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Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2017 Now Live: Here Are All The New Legendary Skins And An Adorable Orisa Emote

The 'Overwatch' Winter Wonderland 2017 event is finally live, giving gamers a good look at the new legendary skins. The event also brings with it two game modes and other cosmetic upgrades, including an infinitely cute emote for Orisa.

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Overwatch's Winter Wonderland Event Is Back With A New Yeti Boss Fight Mode

The Winter Wonderland event of 'Overwatch' is returning, and it's bringing a lot of familiar features, as well as new ones. That includes new skins and a new boss-fight mode called Mei's Yeti Hunt.

Video Games December 8, 2017

You Will Be Able To Buy Overwatch League Skins To Support Your Favorite Team, But There's A Catch

Fans of the 12 Overwatch League teams will be able to buy the team skins, said commissioner Nate Nanzer. However, purchasing Overwatch League team skins will work in a different way compared to buying regular 'Overwatch' skins.

Video Games December 5, 2017

Overwatch League Player Suspended Mid-Match: What's Wrong With The 'Overwatch' Reporting System?

A professional 'Overwatch' player was suspended while streaming a match for an apparent case of false reporting. The Dallas Fuel member reported other players, but he was the one who was punished.

Video Games November 19, 2017

New Overwatch Hero Moira Now Available On PS4, Xbox One And PC

Blizzard Entertainment unveiled its new 'Overwatch' hero Moira. As a hybrid character, this new hero brings complexity with her two distinct play styles perfect for challenge-seeking gamers.

Video Games November 18, 2017

'Star Wars: Battlefront II' And 'Overwatch' Under Investigation In Belgium: Are Loot Boxes Gambling?

Belgium's Gaming Commission is investigating whether the loot boxes of 'Star Wars: Battlefront II' and 'Overwatch' should be considered as gambling. Electronic Arts and Blizzard may be facing fines worth hundreds of thousands of euros.

Video Games November 16, 2017

Free 'StarCraft II' Is Now Available: Here's How To Start Playing

The free version of 'StarCraft II' is now out, and that means you can play the popular RTS without paying a dime right now. Here's how to get started.

Video Games November 14, 2017

You Can Now Try Moira On The 'Overwatch' PTR: Here Are Some Tips For Using The New Healer Hero

Moira, the new healer hero, is finally playable on the 'Overwatch' PTR. With better healing abilities and more damaging skills, will she overthrow Mercy as the multiplayer shooter's most popular support hero?

Video Games November 7, 2017

Hearthstone For The Nintendo Switch Might Be More Likely Than A New Hero Class

There is currently no work being done on a Nintendo Switch version of 'Hearthstone.' However, the possibility still exists, and it is more likely to happen soon than a 10th class being added to the game.

Video Games November 6, 2017

BlizzCon 2017 Roundup: Here Are The Biggest Announcements For Hearthstone, HOTS, Overwatch, StarCraft II, And WoW

BlizzCon 2017 was a huge success, and Blizzard announced a lot of big updates for its games, from 'Hearthstone' and 'Heroes of the Storm' to 'Overwatch,' 'StarCraft II,' and 'World of Warcraft.'

Video Games November 6, 2017

Overwatch League Schedule Explained: Here's What To Expect In Season 1

The Overwatch League Season One will start on Jan.10, 2018. Blizzard has now revealed how the matches in the eSports tournament will play out, as the 12 teams battle for the $1 million grand prize.

Video Games November 5, 2017

StarCraft II Will Be A Free-To-Play Game Later This Month: Here Are The Limitations

Blizzard will make 'StarCraft II' free-to-play starting later this month. There will be some limitations to what players can access in the real-time strategy game though, including the need to purchase the title's other expansions.

Video Games November 4, 2017

Are You An 'Overwatch' D.Va Main? Check Out These New Razer Accessories

Razer unveiled a line of gaming accessories based on D.Va, the gamer girl of 'Overwatch' who is now a mech pilot. Details on the mouse and mousepad are known, but the specifications of the headset remains a mystery.

Video Games November 4, 2017

World Of Warcraft At BlizzCon 2017: Battle For Azeroth Expansion, Level Scaling In All Zones, And Vanilla Servers

Blizzard made several announcements at BlizzCon 2017 for 'World of Warcraft.' The MMORPG will soon launch its next expansion Battle of Azeroth, expand the dynamic level scaling system, and introduce vanilla servers.

Video Games November 4, 2017

New Healer Hero For 'Overwatch' Revealed At BlizzCon, Plus A Blizzard Theme Park Map And New Skins

At BlizzCon 2017, game director Jeff Kaplan unveiled Moira, the new 'Overwatch' healer hero. The Blizzard World map and eight new skins, which draw inspiration from other Blizzard franchises, were also revealed.

Video Games November 3, 2017

Blizzard Wants To Give 'Overwatch' Viewers A Better Experience With Home And Away Colors, Top-Down Interactive Map

Watching 'Overwatch' matches is about to get even better. Game director Jeff Kaplan announced two big features coming to the scene: Home and Away colors and a new top-down interactive map.

Video Games October 28, 2017

New 'Overwatch' Patch Adds A Mercy Nerf, Lucio Buff, And More Voice Lines For Cthulhu Zenyatta

Blizzard has rolled out a new 'Overwatch' patch that includes a Mercy nerf and a Lucio buff. The change that is gaining the most reactions, however, are the new voice lines for Cultist Zenyatta.

Video Games October 18, 2017

Blizzard Sues Chinese ‘Overwatch’ Clone Called ‘Heroes Of Warfare’: How Similar Are They?

Blizzard and Chinese 'Overwatch' operator NetEase are going after 'Heroes of Warfare,' a blatant Chinese 'Overwatch' clone for Android and iOS. That’s your cue to make an official 'Overwatch' mobile port, Blizzard.

Video Games October 14, 2017

Overwatch Halloween 2017 Event Now Live: Dragon Symmetra Drives Internet Wild, Revamped Junkenstein's Revenge Offers New Challenge

Blizzard has unleashed the 'Overwatch' Halloween Terror 2017 event, which will run until Nov. 2. Players will have three weeks to collect the new legendary skins and to play their hearts out on Junkensetin's Revenge.

Video Games October 10, 2017

New 'Overwatch' Halloween Skins Leaked: Cthulhu Zenyatta, Dragon Symmetra, And Vampire Mei

Three new skins for this year's 'Overwatch' Halloween event have been leaked. For 'Overwatch' Halloween Terror 2017, players will be able to acquire Cthulhu Zenyatta, a dragon-like Symmetra, and vampire Mei.

Video Games October 9, 2017

Blizzard Teases 'Overwatch' Halloween Event: What New Skins Are You Hoping For?

Blizzard uploaded a teaser for this year's 'Overwatch' Halloween event, which will launch on Oct. 10. The event will add new skins for players to collect and will likely bring back the fun game mode Junkenstein's Revenge.

Video Games October 3, 2017

The 12 Teams Of Overwatch League Are Locked In: Season 1 Action Starts In January

The last three teams have joined the Overwatch League roster to take the total count to 12 teams. The preseason will start in December, and the inaugural season will officially launch in January.

Video Games September 21, 2017

New 'Overwatch' Update Adds Junkertown Map, Micro Missiles For D.Va, And Valkyrie For Mercy

The latest 'Overwatch' patch adds Junkertown as a new Escort Map, while also making changes to D.Va and overhauling Mercy. The update comes just in time for the upcoming 'Overwatch' free weekend.

Video Games September 19, 2017

Ana, Junkrat, And The Volskaya Map From 'Overwatch' Will Soon Join 'Heroes Of The Storm'

Healing sniper Ana and explosives maniac Junkrat from 'Overwatch' will join 'Heroes of the Storm' in an upcoming update. The Volskaya map from the multiplayer shooter will also soon arrive to Blizzard's MOBA.

Video Games September 15, 2017

If Players Would Behave, Then 'Overwatch' Updates Might Come Sooner, Blizzard Says

In Blizzard's latest Developer Update, 'Overwatch' director Jeff Kaplan addresses the rising toxicity in the game, saying that rollout of updates, new features, heroes, maps, and animated shorts are slowing down because of some players' bad behavior.

Video Games September 14, 2017

A 17-Year-Old 'Overwatch' Pro Just Signed A $150,000 Overwatch League Contract

NRG Esports signed Jay Won, one of the best 'Overwatch' players in North America, to a $150,000 Overwatch League contract. The amount does not yet include his share from the bonuses that the team can earn.

Video Games September 3, 2017

Overwatch Update Doles Out Character Buffs, Makes Roadhog Fans A Bit Happier

The latest 'Overwatch' update came with some welcome character buffs for Roadhog, Junkrat, Widowmaker, and Orisa. However, they still don't make Roadhog as powerful as before he got hit with the damage nerf.

Video Games August 30, 2017

Massive 'Overwatch' Hero Changes Incoming: D.Va Gains New Skill, While Mercy Loses Her Mass Resurrection Ultimate

Massive changes are coming to 'Overwatch' heroes D.Va and Mercy, leading to mixed reactions from players. D.Va will gain a new skill in exchange for a nerfed Defense Matrix, while Mercy will have her ultimate replaced with something better.

Video Games August 24, 2017

Overwatch Season 6 Will Be Different: What Will Change In The Game's Competitive Mode?

Overwatch Season 6 will be different, as Blizzard will be applying several adjustments to the multiplayer shooter's competitive mode. Among the upcoming changes are shorter seasons, better matchmaking, and tier demotions.

Video Games August 24, 2017

New 'Overwatch' Animated Short Features Mei And Her Tragic Backstory: I'm Not Crying, Bro! [Video]

Blizzard released a new animated short for 'Overwatch' titled Rise and Shine. The nearly 10-minute video features Mei and her tragic backstory, as she finds herself alone in EcoPoint Antarctica after a nine-year cryogenic sleep.

Video Games August 24, 2017

New Animated Short Reveals The Next 'Overwatch' Map: Junkertown, Where Junkrat And Roadhog Used To Live

Blizzard revealed that the next 'Overwatch' map is Junkertown, the former home of Junkrat and Roadhog. Two videos have been released for the new map, with one being an animated short while the other is a preview of what to expect.

Video Games August 22, 2017

Blizzard Officially Revives Name, Because That's What Everyone Is Still Calling It

Blizzard has officially revived the brand, as gamers and other companies kept calling the online platform by that name instead of its new one. The service will now be known as Blizzard

Video Games August 15, 2017

Free-For-All Deathmatch Mode Coming Soon To 'Overwatch': Here's How It Works On The PTR

Blizzard has introduced Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes to the 'Overwatch' PTR. Here is how the new game modes will work, which previously only focused on team-based mechanics.

Video Games August 10, 2017

The Summer Games 2017 Event For 'Overwatch' Is Here: Widowmaker In A Bikini, Lifeguard McCree, Grillmaster Soldier: 76, And More

The Summer Games 2017 event of 'Overwatch' is now online, adding seven new legendary skins to the game. Widowmaker wears a bikini, McCree becomes a lifeguard, and Soldier: 76 is on the grill.

Video Games August 8, 2017

The Latest 'Hearthstone' Expansion Will Launch Next Week: Are You Ready For Knights Of The Frozen Throne?

Knights of the Frozen Throne' the second out of three expansions planned for 'Hearthstone' this year, will launch on Aug. 10. Players can still avail the pre-purchase promo of $49.99 for 50 packs.

Video Games August 5, 2017

The 'Overwatch' Summer Games Event Will Return On Aug. 8: Over 40 New Items To Join Last Year's Olympics Skins And Lucioball

Blizzard finally confirmed that the 'Summer Games' event will return to 'Overwatch' on Aug. 8. More than 40 new items will join the Olympic-themed skins introduced last year, and Lucioball will also be coming back.

Video Games August 2, 2017

Need A Reason To Jump Into Professional eSports? Here's The Overwatch League Salary For Players

Blizzard revealed the salaries that gamers will earn in the inaugural season of the Overwatch League. Skilled 'Overwatch' players looking to take their game to the next level should definitely think about trying out for one of the teams.

Video Games July 26, 2017

Eagle-Eyed 'Overwatch' Players Spot Weird Things In Doomfist Preview Video: Are Those New Weapons, Or Weapon Skins?

'Overwatch' players have spotted some weird things in the New Hero Preview video for Doomfist. Do these mean that weapon skins will arrive soon to loot boxes, or are they entirely new weapons?

Video Games July 22, 2017

Doomfist To Punch His Way Into 'Overwatch' On July 27: Will We Ever Have A Hero Voiced By Terry Crews?

Doomfist will finally arrive as the 25th 'Overwatch' hero on July 27. While some gamers were disappointed that Terry Crews did not voice the character, the Hollywood actor could still find his way into the game in the future.

Video Games July 19, 2017

Blizzard Has Rolled Out 119 Patches For 'Overwatch' Since Launch, And That's Part Of What Makes The Game So Good

Blizzard has released 119 patches for 'Overwatch' since it was launched in May 2016. The rapid pace of updates is part of what has made the massively popular multiplayer shooter so good.

Video Games July 16, 2017

Destiny 2 Beta Player Loses Account While Linking To Here's How To Avoid It

Some users have reported accidentally getting their Bungie accounts orphaned when linking to their accounts for 'Destiny 2.' Here’s how to properly do it so you avoid such a tragic outcome.

Video Games July 15, 2017

Blizzard Nerfs Doomfist, Buffs McCree, Reaper, Reinhardt, And Zarya On 'Overwatch' PTR

Blizzard has nerfed Doomfist on the 'Overwatch' PTR as the development team tweaks the brawler hero before he arrives in the main game. Improvements were also made to four other heroes, with Zarya gaining the biggest buff of them all.

Video Games July 14, 2017

Blizzard Shakes Up The eSports Scene By Unveiling The First Seven Teams For Overwatch League

Blizzard has given us some new details about its upcoming Overwatch League. Read on to find out what it means for the future of eSports.

Video Games July 12, 2017

Doomfist To Launch In 'Overwatch' With 67 Cosmetics, 4 Event-Specific Items: Dataminers Uncover More Hints For Unannounced Summer Games

Dataminer DocterrificDoc discovered that Doomfist will launch with 67 cosmetics, and will have four event-specific items in the unannounced Summer Games event. What could Blizzard have planned for the 25th 'Overwatch' hero's legendary skins?

Video Games July 11, 2017

Doomfist Tips And Tricks: Beat Up 'Overwatch' Opponents Like In A 3D Fighting Game

Doomfist is now playable in the public test realm of 'Overwatch' to allow PC gamers to try him out before his release into the main game. Here are a few tips and tricks to maximize Doomfist and his abilities.

Video Games July 9, 2017

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