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As Android Phones Get Notches, Apple Scraps The Design From Its Future iPhones: Report

New reports have confirmed Apple's plans to redesign its 2019 iPhone lineup without the notch. Several Android flagship smartphones have copied Cupertino's design and flaunt notches on their display.

Apple April 20, 2018

Google Launches Grasshopper App For People Who Always Wanted To Learn How To Code

Google rolled out Grasshopper, a free app that aims to teach people how to code in JavaScript with entertaining puzzles. The app is the latest product of Area 120, which is the incubator for the side projects of Google employees.

Apps/Software April 20, 2018

Google Is Going To Replace SMS With ‘Chat’: Here’s How It Works

Google plans to retire SMS texting in favor of RCS, a more dynamic form of text messaging. It’s relying on more than 50 carriers around the world, plus several smartphone manufacturers, to adopt the technology.

Google April 20, 2018

Amazon's New Android Web Browser Is Called 'Internet'

Unbeknownst to many, Amazon released an Android-based web browser, and it has been available in India for over a month now. Called the Internet, Amazon described it as fast, light, and private.

Apps/Software April 19, 2018

Google Play Store Contains Over 3,000 Android Apps For Kids That Improperly Collect Data

Researchers discovered that over 3,000 Android apps for kids on the Google Play Store improperly collect data, including nearly 300 apps that collect location or contact data without parents' permission. Can Google do something about this improper data collection issue?

Security April 16, 2018

Did Google Just Reveal That Android P Is Going To Be Android Popsicle?

Google may have dropped a big hint to the name of Android P. If this turns out to be a real clue, then the next version is going to be called Android Popsicle.

Google April 13, 2018

Some Android Smartphone Makers Caught Lying About Missed Security Updates

Researchers have discovered that some Android smartphone manufacturers are lying to customers regarding security updates. The phone makers claim that their devices are fully up to date, but most of them skipped installing certain patches.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 13, 2018

US Teens Prefer iPhones vs Android Phones, And That Won't Change Anytime Soon

A PiperJaffray survey revealed that teenagers in the United States overwhelmingly prefer iPhones over Android phones. The trend will likely remain the same in the near future, as most teens are planning to buy an iPhone as their next smartphone.

Apple April 12, 2018

Fortnite Battle Royale Is Now Available To iOS Users Even Without An Invitation

iOS users can now download "Fortnite Battle Royale" without the need for an invitation. Meanwhile, Epic Games confirmed that the Android version should be available a few months from now.

Video Games April 4, 2018

Samsung Galaxy S6 Meets Its Maker: No More Security Updates, No Android Oreo [Update]

Samsung has officially ended support for the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, Galaxy S6 edge Plus, and the Galaxy S6 Active. The lineup will no longer get Android security patches, much less an Android Oreo update.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 2, 2018

ZTE Offers First Android Go Phone In US For $80: What Is Android Go?

The ZTE Tempo Go, sold for $80, is the first Android Go smartphone available in the United States. What is Android Go, and what makes smartphones running it attractive options for potential customers?

Google March 31, 2018

'PUBG Mobile' Players Using Keyboard And Mouse Are Ruining The Game

Some 'PUBG Mobile' players have started using a keyboard and mouse instead of the touchscreen controls This practice is ruining the game, as it gives an unfair advantage to the players on the keyboard and mouse.

Video Games March 28, 2018

Microsoft Edge Browser Rolled Out To iPad And Android Tablets: Why Use It Over Safari And Chrome?

Microsoft has rolled out the Edge browser as a free download to iPads and Android tablets, a few months after launching the app on iPhones and Android smartphones. Why would users choose Edge over Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome?

Microsoft March 27, 2018

Samsung To Finally Roll Out Android 8.0 Oreo Update For Unlocked Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8

The unlocked Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 will finally receive the Android 8.0 Oreo update in two to three weeks. Samsung also explained why operating system upgrades are slower for unlocked smartphones compared to carrier-locked versions.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 26, 2018

'PUBG Mobile' Brings 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' For Free To iOS And Android: Is It Better Than 'Fortnite Mobile'?

'PUBG Mobile' is now available for iOS and Android devices as a free download. The mobile version of the multiplayer shooter is a full-featured port of 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' for the Xbox One and PC.

Video Games March 20, 2018

Google Play Instant Lets You Try Games Before Downloading And Installing

Google has announced Google Play Instant, a way to try game demos without installing the full version. The new feature, which is based off Instant Apps, will become available in a matter of months.

Apps/Software March 20, 2018

Android Wear Renamed To Wear OS By Google: More Changes To Follow, Hopefully

Google has officially rebranded Android Wear into Wear OS, confirming previously reported rumors. Fans of the wearable operating system are hoping that the name change will lead to more attention for the software, and maybe even a Google-made smartwatch.

Google March 16, 2018

'PUBG Mobile' Beta Now Online: Here's How To Play 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' On Your Android Phone

'PUBG Mobile' quietly started beta testing on Android devices, following the recent announcement of 'Fortnite Mobile' for the iOS and Android. Here's how to get the mobile version of 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' up and running on your Android phone.

Video Games March 15, 2018

Google Rumored To Rebrand Android Wear As Wear OS: Why Change The Name?

Google is rumored to be rebranding Android Wear into Wear OS, as spotted in the most recent Google Play Services beta update. Why is Google changing the name of its operating system for wearable devices?

Google March 12, 2018

Study Says Android Users Are More Loyal Than iOS Users

A research conducted by the CIRP determined that more Android users stay loyal to the platform longer. It showed that Apple users switch to Google's ecosystem more frequently.

Google March 10, 2018

Google Lens Makes Its Way To Google Photos For Android

Google finally released Google Lens for Android smartphones other than its Pixel lineup. Users will be able to use the app via Google Photos with Google Assistant integration in a future update.

Google March 7, 2018

Android P Developer Preview Rumored To Roll Out Mid-March: Will It Be On Pi(e) Day?

Reliable leaked Evan Blass claimed that Google will roll out the first Android P developer preview in mid-March. Speculations on the operating system's official name may also hint on the specific date of the developer preview launch.

Google March 5, 2018

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery RPG For Android, iOS Rolls Out This Spring

An estimated release window has been confirmed by Warner Bros. for the 'Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery' mobile game. It is scheduled to launch sometime this spring with pre-registration available on Google Play.

Video Games March 3, 2018

BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition Now Available: Here's Where To Buy

U.S. customers may now also avail of the Blackberry KEYone Black Edition. This limited edition version is already being sold online by a couple of retailers.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 3, 2018

Apple Wants To Convince Android Users To Switch To iPhones In New Ads

A new set of ads posted by Apple wants to convince consumers to make the switch to iOS. The videos highlight the advantages of the iPhone and its ease of use among other things.

Apple March 1, 2018

Sorry, Folks: Android Dark Mode Isn't Going To Happen Just Yet

A Google engineer replied to a post that incorrectly confirmed the availability of a dark mode option in a future update. However, it was later clarified that it was misinterpreted by Android users.

Google February 25, 2018

The Cat S61 Is A $999 Android Smartphone That’s Not Even For You

Bullitt just unveiled that Cat S61, a rugged Android smartphone with a FLIR camera, air quality detector, and other nifty features built in. It might cost $999 when released in the United States later this year.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 24, 2018

The 5 Best Android Tablets To Buy In 2018

We've compiled a list of some of the best Android tablets available on the market, including Amazon's Fire HD 10, Samsung's Galaxy Tab S3, ASUS ZenPad 3s 10, and Huawei's MediaPad M3.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 22, 2018

Blu Vivo X Boasts 4 Cameras At A Low Price Of $299.99 ($249.99 For A Limited Time)

Blu just slapped on four cameras on a smartphone, calling it the Blu Vivo X. The latest flagship from the budget Android maker is more than just cameras, though.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 21, 2018

Android P Will Not Allow Background Apps To Access Your Smartphone's Camera And Microphone

Android P code spotted by XDA Developers revealed that the upcoming operating system will prevent background apps from accessing the cameras and microphones of smartphones. This will make it much harder for hackers to invade the privacy of their victims.

Google February 21, 2018

Microsoft Continues Killing Already-Dead Windows Phones: 7.5, 8.0 Devices Won't Get Notifications Anymore

Smartphones on Windows 7.5 or 8.0 are apparently no longer supported. Microsoft confirmed that push notifications will no longer work on the older versions of its mobile platform.

Microsoft February 20, 2018

Google App Beta Gets Tools To Edit And Share Screenshots

The Google app has a screenshot editing tool that allows quick edits and instant sharing of captured screen images. The feature is now part of the application’s beta build 7.21 and is expected to be released soon.

Apps/Software February 18, 2018

Google Reportedly Plans To Overhaul Android P For iPhone X-Like 'Notch' And More

Google is reportedly working on Android P already and some big changes could be in store. Most notably, the next version of Android could embrace iPhone X-like notches to better accommodate minimal bezels.

Google February 13, 2018

Best Apps To Download For Your Android Phone Or Tablet On Google Play

Recently bought an Android phone or tablet? Here's our guide to the best Android apps to download on Google Play. There's everything from note-taking apps to dating apps and fitness-tracking apps.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 12, 2018

Microsoft’s SMS Organizer App Makes It Easier To Manage Messages On Android Devices

Microsoft's Project Garage Team called Team Golconda developed an SMS Organizer app, which makes it easy to organize messages on Android devices. However, the messaging app is only available in India.

Apps/Software February 12, 2018

Do You Hate The New Snapchat Update? Here's How To Bring Back The Old Design For iOS And Android

The latest Snapchat update has been rolled out and users are already complaining about the new design. Here's how to bring back the old version of the app on iOS and Android devices.

Apps/Software February 11, 2018

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Review Roundup: Mobile Version Keeps The Game's Heart In Cute Little Package

'Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition' is now available for iOS and Android devices, with the first chapter free to play. Early reviews say that it is a must-try game and worth the $20 price to unlock all chapters.

Video Games February 9, 2018

Google Makes Booking Hotels, Flights On Your Phone A Lot Easier

Google announced an incoming update intended to make traveling manageable via a smartphone. The new function will keep flights and hotel reservations accessible on a single page.

Google February 8, 2018

Apple Watch And Other Wearables Can Detect Early Signs Of Diabetes, Study Finds

Apple Watch and other wearables are now capable of detecting diabetes early on. This is made possible by pairing the smartwatch with DeepHeart, an AI-based deep neural network with disease detection accuracy of 85 percent.

Apple February 7, 2018

Android Nougat Now The Most Used Android Version, While Android Oreo Finally Claims 1 Percent

Android Nougat, released in August 2016, is finally the most used version of the mobile operating system. However, the latest build, Android Oreo, is just at over 1 percent, revealing the severity of Google's infamous Android fragmentation problem.

Google February 6, 2018

Erica The Robot Destined To Be TV News Anchor In Japan

Meet Erica, a creepy real-life like robot destined to be a TV news anchor in Japan. Created by Hiroshi Ishiguro, she is set to report the news by Spring.

February 3, 2018

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Release Date Revealed, Plus Preorders Now Available

The mobile 'Final Fantasy XV' title has received an official release date for iOS and Android devices. The mobile game will arrive in early February and preorders are available now.

Video Games January 31, 2018

Here Is Our Guide To The Best Web Browser Apps For Android Phones And Tablets

Google Play Store has a large selection of web browsers for Android phones and tablets. Here are some of the best web browser apps featuring incognito mode, add-on extensions, and fast page load time.

Apps/Software January 27, 2018

Switching To Android? How To Transfer Data From iPhone To Android

Making the switch from iOS to Android? Here's a handy guide on how to transfer data, including contacts, music, and photos from iPhone to Android.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 27, 2018

Galaxy S9 Announcement Live Stream: How To Watch Samsung's Unpacked Event

Samsung's Galaxy S9 announcement is right around the corner. Here's a guide on how to watch Samsung's Galaxy S9 Unpacked announcement live stream.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 25, 2018

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