy revamp in terms of visuals, but underneath is where the tweaks become apparent.

Apps/Software March 22, 2017

6 Hidden Features In Android Nougat You Might Have Missed: Quick Switching, Power Notifications, And More

Android Nougat is a pretty stellar operating system for smartphones, but it comes packing with features you might have skipped past on. Here are hidden features you should try on Nougat.

Apps/Software March 21, 2017

Google Android 7.1.2 Nougat Beta 2 Brings Fingerprint Gesture Support For Nexus 6P

Google has rolled out the second Android 7.1.2 Nougat beta update for Pixel and Nexus devices. The update brings the much-requested fingerprint gesture support in Nexus 6P smartphones.

Apps/Software March 21, 2017

Latest Google Maps Beta Helps Remind You Where Your Car Is Parked And More

Google has released a beta version of Google Maps for Android, which adds parking and meter reminders. The features, however, look pale at present owing to the lack of any form of automation.

Apps/Software March 21, 2017

Instagram Now Lets You Save Live Video Broadcasts On Your Phone: Here’s How

Following the footsteps of Periscope and Facebook Live, Instagram has now introduced to its users the ability to save their own live broadcasts. The new feature rolls out with version 10.12 of Instagram for iOs and Android.

Apps/Software March 20, 2017

Samsung Bixby Officially Announced Before Galaxy S8 Launch: Here's What The AI Assistant Can Do

Samsung has officially announced the much-rumored Bixby assistant that will power the Galaxy S8 series and it holds great promise. Bixby is 'fundamentally different' and offers new ways of interacting with the device, so here's what it can do.

Apps/Software March 20, 2017

How To Install Kodi On Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku TV, Or Apple TV

Open source media player software Kodi is growing in popularity, and users are looking to install the app on more devices. Here is how to install Kodi on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, the Roku TV, and the Apple TV.

Apps/Software March 20, 2017

Samsung Gear VR Shows Tornadoes Up Close In 360-Degree View With New AccuWeather Virtual Reality App

How to make the weather forecast exciting? AccuWeather may have the answer: A virtual reality app for the Samsung Gear VR, complete with immersive 360-degree close-up videos of scary weather events such as tornadoes.

Apps/Software March 18, 2017

Moto G5 Plus Gets Minor Software Update: Here's What It Brings

The Moto G5 Plus has received a new software update, which improves the audio quality of the device, especially while capturing videos. The update is an OTA one and also brings some bug fixes to the handset.

Apps/Software March 19, 2017

OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T Start Getting OxygenOS 4.1.0 Based On Android Nougat

OnePlus has rolled out an OTA update for the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T. The update marks the arrival of Android 7.1.1 Nougat with its several other new features, including image stabilization, expanded screenshots, and more.

Apps/Software March 18, 2017

Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1: How To Spot Fake Jailbreaks

More bogus offers for the latest jailbreak crop up as demand for an Apple iOS 10.2.1 rises. Here's how to spot a fake and avoid getting scammed.

Apps/Software March 19, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Starts Getting Android 7.0 Nougat Update: When To Expect In US?

Samsung has started rolling out the Android Nougat update for the Galaxy Note 5 in some parts of Europe. It seems that it is just a matter of time before the update for the handset is released in the United States.

Apps/Software March 18, 2017

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