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Elephant In India Chomps Wood Coal, Appears To Be Breathing Smoke

A pachyderm elephant was caught on video while breathing smoke in a forest in Southern India. Baffled scientists said the elephant only ingested wood charcoal, a natural laxative.

Earth/Environment March 24, 2018

Japanese Monkeys' Sexual Interaction With Deer Could Be For Practice Or Culture: Study

Researchers found that Japanese macaques at Minoo in Japan engage in sexual behaviors toward deer. It's possible that they do it for sex practice or as a cultural practice.

Animals December 16, 2017

Goldfish Get Drunk On Themselves To Survive Frozen Waters

Survival of the fittest means getting drunk in frozen waters for goldfish. Researchers discovered that goldfish produce alcohol from their cells to survive in low-oxygen waters.

Animals August 12, 2017

Elephant Seals Recognize Rhythm And Pitch To Avoid Bullies

Scientists have discovered that elephant seals can identify each other using their unique voices. Male seals use voice identification to evade and flee from aggressive alphas.

Animals July 21, 2017

Genetics Unlocks Mystery Of Why Dogs Are Friendly

Why are dogs friendly? Researchers look for clues in common underlying genetics between dogs and humans to potentially explain dogs’ hyper-social behavior toward people.

Animals July 20, 2017

Squirrels Remember How To Solve Problems For Up To 2 Years

Squirrels exhibit effective problem solving behavior when facing obstacles similar to challenges they have already solved. A study suggests that they remember and learn from past mistakes.

Animals July 14, 2017

Photo Of Louisville Zoo Visitor Sharing Videos With Gorilla Has Gone Viral

A photo of a woman seemingly showing videos to a gorilla at a zoo has become viral on the internet. Jelani, a gorilla at the Louisville Zoo, has become popular for his apparent love for watching videos on visitors' phones.

Animals July 6, 2017

Ravens Remember If A Human Treated Them Unfairly: Study

Do not break a raven’s trust. A new study revealed that ravens remember even a single transgression against them and learn when they get tricked.

Animals June 10, 2017

This Is Why Flamingos Sleep Standing On 1 Leg

The flamingos’ signature pose has long been a mystery for everyone, but researchers finally have a plausible answer. The bird’s one-legged stance saves more energy.

Animals May 26, 2017

Footage Shows Blue Whale Gulping Down Massive Krill Patch [Video]

Scientists from Oregon State University captured a video footage of a blue whale employing strategic feeding tactics on Krill patches off the coast of New Zealand. The drone footage proves blue whale feeding habit theories true.

Animals April 21, 2017

Young Tarzan Girl: 8-Year Old Found Living With Monkeys In India [Update]

An 8-year-old girl behaving like an animal and with no understanding of human language has been found by the Indian police in the Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh, India. Authorities say she appears to have lived with animals for quite some time.

Feature | Culture April 8, 2017

Not That Grumpy After All: Cats Love Your Company More Than You Know, Study Finds

A new study that tested cats’ sociability showed they prefer human social interactions even more than food. The research revealed our furry companions are seriously misunderstood and are in fact fonder of people than previously imagined.

Animals March 28, 2017

Do Lazy Ants Make A Colony More Productive? Study Says Yes

Ants have been the perfect representation of hard workers everywhere but a recent study reveals that colonies actually support worker inactivity in order to increase productivity.

Animals March 19, 2017

Unusual Sighting: Humpbacks Prove Not So Solitary And Display Peculiar Hunting Strategy

Humpback whales have been seen gathering in large numbers to feed in the waters of Benguela. This behavior is highly unusual and suggests these creatures are not as solitary as once thought.

Animals March 16, 2017

Intriguing Behavior: Humpbacks Form Enigmatic 'Whale Wave' On BC Coast

Humpback whales were seen moving in a mysterious wave pattern near the Kitimat fjord. Researchers believe this unusual behavior has a lot to do with their social interactions.

Animals March 16, 2017

Rendezvous Between Monkey And Deer Renders Interspecies Sex Possible: Study

Researchers cite mate deprivation as the most likely reason for the unusual site of a male snow monkey attempting to have intercourse with female sika deer on Yukushima Island in Japan.

Animals January 11, 2017

Family Of Bears Found Dead In Parking Lot After Eating Poisonous Plant

Pennsylvania wildlife officials point to a common shrub as the one that poisoned four bears at a parking lot earlier in December. The plant is known as the English Yew, which is fatal to humans and animals alike.

Animals December 28, 2016

WATCH: 4 Killer Whales Ravage And Devour Shark Alive In California

Two adult killer whales and two calves were spotted eating a whole shark alive in California's Monterey Bay. The action was caught on video by a drone pilot who was touring the area at the time.

Animals December 16, 2016

Nonstop Flight: Common Swifts Can Stay Airborne For 10 Straight Months

Researchers have discovered that common swifts can stay in flight for 10 months straight without needing to land. They believe this may have something to do with the animals' diet and method of avoiding predators and parasites on the ground.

Animals October 28, 2016

Good Food Puts Bees In Good Mood

New research suggested that dopamine-induced sucrose doses fed to bumblebees can improve their behavior and create a state comparable to humans' positive emotions, suggesting similar basic cognitive wirings.

Animals October 4, 2016

Girl Power: Older Bonobo Females Aid Younger Females Against Bullying

Researchers have found that female bonobos band together not only to form bonds with each other but to protect each other as well against males. Older females in particular look out for their younger counterparts.

Animals July 21, 2016

Ducklings Can Identify Colors, Shapes To Recognize Their Mothers

As soon as ducklings are born, they immediately imprint on the nearest object they see. A new study by Oxford University explains how the process of imprinting happens.

Animals July 18, 2016

Why Do Monkeys Become More Selective With Friends As They Age, Just Like Humans?

As humans grow older, they become more selective in how they spend their time. New research suggests that the same behavior occurs in monkeys. The question is: why?

Animals June 24, 2016

Animals Are Astoundingly Smart And We're Testing Their Intelligence All Wrong: Primatologist

Stop judging animal intelligence on your own human terms, leading primatologist Frans de Waal urged in a recent interview. Studying animal behaviorism, he said, entails assessing their smarts based on their own natural abilities.

Animals June 15, 2016

Personality Changes Can Affect Body Shape And Movement, Fish Study Reveals

Zebrafish selectively bred to be bolder demonstrated changes in seemingly unrelated traits, such as sporting sleeker body shapes and darting through water quickly, a new study on animal behavior has revealed.

Animals June 5, 2016

Was Harambe Agitated Or Protective? Here's What Gorilla And Animal Behavior Experts Say

Many are still mourning the loss of Harambe the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo. While many experts agree putting him down immediately was the right call, other animal behavior experts say it was a tragedy that could have been avoided.

Animals May 31, 2016

Sharks Have Different Personalities Just Like Humans: Study

Sharks may not be the mindless terrors of the deep that they have been portrayed as on TV shows and movies. A new study suggests that the creatures have different personalities similar to humans.

Animals May 27, 2016

Survival Of The Fattest: Female Meerkats Compete With Rivals By Eating More

Meerkats in the Kalahari Desert have been found to engage in an intense form of competitive eating as a way to show dominance. These creatures force themselves to eat more so they could become bigger than their rivals.

Earth/Environment May 26, 2016

African Monkeys Eating Bats May Provide Clues On How Ebola, Other Diseases Spread Among Species

African Cercopithecus monkeys have been found to opportunistically prey on bats that are known to carry Marburg, Henipa and Ebola viruses. This could help explain how the primates manage to contract these microbes as well.

Animals May 25, 2016

Drone Footage Captures 70 Sharks Devouring Humpback Whale

Operators of an ocean cruise line in Australia were able to film several massive tiger sharks devouring the carcass of a dead whale at Shark Bay. The video has now been viewed more than 400,000 times on Facebook.

Earth/Environment May 23, 2016

Yellowstone Bison Calf 'Rescued' By Tourists Ends Up Euthanized

Officials warn visitors to Yellowstone about the impact of interfering with wild animals. A newborn calf that was brought to a park facility by tourists had to be put down after repeated attempts to reunite it with its herd failed.

Animals May 18, 2016

Chacha The Chimp Breaks Loose From Japan Zoo... Almost

fReplaying “Planet of the Apes,” Chacha the Chimp broke loose from a Japan Zoo. It then made a good run up an electric pole.

Animals April 16, 2016

This Bird Is Small But Very Brutal: Shrike Impales Victims On Thorns Or Barbed Wires

Shrikes may not look like the typical predators in the wild, but they are able to make up for what they lack physically using their brain. Instead of using sharp talons to keep their prey in place when they feed, these tiny birds impale their victims unto a thorn or a barbed wire before they rip through their flesh with their beak.

Earth/Environment March 19, 2016

White Storks Skip Migration To Feed On Junk Food From Landfill Sites The Whole Year Round

Scientists from the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom have found that more and more white storks are choosing to forgo their annual migration to stay in landfills in Portugal and Spain all year round. This allows the birds to feed on readily available food that are often included in these dump sites.

Earth/Environment March 16, 2016

This Penguin From Patagonia Swims 5000 Miles Every Year To Visit Man Who Saved Its Life In Brazil

A Magellanic South American penguin seems to have made a new best friend in a retired bricklayer in Brazil. Even when it disappears for months on end, the creature keeps dropping by the man's shanty located along the country's southeast coast.

Society March 11, 2016

Psychologists Begin Project To Tackle Britain's Seagull Menace

The numbers of seagulls in Britain has been increasing. Scientists plan to study the behavior of these birds through the use of psychologists.

Earth/Environment February 23, 2016

Amber Shows Prehistoric Ants Were Socializing And Fighting 100 Million Years Ago

Even before prehistoric humans did, ancient ant colonies have been fighting with one another over food and territory. This finding is evident in a 100-million-year-old amber where ancient ants were trapped.

Animals February 15, 2016

Ravens Spy On Each Other And Can Imagine When Other Birds Snoop On Them

Ravens are symbols for trickery and wisdom for a reason. A new study revealed that these birds actually spy on each other and can sense when other birds are snooping on them.

Earth/Environment February 3, 2016

Experts Let Orangutans At Melbourne Zoo Tinker With Xbox Kinect

Animal researchers in Australia are using the Xbox Kinect incorporated with a natural user interface to study the social behavior of orangutans. The animals are shown full body-sized projections, which they interact with using their body movements.

Earth/Environment February 2, 2016

Not Once But Twice: New Study Suggests Cats Were Also Domesticated In China 5,000 Years Ago

A new study conducted by researchers in France suggests that cats may have undergone a second domestication process throughout their history. An analysis of 5,300-year-old leopard cat bones recovered in China showed evidence of domestication.

Earth/Environment January 28, 2016

These Dogs Have A Good Sense Of Humor, According To Research

At times, it may seem as if your pet dog is smiling or laughing. Psychology Professor Stanley Coren says dogs may actually have a sense of humor.

Society December 18, 2015

Parrot Species Observed In Rare Behavior Of Making, And Sharing, Tools

Parrot species native to Madagascar can use tools to grind seashells as a way to get their daily calcium intake, researchers find. It's the first time a nonhuman species has been observed using a tool for grinding, they say.

December 17, 2015

Dogs And Other Animals May Also Have Conscience

Your furry friend is known as 'man's best friend' for a reason: a new study revealed that dogs and other animals actually possess self-consciousness. Through a sniff test, an expert in Russia tested how self-aware dogs really are.

Animals December 10, 2015

Songbirds Tap Dance To Attract Potential Mates [Video]

Blue-capped cordon-bleus not only sing to attract their potential mates, but they also perform fancy footwork. Researchers managed to film the rapid-fire dancing of these tiny songbirds.

November 20, 2015

Wild Birds Prepared To Go Hungry To Stay Close To Their Mate

Researchers found out that some bird species are so devoted to their mates that they will forego food just to stay with them. This further proves how important social relationships are to these animals.

Animals November 13, 2015

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