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Hammer Spacecraft May Not Prevent Bennu Asteroid From Crashing Into Earth In 2135

Deflecting dangerous near-Earth objects headed toward Earth may not work for the massive asteroid Bennu that may collide with the planet in 2135. What are other possible ways to prevent this catastrophic collision?

Space March 17, 2018

NASA HAMMER Spacecraft May Save The World In The Future From An Incoming Asteroid

NASA is working on a spacecraft named HAMMER that may save the world from a possible asteroid crash. To change the path of the asteroid, HAMMER will either crash into it or nuke it.

Space March 11, 2018

Watch Asteroid 2018 DV1 Zoom Past Earth Today

An asteroid known as 2018 DV1 is passing near our planet on Friday at 12:54 p.m. EST. Although invisible to the naked eye, it can be viewed through a live stream by The Virtual Telescope Project 2.0.

Space March 2, 2018

Successful SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch Opens Up More Asteroid Mining Opportunities

The successful launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket may have opened up more asteroid mining opportunities, according to an astrophysics researcher. Will the venture soon prove to be possible, or will it remain a concept for many more years?

Space February 19, 2018

Oumuamua Interstellar Asteroid Tumbles Through Space For Billions Of Years After Collision With Mystery Object

The Oumuamua asteroid has spinning chaotically through space after colliding with an object that threw it out of its system. It will continue to spin chaotically for many billions of years before it will rotate normally again.

Space February 12, 2018

Asteroid Flies By Close To Earth: Why Are Many Asteroids Being Spotted?

An asteroid brushed past the planet on Friday, Feb. 9. Dubbed 2018 CB, it was the second asteroid to make a flyby close to Earth last week.

Space February 12, 2018

The Asteroid That Killed The Dinosaurs Also Triggered Catastrophic Underwater Volcano Eruptions

A new study claimed that the asteroid crash 66 million years ago that wiped out the dinosaurs also triggered catastrophic underwater volcano eruptions. Some scientists, however, remain skeptical that the two events are connected.

Ancient February 8, 2018

Planetary Field Researcher Finds 3 Space Rocks From Michigan Meteor

Dozens of space rock hunters flocked to Hamburg Township looking for meteorites worth thousands of dollars each. Unfortunately, not all of them know exactly where to look for extraterrestrial treasure.

Space January 19, 2018

Potentially Hazardous Asteroid To Fly By Close To Earth Next Month

A massive asteroid NASA labeled as 'potentially hazardous' is set to fly by Earth on Feb. 4. What can happen if a space rock as big as AJ129 strikes our planet?

Space January 17, 2018

The Skull-Shaped Halloween Asteroid 2015 TB145 Is Returning In 2018

The skull-shaped asteroid that flew by Earth in Halloween 2015 is returning. Officially called 2015 TB145, the Halloween asteroid will come near Earth again in November 2018.

Space December 22, 2017

Astronomers To Scan Mysterious Interstellar Asteroid To Look For Signs Of Alien Technology

The cigar-shaped interstellar object called Oumuamua is characterized by unusual properties. Was this sent by an intelligent alien civilization? Astronomers want to find out.

Space December 12, 2017

Asteroid 3200 Phaethon To Fly By Close To Earth On Dec. 16: Will It Pose Any Danger?

A huge asteroid is going to fly by quite close to Earth on Dec. 17. The space rock called 3200 Phaethon has been deemed a potentially hazardous asteroid by NASA.

Space December 11, 2017

NASA Fails To Spot Whale-Sized Asteroid That Skimmed Past Earth

A massive asteroid flew close by Earth recently. NASA failed to spot the asteroid while it was traveling near the planet and detected it only after it passed Earth.

Space December 9, 2017

SpaceX Mars-colonization Rocket May Help Chase Interstellar Asteroid

The Initiative for Interstellar Studies announced the Project Lyra mission to study the interstellar asteroid ‘Oumuamua’. The research team suggested SpaceX's Big Falcon Rocket as one of the options that can be used to reach the asteroid.

Space November 29, 2017

Solar System’s First Interstellar Visitor Is A Cigar-Shaped Asteroid

Astronomers witnessed a historic moment last month by detecting the solar system’s first interstellar visitor. The object has now been identified as a most bizarre-shaped asteroid and named Oumuamua.

Space November 21, 2017

Rare Metal In Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid May Kill Cancer Cells

Iridium, a rare metal on Earth but abundant in rocks from space, may be used to treat cancerous cells. What makes the promising cancer treatment better than current therapies?

Space November 4, 2017

Asteroid Impact That Killed The Dinosaurs Cooled Earth's Climate More Than Earlier Thought

The Chicxulub asteroid that killed the dinosaurs released more sulfur and carbon dioxide than previously thought. This means that the ensuing period of cool weather was colder than previously thought.

Earth/Environment November 2, 2017

Astronomers Spot First Interstellar Visitor From Outside The Solar System

Researchers have spotted the first interstellar object that could be detected from Earth. The astronomers are trying to determine whether the object, referred to as A/2017 U1, is an asteroid or a comet.

Space October 29, 2017

Asteroid That Came Close To Earth This Week May Be Real Threat In 2079

Asteroid 2012 TC4, which came close to Earth earlier this week, will return again in the future. One of these visits may possibly result in a collision with Earth.

Space October 14, 2017

Unusual Space Rock Turns Out To Be 2 Comet-Like Asteroids Orbiting Each Other

The binary asteroid in the asteroid belt was initially thought of as a single object. It was eventually found to be two asteroids with comet-like features orbiting each other.

Space September 22, 2017

Large Near-Earth Asteroid To Safely Zoom Past The Planet On Sept. 1

NASA has confirmed that a large asteroid will have a safe flyby in September. Asteroid Florence is the largest near-Earth object to fly at a relatively close range.

Space August 19, 2017

Asteroid Expected To Skim Past Earth In October

The European Space Agency has confirmed that asteroid 2012 TC4 will fly between Earth and the moon in October. The asteroid will not hit the planet.

Space August 12, 2017

NASA Moves Forward With First Asteroid Deflection Mission

The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), NASA's impact spacecraft, entered its preliminary design phase. DART will collide with Didymos B to provide scientists with important information about kinetic impact as an asteroid mitigation strategy.

Space July 5, 2017

Asteroid Extinction Event That Wiped Out Dinosaurs Cleared Way For Diversification Of Frogs

The mass extinction event that killed the dinosaurs helped the frogs to explosively evolve new species. How did the K–Pg extinction event caused by an asteroid impact benefited the amphibians?

Animals July 5, 2017

NASA Supercomputer Simulations May Help Reduce Damage Caused By Asteroid Impacts

NASA researchers used the Pleiades supercomputer to simulate asteroid impacts that may possibly happen on planet Earth. The work may help mitigate the damage that can be caused by deadly asteroid strikes.

Space July 1, 2017

Asteroid Day: How Scientists Are Preparing For The Next Big Impact

On Asteroid Day, scientists draw attention to possibilities of near-Earth objects (NEO) striking home. When is the next big asteroid impact likely to take place, and what's the magnitude of damage to be expected?

Space June 29, 2017

NASA Orders Closeout Of Asteroid Redirect Mission Due To Lack Of Financial Support

NASA confirms that its Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) program has officially been scrapped due to the budget reshuffle. What this means for the projects and scientists connected to the program?

Space June 24, 2017

Asteroid May Hit Earth Anytime: Here's How Scientists Prepare For A Potential Asteroid Impact

A scientist warned that planet Earth is vulnerable to an asteroid strike. What is currently being done to prevent or mitigate the effects of a potentially catastrophic asteroid impact?

Space June 22, 2017

Researchers Warn Of Possible Asteroid Impact That Could Devastate The Planet

The odds of the Earth getting hit by a large asteroid are relatively low, but what would happen if such an event did occur? Researchers have warned that, without protective measures in place, such an event could be devastating.

Space June 21, 2017

NASA's Psyche Mission To Arrive At Metal Asteroid Four Years Earlier Than Originally Planned

NASA's Psyche mission will arrive at its target metal asteroid in 2026, or four years earlier than initially planned. What changes were made to make this possible?

Space May 25, 2017

How Long Did The Dinosaurs Last After Chicxulub Impact? 'Maybe Months'

What really killed the dinosaurs? It wasn't the asteroid, but the long winter that followed its descent.

Animals May 16, 2017

Extinction By Chance? Dinosaurs Would Have Survived If Chicxulub Asteroid Struck Earth 30 Seconds Earlier

The asteroid that created the Chicxulub crater and was blamed for the extinction of dinosaurs may have hit the waters of the Pacific or Atlantic if it arrived late. What could have happened if it was delayed for 30 seconds?

Animals May 15, 2017

Stephen Hawking Says Humans Need To Leave Earth In 100 Years: Here Are The Technologies That Can Make This Possible

Leading physicist Stephen Hawking has called for colonization of other planets as human race may not survive beyond 100 years. This is because of too many problems haunting mankind, including climate change and asteroid strike.

Space May 6, 2017

How Huge Asteroid Didn’t Spell Doom For Earth But Instead Offers Plenty Of New Data

NASA captured radar images of 2014 JO25’s April 19 flyby revealing the asteroid’s physical features. This data is extremely valuable in determining future chances of an asteroid collision with Earth.

Space April 22, 2017

In Worst Case Scenario, What Are The Most Fatal Effects Of An Asteroid Strike?

How would humanity die in a catastrophic collision with a large-sized asteroid? Researchers list the seven most deadly effects of a big asteroid impact and analyze which are more likely to wipe us out.

Space April 21, 2017

Mountain-Sized Asteroid Will Zoom Past Earth On April 19: How To Watch This Potentially Dangerous Fly-By

An asteroid as huge as the of Rock of Gibraltar will be hurtling past Earth on April 19 without a broad collision threat. It will come close to Earth within a range of 1.8 million kilometers.

Space April 19, 2017

Asteroid Ocean Impact Wrongly Depicted In Hollywood Movies: Study

Hollywood movies tend to show massive waves that can wipe out coastal cities when an asteroid crashes into the ocean. Simulations revealed this is not exactly what would happen when real asteroids crash into Earth.

Space April 18, 2017

Near-Earth Asteroid To Safely Fly Past Earth On April 19: How Likely Are Huge And Dangerous Collisions?

The upcoming April 19 asteroid is no threat to our planet, but what would happen if a giant celestial body collided with Earth? Astronomers calculate the chances of a massive-scale catastrophic event.

Space April 11, 2017

Architects Want To Hang A Skyscraper From An Asteroid: Analemma Tower Plans Unveiled

Adding to the list of unique and wonderful skyscrapers is a new type of skyscraper - the Analemma Tower that will hang from an asteroid 30,000 miles above Earth. The skyscraper will be constructed on an orbital motion in Dubai.

Space March 29, 2017

NASA Planning To Land Craft On Metal Asteroid 16 Psyche

NASA intends to send a new mission to the giant metal asteroid dubbed 16 Psyche in 2023. The spacecraft will study the composition of 16 Psyche to offer deeper insight into its formation

Space March 6, 2017

Asteroid Flew By So Close To Earth It Was Inside Satellite Ring

NASA has revealed that an asteroid flew by very close to planet Earth it was inside the ring of geosynchronous satellites. The space rock was also detected just six hours before its closest approach.

Space March 5, 2017

NASA Radar Captures Images Of Asteroid Resembling ‘Dungeons And Dragons’ Dice

2017 BQ6 was more angular than many asteroids and NASA’s radar images prove it. It’s so angular, in fact, that it closely resembles the dice used in 'Dungeons and Dragons.'

Space February 11, 2017

Asteroid Dust Cloaks True Composition Of Dwarf Planet Ceres

Particles from asteroid impacts that occurred millions of years ago cloak the surface of Ceres. The particles may hide the dwarf planet's true makeup.

Space January 26, 2017

Another Near Miss This Month: Previously Undetected Asteroid Passed By Close To Earth

For the second time this January, Earth had a close shave with a previously undetected asteroid. Asteroid 2017 BX, also known as Rerun, passed by at a distance 30 percent closer to our planet than the moon.

Space January 25, 2017

Space Collision From 460 Million Years Ago Still Sends Rocks To Earth

Over 460 million years ago, a single huge collision in the solar system produced many of the meteorites that still rain down on Earth. And for the first time, scientists investigated the meteors that came before the asteroid collision and discovered that rare meteorites today were much more common before.

Space January 24, 2017

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