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Early Humans Mated With Neanderthal Relative Denisovans At Least 2 Times

A new study revealed that ancient humans mated with the Denisovans not just once. Denisovans are related to the more famous hominids species, the Neanderthals.

Ancient March 16, 2018

Discovery Of Stone Tools In India Rewrites History Of When Humans Left Africa

Archaeologists recently discovered ancient stone tools in India that date back to 385,000 years ago. They believe the finding could rewrite the history of when early modern humans migrated out of Africa.

Ancient February 2, 2018

Ancient DNA Of Baby Girl Unearthed In Alaska Provides Glimpse Into First Native Americans

DNA taken from a baby unearthed in Alaska provided a glimpse into the origins of the Native Americans. The child was named "sunrise girl-child" by the local indigenous community, an appropriate name as she has shed light into ancient history.

Ancient January 4, 2018

Early Humans Formed Social Networks To Avoid Inbreeding

Genome sequencing suggests that the 34,000-year-old remains at the Sunghir site in Russia were from individuals that are second cousins. This suggests that unlike other hominin species, these ancient humans avoided inbreeding.

Ancient October 6, 2017

Skeleton Shows Neanderthal Kids Grew Up Like Modern Human Children

The skeleton of a 7-year-old Neanderthal child revealed that kids of the extinct human species grew up similar to modern humans. Researchers also noted "subtle differences" in growth and development.

Ancient September 24, 2017

Saliva Protein Suggests Ancient Human 'Ghost' Species Interbred With Ancestors Of Modern-Day Sub-Saharan African People

The ancestors of people who now live in Sub-Saharan Africa interbred with a 'ghost' species of hominin, analysis of the saliva protein MUC7 revealed. What is this 'ghost' ancient human species?

Ancient July 22, 2017

7.2-Million-Year-Old Ape In Europe Could Be Human Ancestor

The fossils of Graecopithecus freybergi, an ape-like creature that lived more than 7 million years ago, suggest Graecopithecus is actually pre-human and could be humanity’s oldest ancestor. Seen as the missing link, Graecopithecus may have originated in Europe, not Africa.

Ancient May 24, 2017

Ancient Human Relative Could Have Lived Alongside Homo Sapiens: What We Know About The Homo Naledi So Far

Homo naledi, our most recently discovered ancient relative, might have lived alongside Homo sapiens and carries a striking similarity to modern humans. Find out how old this human ancestor really is, what it looked like and how it behaved.

Ancient May 11, 2017

How New Technology Reveals Early Human DNA Without Skeletal Remains

Archaeologists found ancient human DNA belonging to the Neanderthals and the Denisovans in several caves in Europe, like the Vindija Cave in Croatia. The DNA samples were recovered not from human fossils, but from cave sediments preserving mitochondrial DNA.

Ancient May 1, 2017

New Technique For Recovering Ancient DNA Without Bones May Shed Light On Human Evolution

A new technique for DNA recovery allows for collecting ancient DNA even without solid bone fragments or fossils. Could this new method shed light into the mystery of human evolution?

Ancient April 29, 2017

Ancient Judean Jars Offer Insights Into Earth's Magnetic Field Strength

Ancient jars that served as tax payment centuries ago have provided scientists clues to the strength of the Earth’s magnetic field. Apparently, fluctuations in the magnetic field is a norm for the planet, not a sign of the apocalypse, researchers said.

Space February 15, 2017

5000-Year-Old Chinese Beer Recipe Tastes Fruity: Stanford Students

Stanford University students successfully recreated a 5,000-year-old Chinese beer recipe uncovered by scientists last year. The result was a fruity, cider-like concoction.

Ancient February 9, 2017

Ancient Pottery Reveals How Prehistoric Man Cooked Plants For Food

Research done by an international team sheds new light on the moment prehistoric humans started processing food. According to the discovery, the pottery dates from 10,000 years back.

Ancient December 24, 2016

Kennewick Man Skeleton To Return To Native Americans For Reburial

President Barack Obama signed a bill on Monday, Dec. 19, authorizing the return of the Kennewick Man's remains to American Indian tribes. The almost 9,000-year-old skeleton will then be reburied by the Native Americans.

Ancient December 20, 2016

These Fijian Ants Have Been Farming Long Before Humans Were: Study

A species of ants in the Fiji Islands have been growing and nurturing fruit plants for millions of years, long before ancient humans discovered farming. Researchers point to a profound relationship between these ants and the plants they nurture.

Animals November 25, 2016

Starting At The Beginning: Archaeologists Use Chicxulub Crater Rocks, Prehistoric Teeth In Tracking Ancient Humans

Tracking ancient humans is no easy feat but researchers are getting a little bit of help from the Chicxulub impact crater and prehistoric Mayan teeth.

Ancient November 20, 2016

Ancient Humans Influenced HPV Spread: Hominid ‘Hanky Panky’ Gave Rise To Sexually Transmitted Infections

Our ancestors certainly got busy in the past and this 'hanky panky' led not only to gene pool diversification but also to the spread of sexually transmitted infections, giving rise to HPV prevalence today.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 19, 2016

Your DNA May Be Traced Back To An Ancient African Exodus

How did ancient humans go on to disperse the population in different regions over thousands of years? A new study seeks to find a possible explanation.

Ancient September 22, 2016

Oldest Cancer Found In 1.7-Million-Year-Old Human Ancestor Bone Excavated In South Africa

A fossilized bone of a hominin child has evidence of the oldest malignant tumor. The mass, which was found in the metatarsal, is believed to be a form of an aggressive bone cancer called osteosarcoma.

Feature | Health July 31, 2016

Ancient Bones Suggest Neanderthals Practiced Cannibalism 40,000 Years Ago

A new study suggests late Neanderthals not only buried their dead, but they also probably butchered and fashioned them into tools as well. The findings raise many questions about the lives of these prehistoric humans.

Ancient July 8, 2016

Here Are The Top 10 New Species Of Plants And Animals Of 2016

A flower, a tree, a beetle, an ancient human, an ugly fish and more. Check out this top 10 list of new species of plants and animals and marvel at how much more we have yet to find.

Feature | Science May 24, 2016

Secrets Of First Americans Uncovered From Mastodon Bones

Clovis hunters were not the first inhabitants of North America after all, a new find suggests. Humans were butchering mastodons in Florida 15 centuries before their arrival.

Ancient May 14, 2016

Climate Change And Colder Temperatures May Have Doomed Neanderthals

Neanderthals may have been driven to extinction by climate change, as well as the arrival of modern humans in Europe, research shows. How does this change what we know of the ancient creatures?

Ancient May 12, 2016

Fragment Of World's Oldest Stone Axe Reveals Cutting-Edge Technology From Prehistoric Ancestors

A piece of the world's oldest stone axe uncovered by Australian scientists reveals that the technology of the early settlers were not as simple as believed.

Ancient May 11, 2016

Ancient DNA Shows All Europeans Were Once Descended From Belgians

New DNA analysis techniques are revealing new information about human migrations in Europe during the Ice Age. How did researchers uncover a wealth of new secrets hidden in the ancient genetic code?

Ancient May 3, 2016

South America's Prehistoric Settlers Spread Like 'Invasive Species'

Ancient settlers in South America have spread like invasive species. The population surged dramatically but crashed after they have depleted the area's natural resources.

Animals April 8, 2016

Hobbits In Indonesia Died Out Long Ago - Were Modern Humans To Blame?

Halfling-like creatures walked around the Indonesian Island of Flores long ago. Now, it appears our ancestors may have wiped them out.

Animals March 30, 2016

Inscribed Ancient Slab Unearthed In Italy May Shed Light On Etruscan Religion, Culture

Archeologists unearthed a piece of stone with ancient inscriptions. This could shed light on ancient Etruscan culture, religion and worship.

Arts & Culture March 30, 2016

More Ancient Viruses Lay Dormant In Human DNA Than Previously Thought

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, ancient viruses attacked our ancestors. Somehow, remnants of these viruses found its way into the human DNA and have been passed down from generation to generation.

Life March 23, 2016

Ancient Chimpanzee ‘Adam’ Lived 1 Million Years Ago, Five Times Older Than Earliest Human Ancestor

Scientists found that the earliest chimpanzee is one million years old. They are five times older than the earliest human who lived 200,000 years ago.

Animals February 27, 2016

Human Teeth May Have Shrunk During Evolution Because Of Tool Use

Scientists studied two groups of ancient human fossil teeth and hypothesized that the teeth shrunk because of using tools developed during evolution. The findings also help scientists predict the size of missing teeth in fossil samples.

Life February 25, 2016

Cultural Advances Of Modern Humans Drove Neanderthals To Extinction: Study

Climate change or epidemics may not have wiped out Neanderthals. A new study revealed it was possible that the cultural superiority of anatomically modern humans drove the Neanderthals to extinction.

February 3, 2016

Neolithic Tomb In Spain Sheds Light On Ancient Burial Traditions

Neolithic humans constructed megalithic tombs as collective burial sites. Now, a new study in Spain created an extensive picture of what the Neolithic community may have been in life and in death.

Animals January 22, 2016

Pre-Historic Indonesian Island Was Home To Ancient Hominin 'Hobbits'

Ancient Sulawesi was home to dwarf-sized hominin species dubbed 'hobbits' but the ancient stone tools found 400 kilometers away may not be theirs. Find out why archaeologists think hobbits are unlike the mysterious toolmakers they are commonly perceived as.

Animals January 14, 2016

Fossil Hunters Flock To Jurassic Coast As Cliff Fall Exposes Hundreds Of Prehistoric Fossils

A huge land mass in the village of Charmouth collapsed into the sea and brought to the surface the fossils of now-extinct sea creatures. Fossil hunters, however, were warned not to risk their lives searching the unstable cliff.

Animals December 31, 2015

Red Deer Cave Fossil Suggests Ancient Human Ancestor May Have Hung Around Longer Than Thought

Partial bone found in China has showed very primitive features but has been dated to just 14,000 years ago, researchers said. Study findings suggested at least one species of human ancestor survived until much more recently than previously believed.

Animals December 18, 2015

Humans Evolved To Have More Efficient Sleep: Study

Human sleep is remarkably shorter than those of other primates, so how did it get to that kind of efficiency? Researchers studying the evolution of human sleep attributed this to the transition from sleeping in 'tree beds' to sleeping on the ground.

Life December 15, 2015

DNA Analysis Of Ancient Skeletons Reveals First Londoners Were Multi-Ethnic Mix

Londoners who first resided in the city even before the invasion of the Romans were a multi-ethnic mix, a new DNA study revealed. Researchers at the Museum of London analyzed four ancient skeletal remains and discovered rich histories behind the bones.

Animals November 25, 2015

Introduction Of Farming In Europe Changed People's Way Of Life And DNA

A team of researchers found that farming has changed the way European DNA was structured since 8,500 years ago. They also found proof that ancient European farmers hailed from ancient Anatolia, now known as Turkey.

Animals November 25, 2015

DNA From 4,500-Year-Old Ethiopian Skull Prompts Scientists To Rethink History Of Human Migration In Africa

Ancient DNA from a skull found in the Ethiopian highlands has shed light on early Africans, providing new clues on two mass migrations. The reasons for returning to Africa are yet to be explained.

Animals October 12, 2015

10,000-Year-Old Stone Tools Unearthed in Seattle: What These Reveal About Ancient Humans

Archaeologists have unearthed stone tools in Bear Creek in Redmond, Washington, which are said to have been created and used some 10,000 years ago. The new discovery may reveal details about the settlement, survival techniques and technology of ancient humans.

September 14, 2015

Discovery of 5,000-Year-Old Human Footprints in Denmark Shed Light on Life of Stone Age Fishermen

Ancient footprints found in Denmark tell a tale of bravery and community spirit during a disaster 5,000 years in the past.

Animals November 16, 2014

Woolly mammoth Yuka goes to Moscow: Meet the 39,000-year-old baby

Yuka is a woolly mammoth who died 39,000 years ago. Discovery of her well-preserved remains could give scientists enough data to make a new generation of the extinct animals.

October 28, 2014

DNA tells us how man and Neanderthal met, mated and mixed

Neanderthals and humans met and interbred long ago, and the oldest human DNA ever sequenced could revel the history of human migrations.

Animals October 23, 2014

Where do Europeans come from? DNA links them to three ancient groups

Researchers have previously linked European DNA ancestry back to two groups of ancient people. A new study found that a third group of northern Eurasians also can be linked to modern-day Europeans.

Internet Culture September 18, 2014

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