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Kids Now Draw Scientists As Women More Often Than Ever Before, Study Shows

When about 5,000 children were asked to draw a scientist in the 1960s and 1970s, nearly all of the drawings depicted a male scientist. A new study, however, revealed that kids now draw female scientists more often than ever before.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 21, 2018

California Couple Arrested After Keeping Three Kids In A Plywood Box 'Home' For Years, With No Running Water Or Electricity

A couple from Joshua Tree, California, kept their kids in a makeshift plywood shelter for roughly four years, with no electricity, running water, or sanitation. Authorities arrested the parents for willful cruelty to a child.

Life & Style March 3, 2018

The Deadly Flu Season Has Killed 84 Children In The United States

This year, 84 children have died from the flu in the United States, according to the CDC. It's been reported that the flu season could last several more weeks, leading into spring. Here are the symptoms of the flu.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 19, 2018

Caesarean Section Risks Highlighted In New Study: Dangerous Pregnancies For Mothers, Health Issues For Children

New research highlighted the risks associated with caesarean section deliveries for both mothers and children. Mothers may face dangerous pregnancies in the future, while children may be exposed to a variety of health issues.

Public Health January 25, 2018

Parents In Portuguese Village Encourage Young Children To Smoke At Epiphany Festival

Parents in the village of Vale de Salgueiro in Portugal give cigarettes to children as young as 5 years old during the annual Epiphany celebrations. Why do they do this?

Feature | Health January 7, 2018

Autism Spectrum Disorder Plateaus In US Kids After 20 Years

New data showed that prevalence of ASD leveled off among American children and teenagers for the first time in decades. Which ethnicity could be more prone to the disease?

Public Health January 3, 2018

Eating Fish Helps Kids Grow Smarter And Sleep Better

A new study from the University of Pennsylvania revealed that greater fish consumption among children resulted in higher IQ test scores and better sleep. The improvement is attributed to omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in many kinds of fish.

Healthy Living/Wellness December 27, 2017

Young Children Now Spend More Than 2 Hours Per Day On Screens

Kids age 8 and below spends more time using the media than six years ago. A new report reveals that 42 percent of children age 8 and below already have their own gadget - compared from 7 percent in 2013 and 1 percent in 2011.

Healthy Living/Wellness October 20, 2017

Pediatricians Issue New Guidelines For Identifying High Blood Pressure In Children

High blood pressure in children may soon be easier to identify and manage with AAP's new guidelines. The guidelines recommend annual routine blood pressure measurements and use of blood pressure lowering medications.

Public Health August 21, 2017

Higher Childhood IQ Linked To Longer Life Span: Study

A study has associated high childhood IQ levels with reduced mortality rates. Researchers believe smarter kids make better lifestyle choices that reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 30, 2017

Sun Tan On Kids Is Not A Sign Of Good Health

Parents, beware: having your kids sun tanned is not a sign of good health, a new study has revealed. Researchers said a sun tan or sun burn is caused by damaged skin.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 27, 2017

Every Day, 19 Kids In The United States Are Killed Or Injured In Shootings

Shootings in the United States are responsible for at least 19 deaths or injuries among children, a new report has warned. The study underscores the urgency of tackling gun violence today, as well as preventing child deaths from shootings.

Public Health June 19, 2017

Colorado Campaign Wants To Ban Sale Of Smartphones For Children Below 13 Years Old

Use of touchscreen devices such as tablets and smartphones pose health risks to children. Now, a campaign in Colorado seeks to stop retailers from selling phones for use by children younger than 13 years old.

Public Health June 19, 2017

Parents' Smartphone Obsession May Affect Children's Behavior

If you’re wondering why your child has been acting up lately, it may have something to do with you spending too much time on your smartphone. A new study linked child behavior problems to parents' heavy use of digital technology.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 26, 2017

Old-School Parenting, Health Methods From Grandparents Could Put Kids At Risk: Find Out How

Grandparents raising their grandchildren typically rely on old-school parenting techniques, which are outdated and in conflict with the latest child care guidelines and recommendations. Old health care method and practices can be harmful to children and lead to parenting mistakes.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 8, 2017

Young Tarzan Girl: 8-Year Old Found Living With Monkeys In India [Update]

An 8-year-old girl behaving like an animal and with no understanding of human language has been found by the Indian police in the Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh, India. Authorities say she appears to have lived with animals for quite some time.

Feature | Culture April 8, 2017

Flu Vaccination Can Save Lives Of Children: Study

A CDC study revealed that vaccinated children run a lesser risk of succumbing to flu virus, compared with non-vaccinated kids. The result was determined after a data analysis of four flu seasons from 2010 to 2014.

Public Health April 5, 2017

Parents Live Longer Than Childless People: Why Having Children Is Tied To Longevity

Fathers and mothers are more likely to live longer than their childless peers. Swedish researchers offered some possible explanations why having children is linked with extended lifespan.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 14, 2017

BusyKid Is The App For Tracking Chores Where Children Learn How To Make Money

BusyKid is a new platform that allows parents to track chores and pay allowances to their children, who in turn learn about earning, saving and spending.

Apps/Software February 15, 2017

Liver Disease In Children Linked To Fructose Intake, Says New Study

Liver ailments in children and adolescents may be linked to consumption of fructose, according to researchers. Sugar intake and uric acid levels are independently responsible for the occurrence of liver diseases.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 14, 2017

BEWARE: Pet Medicines Pose Serious Harm To Children

Pet medicines must be kept out of reach of children. In Central Ohio, 88 percent of accidental poising cases among children involved medicine for dogs.

Public Health February 12, 2017

Are First-borns Smarter Than Their Siblings? Study Says Yes

Children who were born first are generally smarter than their younger siblings, but not because of genetics, a new study suggests. Researchers said it's all because of the advantages first-borns receive from parents.

Neuroscience February 12, 2017

Flu Cases In Children Still On The Rise, Doctors Warn

Pediatric flu death is considered a key marker of a harsh flu season. Thus experts are closely watching flu cases in children in the current flu season, which is fast turning into a harsh one.

Public Health February 8, 2017

Physical Activity Can Protect Children From Depression, Says New Study

A new study explores the inter-relationship between physical activity and depression in children. The study reveals that children with higher activity posed a lower risk of depression.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 31, 2017

Kids Are Closer To Pets Than Their Own Siblings: Study

University of Cambridge researchers examine children’s relationship with their pets and find that they derived more satisfaction from animal companions and got along better with them than with their siblings. These pets may then wield a great influence on kids’ development.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 30, 2017

As Early As Age 6, Girls Are Less Likely To Feel Brilliant Than Boys

Six-year-old girls are less likely than boys to believe their gender is poised for brilliance, and they instead tend to veer away from activities that require those smarts. These are some findings of a new study that probes how far back those gender perceptions set in.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 27, 2017

WHO Urges To Stop Online Junk Food Ads On Kids' Apps

The World Health Organization has released a report that warns parents to protect their kids from pervasive junk food ads on mobile apps. Experts believe stricter regulations must be put in place to prevent ballooning obesity rates.

Healthy Living/Wellness November 7, 2016

Device Use During Bedtime Doubles Risks Of Poor Sleep In Children

Device use has been shown earlier to lead to sleeping problems. Now, researchers are saying using smartphones or tablets in bed specifically doubles risks of poor sleep in children.

Healthy Living/Wellness November 1, 2016

Obese, Lean Children Have Different Gut Bacteria: Study

Efforts are in place to address obesity in children and teens but the problem persists. In a new study, researchers have found that obese children and teens and their leaner counterparts have different gut microbiota.

Public Health September 21, 2016

What's Choking Game? Warning Signs Parents Must Recognize

An 11-year-old boy, who played the deadly choking game, died of accidental asphyxiation last week. The choking game involves strangling of the neck or compression of the chest in hopes of getting euphoric in an instant.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 9, 2016

Children With Asthma Can Safely Take Tylenol: Study

Findings of a new study may help pacify fears about giving acetaminophen to asthmatic children. A study finds the drug does not worsen symptoms of childhood asthma.

Medicine August 18, 2016

Many US Children Do Not Have Ideal Heart Health Because Of Poor Diet And Sedentary Lifestyle

Many U.S. children have poor cardiovascular health based on standards set by the American Heart Association. How do children achieve ideal heart health?

Public Health August 13, 2016

Hispanic, Black Students Less Likely To Receive Help For Mental Health Problems

A new study has found disparities based on race and ethnicity in the mental health care received by Black and Hispanic students when compared to their white counterparts. Researchers urge officials to look closely at how the health care system treats minorities.

Public Health August 13, 2016

Legalized Marijuana Sending More Colorado Children To The Hospital

Colorado saw a sharp rise in the number of young children who were hospitalized after ingesting pot-laced goodies. Cannabis-related hospitalizations increased after the state legalized recreational marijuana.

Public Health July 25, 2016

Pediatricians Tell Parents To Limit Children's Exposure To Violent Media Citing Link To Aggressive Behavior

The American Academy of Pediatrics tells parents to limit their children's exposure to screen violence. The group cited studies linking violent media exposure and aggressive behavior in kids.

Neuroscience July 18, 2016

Alzheimer's Gene Starts To Show Effects On Brain As Early As Preschool

Children with the APOE e4 variant, a gene tied to increased odds for Alzheimer's disease, were found to have a smaller hippocampus, the brain region linked to memory formation. They also performed worse on memory and thinking skills tests.

Neuroscience July 14, 2016

Dramatic Inequality Among World's Richest, Poorest Children: 69 Million Will Die Of Preventable Causes, Says UNICEF

A UNICEF report has found that around 69 million children will die from preventable causes by 2030 if global poverty is not addressed. Half of the deaths could occur in sub-Saharan Africa communities before the children even turn 5.

Public Health June 28, 2016

Effects Of Perfectionism: How Intrusive Parenting Is Harmful To Children

Parents often push their kids to excel in school in pursuit of good grades. However, new research suggests that this type of parenting may be harmful to children. How does it affect youngsters?

Healthy Living/Wellness June 26, 2016

War Against Lead Exposure Not Yet Over: Pediatricians Call For More Testing, Tighter Rules

A new AAP statement called for stricter regulations and increased federal resources in protecting children from the dangers of lead. The Flint water crisis serves as an indicator that the war against the neurotoxin is far from over.

Public Health June 22, 2016

How Does Zika Virus Affect Babies And Older Children?

The Zika virus is known to affect pregnant women and their developing fetus in the womb — but what are Zika effects on children and should they be a cause for concern? Here are tips to protect kids from the virus.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 21, 2016

Supportive Parenting Linked To Richer, Happier Children Later In Life

A new Japanese study found that children who grew up with 'supportive parenting' — which focuses on giving positive attention and care — became richer, happier and smarter later in life. See the different parenting techniques assessed in the research.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 19, 2016

How To Talk To Kids About Animal Attacks

How should parents teach kids about animal behavior and potential dangers in light of the recent tragic events involving children and wildlife creatures? Here are some tips to approach the matter.

Animals June 17, 2016

Study Finds Link Between Kids Exposed To Domestic Violence And Suicide Attempts

New research suggests that adults who were exposed to domestic violence when they were kids are more likely to attempt suicide. Experts advise professionals to consider a wider range of interventions.

Public Health June 14, 2016

Child-Friendly Summer: What's The Best Sunscreen For Kids?

The latest EWG sunscreen report reveals the 22 best sunscreen lotions for kids. The top choices were made out of 750 sunscreen brands, with specific focus this year on those marketed for children.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 13, 2016

More Kids Mistake Detergent Tabs For Sweets: How To Keep Your Child Safe

Each day, one child is mistaking laundry tabs for sweets and eating them, a new report has revealed. We list down a few simple tips to keep your child safe from poison.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 5, 2016

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