LOOK: NASA Reveals Closest Ever Photos Of Saturn Moon Pan, Twitter Says It Looks Like Ravioli

A space ravioli? NASA has released the latest unedited photographs of Pan, one of Saturn’s many moons, which were taken by the Cassini spacecraft during a close flyby.

Space March 10, 2017

The Prodigal Planet: 5 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Pluto

If NASA’s proposal pushes through, Pluto could be a planet again. Check out five of the most interesting facts about this most-debated-about dwarf planet.

Space February 26, 2017

Spaceflight Bill To Allow UK Scientists To Develop Vaccines And Medicines Through Zero-Gravity Medical Studies

The Spaceflight Bill could allow British scientists to conduct medical experiments in space. The proposed law could lead to the development of new drugs and vaccines through studies in a zero-gravity environment.

Space February 21, 2017

India Can Build A Space Station, But Government Is Yet To Decide: ISRO Chief

It's only a matter of time before India decides on when to build its own space station, according to ISRO chief A.S. Kiran Kumar. The pronouncement was made hot on the heels of the country's record-breaking 104-satellite launch aboard a single rocket.

Space February 21, 2017

How Much Water Is Locked Up In World's Mountain Snow? NASA Wants To Know

The NASA-led SnowEx campaign aims to find the best snow-measuring techniques to determine how much water is locked in the world's mountain snow. The goal is to overcome the obstacles in measuring the amount of water locked up in snow.

Space February 24, 2017

Astronomers Planning To Map Family Tree Of Stars In The Galaxy

A study is being conducted in a bid to find out the ancestry of stars and map their family tree. Researchers are using principles from biology and archaeology to build this "tree of life" for stars.

Space February 21, 2017

Make Pluto A Planet Again: NASA's New Definition For Planets May Reinstate Pluto

A team of scientists at NASA published a new proposal that aims to change the way planetary scientists define and classify planets. If approved, it means Pluto may be deemed a planet again.

Space February 21, 2017

Iron Isotopes In Planets Key To Formation Of Solar System

For a deeper understanding of the formation of the solar system, the ratio variations of the iron isotopes in different planets including Earth need to be probed, according to a study. The study looked into why iron isotopic ratios vary and the role that nickel plays in planet core formation.

Space February 22, 2017

NASA, SpaceX Complete First Commercial Launch From Historic Kennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39A

NASA and SpaceX have successfully launched a resupply mission to the International Space Station. En route are more than 5,000 pounds of supplies and research equipment for Expeditions 50 and 51 crew members.

Space February 20, 2017

After China And India, UK Plans To Bolster Space Exploration Plans

A bill will be proposed in the UK parliament to bolster space exploration programs of the country. The bill has been named Spaceflight and will be submitted sometime this week.

Space February 21, 2017

Particles Originating Outside Solar System Responsible For Computer Crashes On Earth, Researcher Reveals

A new study asserts that electrically charged particles originating outside our galaxy are responsible for computer crashes. The research reveals that SEU or Single-Event Upsets lead to operational failures in personal devices.

Space February 19, 2017

Space X Mars Robotic Mission ‘Red Dragon’ Deferred To 2020

Retracting from the earlier plan of sending a robotic mission to Mars in 2018, SpaceX has announced that the Red Dragon mission will be deferred to 2020. The amended plan was announced by SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell.

Space February 20, 2017

NASA Will Forgo Shorter Orbit Around Jupiter: How Will This Affect Juno Mission?

NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter will continue on its 53-day orbital period instead of shifting to a shorter 14-day orbit. What caused the change in plans and why is NASA optimistic about it?

Space February 19, 2017

Does Your Computer Keep Crashing? Blame Cosmic Rays That Interfere With Circuitry

Experts say computer crashes may be caused by electronically charged particles from cosmic rays. What are cosmic rays and the threats that single-event upsets pose?

Space February 19, 2017

SpaceX All Set To Launch Falcon 9 From Historic NASA Pad, But Why Is The Rocket Carrying Superbug To Space

SpaceX is all set to launch its Falcon 9 rocket from the historic NASA launch pad 39A. Falcon 9 along with resupplies will also carry a superbug to ISS, in order to observe its mutation patterns.

Space February 18, 2017

How Will A Backup Lightning Imaging Instrument Work In Space?

The backup Lightning Imaging Sensor is bound to space. It is on its way to the International Space Station for a two-year mission following the shutdown of the original LIS launched in 1997.

Space February 21, 2017

Black Hole Imaging Imminent, Event Horizon Telescope To Aim Deep Spots In April

In a bid to make history by taking the first ever image of a black hole, scientists will activate the Event Horizon Telescope in April to photograph Sagittarius A*, a powerful black hole in Earth’s galaxy, the Milky Way.

Space February 18, 2017

Hunt For Planet Nine: NASA Wants Your Help Finding This Mysterious Planet

Ever dreamed of being an astronomer? NASA wants your help finding an elusive and mysterious planet called Planet Nine, which scientists believe is located beyond Neptune.

Space February 17, 2017

Building Blocks Of Life Discovered On Dwarf Planet Ceres

NASA's Dawn spacecraft detected carbon-containing materials on Ceres similar to what may have been the building blocks for life on Earth. The organic molecules also appear to be native to this dwarf planet.

Space February 17, 2017

Baby Supernova Sheds Light On How Stellar Explosions Happen

The discovery a nwwborn supernova can help shed light on how giant stellar explosions happen. Discovered three hours after its explosion, the cosmic baby belongs to the most common variety, Type II supernova.

Space February 19, 2017

Mars 2117 Project: Vision To Create A City On Red Planet

The United Arab Emirates has planned to initiate a Mars 2117 Project. The project aims to establish the first human settlement in Mars by 2117.

Space February 16, 2017

60 New Planets Found Orbiting Stars Near Solar System

Scientists discovered 60 new exoplanets including a super-Earth orbiting stars near the solar system. How does this challenge conventional ideas about planets?

Space February 16, 2017

Cosmic Valentine? Far-Off Star Beats Like A Heart In Response To Orbiting Exoplanet

Astronomers have spotted a star beating like a heart in response to an orbiting exoplanet. Star pulsations are nothing new but this is the first time that the phenomenon was attributed to a planet.

Space February 16, 2017

Huge Star Database Made Public: Now You Can Discover Exoplanets At Home

An international team has released a huge dataset of astronomical observations, including over 1,600 nearby stars. With this new development, you can now search for 'alien worlds' in the comfort of your own home.

Space February 15, 2017

Ancient Judean Jars Offer Insights Into Earth's Magnetic Field Strength

Ancient jars that served as tax payment centuries ago have provided scientists clues to the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field. Apparently, fluctuations in the magnetic field is a norm for the planet, not a sign of the apocalypse, researchers said.

Space February 15, 2017

ISRO's Record 104 Satellites On Single Rocket Successfully Launched From India

ISRO has created a new record by successfully launching 104 satellites on a single rocket. The PSLV-C37 launched from Sriharikota in India and includes the Cartosat-2 series, 101 international nano satellites, as well as the INS-1A and INS-1B.

Space February 15, 2017

Super Earth Capable Of Supporting Life, Scientists Claim

The Lick-Carnegie Exoplanet Survey has claimed it found a hot super-Earth, from the 60 new exoplanets discovered and 54 identified as potential planets. It said Gliese 411-b could be Earth-like with the right conditions to support life.

Space February 15, 2017

China And India Pump Up Space Programs

China and India have enhanced their space spending. China has many space ventures in 2017 including a lunar mission while India jacked up space budget by 20 percent and put Mars and Venus missions on high priority.

Space February 15, 2017

China's Space Plans: First Chinese Cargo Spacecraft Will Lift Off In April

As part of its plans to advance the country’s space programs, China will send its first cargo spacecraft into space in April this year. The spacecraft will dock with China’s space laboratory known as the Tiangong-2.

Space February 14, 2017

SpaceX Falcon 9 Set To Launch From NASA Pad That Sent Astronauts To Moon

SpaceX's Falcon 9 is all set to be launched from the historic LC-39A on Feb. 18.This is same launch pad which launched space legends like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the moon.

Space February 15, 2017

Scientists Discover A Supernova Just After Its Explosion

In an exciting discovery, astronomers have spotted a supernova merely three hours after it exploded in the galaxy. The scientists have revealed that the star was emitting gaseous matter prior to explosion.

Space February 14, 2017

Algae That Survived Nearly Two Years Outside Space Station Could Be Key To Growing Food On Mars

An algae belonging to the Sphaerocystis species survived 16 months of extreme condition outside of the International Space Station. What makes it a good candidate as a food source for the manned Mars mission?

Space February 13, 2017

Black Hole Eating Star For A Decade; More Studies On Eddington Limit Urged

Astronomers have reported an unusual spectacle of a star being eaten by a black hole for more than a decade in defiance of the laws of physics. Their study has called for new research on the Eddington limit of black holes’ luminosity.

Space February 14, 2017

ISS Astronaut Records Amazing Video Of Gigantic Blue Jet Lightning

Blue jets, red sprites, elves, and pixies are some of the rare phenomena that interest our scientists. Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen captured a spectacular video of blue jet lightning while aboard the ISS.

Space February 13, 2017

NASA Scientists Select Probable Landing Sites For 2020 Mars Rover

The probable landing sites for the 2020 Mars Rover mission have been narrowed down by NASA scientists. The sites possibly selected for the future explorations are Northeast Syrtis, Jezero Crater and Columbia Hills.

Space February 13, 2017

NASA Radar Captures Images Of Asteroid Resembling ‘Dungeons And Dragons’ Dice

2017 BQ6 was more angular than many asteroids and NASA’s radar images prove it. It’s so angular, in fact, that it closely resembles the dice used in 'Dungeons and Dragons.'

Space February 11, 2017

Proposed NASA Europa Mission To Drill Into Icy Crust Of Jupiter Moon To Search For Alien Life

Members of NASA'S Science Definition Team submitted a report detailing the concept of a new Europa mission. The team proposed sending a probe to drill into the icy crust of the Jupiter moon.

Space February 11, 2017

White Dwarf Star Containing Life’s Building Blocks Discovered 200 Light-Years Away From Earth

For the first time, scientists have discovered a white dwarf star featuring life’s building blocks: water, nitrogen and carbon. The results of their work spur hope of finding life in other objects in the universe.

Space February 10, 2017

Remains Of Massive Halley-Like Comet Destruction Found Around White Dwarf

Scientists observe a massive comet falling into a white dwarf, leaving debris around the compact star’s surface. The event marks quite a few firsts in space observation.

Space February 12, 2017

Double Bonanza For Friday Night: Lunar Eclipse And Comet Show

The night of Feb. 10 will have two celestial events: a lunar eclipse and the passing of a comet. Unlike a full lunar eclipse, the penumbral lunar eclipse will see the moon turning slightly dark.

Space February 10, 2017

Europa Lander Mission: NASA Releases Artist Rendering Of The Probe

NASA recently released a report detailing the Europa lander mission along with a render of what it is expected to look like. The report stated that the agency may be able to launch the mission by 2024.

Space February 10, 2017

NASA, ESA Join Forces For Space Explorations Around Moon

The ESA has shared that it has reached an agreement with NASA to develop a second module for a manned mission slated for 2021. The two agencies are joining forces for a space exploration that is around the moon.

Space February 10, 2017

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