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Canada's HitchBOT Begins Its Trek Across The United States, One Ride At A Time

The hitchhiking robot hopes to make it from Boston to San Francisco in one piece.

FUTURE TECH July 17, 2015

New malware piggybacks on Twitch chat to bleed Steam Wallet dry

Twitch chat users, beware a phony raffle bot that can wipe out Steam inventories of funds, collectibles and weapons. A sketched-out user asks security company F-Secure to look into how the malware's phony raffle 'drawing' wreaks havoc inside Twitch chats.

Video Games September 14, 2014

Twitter acknowledges 23 million active users are actually bots

A SEC filing reveals 8.5 percent of Twitter's user base are bots. The site acknowledges another 5 percent are spam bots. That's likely not music to the ears of those advertising on the micro blogging network.

Apps/Software August 12, 2014

Indiana University researchers make app to unmask fake Twitter accounts

Researchers from Indiana University have developed a tool that can weed out bots spamming Twitter with fake accounts. The tool is called BotOrNot and analyzes various aspects of an account using predictive analytics.

Apps/Software May 8, 2014

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