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Smartphone App Treatments Effective In Easing Depression Symptoms: Study

New research has found that app-based treatments are actually quite effective in reducing symptoms of depression. The accessible tools could prove useful in worldwide mental health management.

Medicine September 24, 2017

Want To Be A Citizen Scientist For Total Solar Eclipse 2017? Here’s How

NASA urges the public to be citizen scientists for a day during the total solar eclipse 2017. All one needs is a smartphone, a thermometer, and to download the free GLOBE Observer app to be part of the initiative.

Space July 25, 2017

New Brain Game May Help Improve Memory Of Dementia Patients: Study

A brain game developed by Cambridge University researchers has shown positive results in improving the memory and motivation of patients with mild memory problems. Neuroscientists hope the game could be tested in a large-scale study.

Neuroscience July 3, 2017

Pokémon Will Get A Fourth App Game On iOS And Android

Nintendo and the Pokémon Company have discovered the money-making power of Pokémon on smart devices. To that end, a new app game has been announced for iOS and Android with no release date.

Video Games May 31, 2017

New Pokémon Mobile Game Offers Control Over The Last Pokémon Anyone Wants

While Niantic has carved out a nice section of the iOS/Android app space with 'Pokémon GO,' The Pokémon Company isn't resting on its laurels. The team has released a new game for fans to train one Pokémon, and it's not the one anyone expects.

Apps/Software May 25, 2017

Perfect Hotel For Techies: Here Are 5 Of The Most High-Tech Hotels Around The World

Space pods, multilingual robots as hotel staff, keyless room entry - you'll find these features in super high-tech hotels that will easily be paradise for any tech junkie. Check out our top five.

Life & Style April 10, 2017

Android Apps On Track To Beat iOS App Store In App Spending, Report Says

The Play Store, along with third-party Android stores, is expected to beat out iOS in terms of mobile app spending, according to a new report by App Annie. Google will mostly owe the growth to China’s growing mobile app market.

Apps/Software March 29, 2017

Best Apps To Make Money On iOS And Android

Need apps to make money? Well, here are some for iOS and Android, including one that even helps you achieve your fitness goals.

Apps/Software March 27, 2017

Lost Your Phone? Amazon Echo Can Locate It For You

Get Alexa to find your smartphone when you lose it. Here are two ways Amazon Echo can help locate your smartphone using Alexa voice commands.

Gadgets March 12, 2017

Lumyer Is The Augmented Reality App That Will Animate Your Selfies

Lumyer is the latest photo app rising in popularity for its ability to animate photos with special effects.

Apps/Software March 10, 2017

There Is Now An App To Tell Women How Often They Are ‘Manterrupted’ When Speaking

Woman Interrupted is an app that will let women know just how much men interrupt them when they are speaking.

Apps/Software March 8, 2017

Calorie Mama Is The Nutrition App That Uses Photo Recognition And AI To Track Food

Calorie Mama is the calorie tracking app that has users taking pictures of their meals to easily log them.

Apps/Software March 8, 2017

The Best Baby Apps Every Parent Needs For Their Newborn

From editing cute pictures to tracking feedings, these are the best apps for babies that every parent needs to download.

Apps/Software February 23, 2017

How To Make Your Android Smartphone Work Seamlessly With Your PC

A few years back, connecting seamlessly to the PC from one's Android smartphone used to be a challenge. But technology has evolved and several new apps now help users perform the same tasks on mobile and PC devices.

February 12, 2017

The Best Productivity Apps Available For The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch can help users be be mindful of tasks and reminders throughout the day, but here are the apps for the smartwatch to increase productivity to the next level.

Apps/Software February 9, 2017

The Best Apps To Love This Valentine’s Day

From finding love to planning the perfect girls night, here re the best apps to download for this Valentine’s Day.

Apps/Software February 7, 2017

Say Goodbye To Those Annoying App Review Requests And Hello To Developers Responses With iOS 10.3

App Store changes with iOS 10.3 include fewer app review requests, with the option to turn the messages off for good.

Apps/Software February 6, 2017

Apple Releases Educational App Bundle With Final Cut Pro X, Logic, And More For $200

Students and teachers can now purchase professional apps like Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X together as part of a bundle for $200.

Apple February 3, 2017

Chinese Government Wants App Stores To Be Registered, Cites Security Concerns

The Cyberspace Administration of China has ordered the registration of app stores across the country. The new rule is aimed at developing the internet application store industry.

Security January 16, 2017

'Pokémon GO' Ended 2016 With A Bang, Scoring Highest Weekly Revenue Since Launch

'Pokémon GO' bagged its highest weekly revenue in the last week of 2016, scoring nearly $5 million on Dec. 31 alone. This marked the game's highest-grossing week since launch and the holiday event played a big role in this performance.

Video Games January 10, 2017

Skywatching In 2017: Here’s When To Look Up To Catch The Planets

A complete guide on star gazing shows everything needed to catch astronomical sights in 2017. It will also list the best constellations each planet will occupy during the year in broad details covering conjunctions, oppositions, and elongations.

Space January 5, 2017

iHeart Radio New Year's Eve EDM: Chainsmokers, Major Lazer, DJ Snake, Steve Aoki And 21 DJ Mixes To Stream For 20 Straight Hours

iHeartRadio has a special New Year’s treat in store for EDM fans. The online music service will ring in 2017 by streaming 20 straight hours of DJ mixes from 21 top DJs including The Chainsmokers, Major Lazer, DJ Snake, Martin Garrix, David Guetta and Steve Aoki.

Apps/Software December 30, 2016

Top 10 Free iOS Apps And Games Of 2016: 'Super Mario Run,' Snapchat, Instagram, And More

For those lucky enough to receive a brand-new iPhone this holiday, the next logical step would be to download some apps on it immediately. Here’s 10 of them to consider.

Apps/Software December 25, 2016

Top 10 2016 iOS And Android Apps For Kids: Fun, Engaging And Educational

The mobile era has brought new ways for kids to learn while having fun and a slew of apps are available for just that. Here's a list of the top 10 iOS and Android apps for kids, organized by age groups.

Apps/Software December 25, 2016

Google App Downloads Will Go Easier On Mobile Data And Storage: Up To 90 Percent Smaller App Updates

Google has announced that it has a new trick up its sleeve, designed to shrink app downloads and updates by up to 90 percent. With File-by-File Patching, Android apps will go easier on mobile data and device storage.

Apps/Software December 7, 2016

Sea Hero Quest Mobile Game Tests Spatial Navigation Skills To Check For Dementia Risk

A new mobile game that tests players’ spatial navigation awareness also doubles as the largest dementia research ever. Scientists hope the game could soon be developed into a diagnostic test for the disease.

Neuroscience November 17, 2016

Google Rolls Out Tools To Keep The Play Store Clean, Untainted By Fraud, Spam And Manipulation

Google announced a new detection and filtering system to keep the Play Store clean. With the new tools in place, Android developers and end users should be further protected against spammy, fraudulent and manipulative practices.

Google October 31, 2016

Vine Cofounders Are Developing A New App To Join The Live Video 'Hype'

The cofounders of Vine are developing a new live stream video app called Hype that is currently in beta for iOS. The app is poised to take on Facebook Live and even Twitter's Periscope.

Apps/Software October 31, 2016

Apple Wants To Simplify Video Streaming With Unified TV App For Apple TV And iOS

Apple announced a new TV app simply called 'TV,' aiming to serve as a one-stop-shop for a complete TV experience. Here's what it brings, how it works and when to expect it.

Apple October 28, 2016

iPhone 7 Plus Blur Effect Camera Feature And More Comes To Older iPhones With New App

The iPhone 7 Plus includes an exclusive camera feature that adds a blur effect and other tweaks. An upcoming iOS app called FabFocus will reportedly add the feature to older iPhones.

Apps/Software October 18, 2016

RIP, Meerkat: Hit App Of 2015 Sees 'Bittersweet' Demise As Creators Focus On Houseparty

Life On Air co-founder Ben Rubin has announced the demise of Meerkat, the hit app of 2015. Meerkat had a good run until Periscope came along, but is now officially dead.

Apps/Software October 2, 2016

The Best Apps To Help You Be Productive And Organized This Fall

Stay on top of all your schedule and tasks all season long with these organizational and productivity apps for iOS and Android.

Apps/Software September 28, 2016

The Most Entertaining Political Apps For Both Trump And Clinton Supporters

While watching the presidential debate on Monday evening, check out these entertaining political apps to send the perfect GIFs and memes to others or play games while on commercial break.

Apps/Software September 26, 2016

Britney Spears Launching Her Own New Social Media App, Releases New Version Of ‘Make Me’ Video [Video]

Britney Spears has announced that she is launching her own social media app. The pop star has also released an alternate version of her ‘Make Me’ video via her current ‘Britney Spears: American Dream’ game app.

Apps/Software September 24, 2016

Instagram Save Draft Feature Now Open To All: Prepare Your Posts For Later Release

Instagram users, rejoice! The 'Save Draft' option that Instagram has been testing is now ready to roll out to all users.

Apps/Software September 20, 2016

Xbox One Getting Microsoft Photos UWP App Soon, Already Up For Download From Xbox Store

Microsoft is bringing more Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps to the Xbox Store, and its Photos app is the next in line. Microsoft Photos just popped up on the Xbox Store, but don't get too excited just yet.

Microsoft August 28, 2016

8 Apps Kids, Parents, Teachers And College Students Should Download This Back-To-School Season

Here are the eight best apps to download to be organized and productive this school year, as well as to learn and become engaged in education.

Apps/Software August 22, 2016

Google Play Store August 2016: The New Apps, Music, Movies And TV Shows Available To Download

New titles available to download from the Google Play Store in August include the game ‘Mobius Final Fantasy,’ the soundtrack to ‘Suicide Squad’ and the movie ‘Me Before You.’

Google August 2, 2016

Cyanogen Layoffs Spark Rumors, But CEO Denies Shift To Apps: 'We Are An OS Company'

Kirt McMaster, CEO at Cyanogen, refuted the claims that his company is striding away from OS development and into app territory. McMaster also posted a few tweets addressing the layoff issues.

Apps/Software July 26, 2016

'Pokémon GO' Sets New App Store Record: Here’s How Many Times The App For iOS Was Downloaded In One Week

‘Pokémon GO’ broke the record for Apple’s App Store to became the most downloaded app in just one week.

Apps/Software July 22, 2016

iHeartRadio Adding NPR Stations To Its Streaming Network

iHeartRadio and NPR have struck a deal to provide streaming of NPR stations on iHeart’s platform. More than 260 stations will now be able to stream live content on the iHeartRadio network.

Apps/Software July 15, 2016

Pokémon Go Users Become Targets Of Armed Robberies: Missouri Police

In their quest to catch 'em all, 'Pokémon Go' users reportedly became targets in a series of armed robberies in Missouri, police said on July 10. Here's what happened.

Feature | Tech July 11, 2016

Smartphone Menstrual Cycle Apps Rarely Work, May Cause Unplanned Pregnancy

Many women are using fertility or menstrual mobile apps as a form of contraception instead of a tool to help them conceive. A new study finds that many of these apps are ineffective and can even lead to unplanned pregnancies.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 1, 2016

Apps Offer Online Birth Control To Women As Young As 14

Here's a list of birth control apps that deliver contraceptive prescription services to one's smartphone. How do these apps affect in-person doctor visits and rates of teen contraception?

Medicine June 22, 2016

This App Can Help Lung Cancer Patients Live Longer

In a clinical trial, lung cancer patients who used an app developed by an Israel-based company lived seven months longer than patients who only received standard care. How does this app boost survival?

Biotech June 10, 2016

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