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The Skull-Shaped Halloween Asteroid 2015 TB145 Is Returning In 2018

The skull-shaped asteroid that flew by Earth in Halloween 2015 is returning. Officially called 2015 TB145, the Halloween asteroid will come near Earth again in November 2018.

Space December 22, 2017

Astronomers Spot First Interstellar Visitor From Outside The Solar System

Researchers have spotted the first interstellar object that could be detected from Earth. The astronomers are trying to determine whether the object, referred to as A/2017 U1, is an asteroid or a comet.

Space October 29, 2017

Unusual Space Rock Turns Out To Be 2 Comet-Like Asteroids Orbiting Each Other

The binary asteroid in the asteroid belt was initially thought of as a single object. It was eventually found to be two asteroids with comet-like features orbiting each other.

Space September 22, 2017

Stone Carvings Suggest Earth Was Hit By Comet 13,000 Years Ago

Ancient symbols carved at the Gobekli Tepe temple in Turkey suggest that comet fragments hit Earth about 13,000 years ago. What does this tell about the mini ice age known as the Younger Dryas?

Ancient April 24, 2017

Why Did It Take A Century For April Fools’ Comet To Be Identified?

Comet 41P has a complicated history. Until its identity was clearly established, the April Fools’ comet was initially mislabeled, then lost and eventually rediscovered in 1951.

Space April 3, 2017

Want To Watch the Closest Approach of The April Fools’ Comet? Watch It Here Now

This is not an April Fools’ Day joke. Slooh recorded the closest approach of comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresák as it passed the Earth on April 1 but it’s still around.

Space April 1, 2017

Remains Of Massive Halley-Like Comet Destruction Found Around White Dwarf

Scientists observe a massive comet falling into a white dwarf, leaving debris around the compact star’s surface. The event marks quite a few firsts in space observation.

Space February 12, 2017

Rare Comet Visiting Inner Solar System For The First Time To Be Visible From Earth This January

C/2016 U1 NEOWISE may be seen using a pair of binoculars when it gets close enough to planet Earth. The comet follows an orbit that is possibly millions of years long.

Space January 3, 2017

NASA Spots Object That’s Either A Comet Or An Asteroid Approaching Earth

Is it an asteroid or a comet? 2016 WF9, a near-Earth object set to approach our planet's orbit on Feb. 25, may have cometary origins but lack crucial characteristics of other comets.

Space January 2, 2017

NASA's WISE Mission Spots 2 Approaching Celestial Bodies: Do These Near-Earth Objects Pose Threats?

The NEOWISE mission discovered two near-Earth objects approaching our planet. One is in a blurry line between a comet and asteroid, and the other is a comet that can be seen using binoculars.

Space December 31, 2016

New Year's Comet A Bad Omen? Comet 45P To Herald Year Of Better Comet Viewing

Comets are historically seen as omens of bad luck. Comet 45P will appear on New Year's Eve, but people can expect to see more comets through most of 2017.

Space December 30, 2016

Comet 45P To Light Night Sky On New Year's Eve: How To See It

Comet 45P will have its own celestial show to welcome the new year on Saturday. Here's how to see the comet in the night sky and distinguish it from planets and stars.

Space December 30, 2016

Asteroid Or Comet Strike May Lead To Extinction: Here's How Scientists Plan To Save The Earth

What are the measures proposed by scientists to deflect potentially hazardous asteroids and comets? One scientist warned humanity is currently ill equipped at dealing with space objects that can cause mass extinction.

Earth/Environment December 15, 2016

Comet Strike May Have Triggered Ancient Climate Change On Earth

A massive comet may have slammed into Earth about 56 million years ago and triggered an instantaneous global warming, a new study suggests. Evidence from rock sediments indicate the possibility of such cosmic impact.

Earth/Environment October 14, 2016

ESA's Rosetta Space Probe To Have Final Suicide Mission Before Colliding With Comet 67P

Rosetta is set to end its mission by colliding with Comet 67P later this month but it will continue to gather scientific data in its final moments. Here are some of the data that the space probe will collect in its final suicide mission.

Space September 19, 2016

Astronomers Use Hubble, Capture Best Possible View Of A Comet Disintegrating

Astronomers have captured the best possible view of a comet disintegrating. The comet, 332P, was making a trip around the sun millions of miles away from Earth during the disintegration.

Space September 16, 2016

Philae Found: Images From ESA's Rosetta Space Probe Reveal Graveyard Of Lost Comet Lander

Images from the ESA's Rosetta space probe revealed the location of the long-lost Philae lander. The photos also revealed why Rosetta had difficulty communicating with the comet lander.

Space September 6, 2016

NASA Astronomers Witness Death Of Kreutz Comet As It Zoomed Toward The Sun At Incredible Speed

Astronomers at NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory observed a Kreutz sungrazer comet as it plunged to its death. The object zoomed toward the sun at incredible speed.

Space August 7, 2016

Scientists Create Foul-Smelling Perfume That Will Make You Smell Like A Comet

Eau de comet, ladies? British scientists partnered with a perfume company to create a scent that mimic's the smell of a comet's surface. Despite sounding glamorous, it might deliver a knockout punch to your date in more ways than one.

Space July 1, 2016

Icy Comets Orbiting Sun-Like Star May Reveal Evolution Of Solar System

An icy belt of comets orbiting a nearby young, sun-like star HD 181327 could hold clues on the evolution of the solar system. What did astronomers find using the ALMA telescopes in Chile?

Space May 19, 2016

Hubble Captures Close-Up Images Of Comet 252P/LINEAR As It Approaches Earth

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope captured close-up images of comet 252P/LINEAR as it approached our planet from millions of miles away. This encounter is one of the closest approaches of any comet in recorded history.

Space May 14, 2016

Astronomers Turns To Crowdfunding To Solve Mystery Of Alien Broadcasts

Astronomer Antonio Paris is closing in on the 40-year-old mystery of an unknown signal from deep space, which is believed to be an alien transmission. He turns to science crowdfunding to build the radio telescope that will prove the origins of the so-called Wow! signal.

Space April 16, 2016

Artificial Comet Holds Key To Creating Building Blocks Of Life

French researchers showed for the first time that artificial comet ice contains ribose and other sugar molecules believed to be building blocks for RNA and DNA. The findings were deemed important for many theories on the origin of life on Earth.

Space April 8, 2016

Impact Of Comets, Asteroids On Young Mars May Have Made Red Planet Conducive To Life

Mars was bombarded by massive comets and asteroids during the Late Heavy Bombardment 3.9 billion years ago. The impact, according to researchers, may have made the Red Planet conducive to life for a time in its history.

Space April 6, 2016

Big Mystery Object Slams Into Jupiter: What Could It Be?

The massive planet Jupiter was hit by a speeding piece of space rock on March 17. The event was captured by two amateur astronomers conducting separate observations of the planet.

Space March 30, 2016

NASA Observes Historic Comet Flyby With Radar And Infrared

Thanks to radar and infrared technology, NASA was able to image and track the historic flyby of the comet PanSTARRS last March 22. The space agency was able to obtain clues on cometary history and evolution.

Space March 28, 2016

Comet Linear Comes Into View: When And How To See The Green Comet

The green-colored Comet LINEAR is set to make its transit across the sky over the Northern Hemisphere in the final few days of March. Skywatchers can catch a glimpse of the comet using binoculars even though the Moon could flood the sky with its own light on these days.

Space March 27, 2016

Water Ice On Surface Sheds Light On Comet 67P Evolution

The European Space Agency's Rosetta orbiter detected water ice on the surface of Comet 67P. What does this mean in terms of the comet's evolution?

Space January 18, 2016

NASA Unveils New Asteroid Detection Program: What Happens When An Asteroid Hits Earth?

In case any cataclysmic asteroids are lurking in the outer space surrounding Earth, NASA is prepared to defend the planet. The space agency on Thursday formally created its new asteroid detection program called the Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO).

Space January 10, 2016

Newly Discovered Giant Comets Threaten Life On Earth: Astronomers

The impact from a centaur strike may be a bigger threat to Earth than previously thought, warned researchers. These giant comets cross the paths of massive outer planets and can hurtle toward Earth.

Space December 23, 2015

Researchers Find Molecular Oxygen On Halley's Comet, Believe O2 Could Be Common On Other Comets

Scientists found Halley's Comet ejected traces of molecular oxygen during the ESA's Giotto probe in 1986, suggesting that O2 is common in other comets in the solar system.

Space December 11, 2015

'Alien Megastructure' Orbiting Around Star KIC 8462852 Is Likely Swarm Of Comets: Astronomers

Scientists found that the alien megastructure recently discovered was nothing but a swarm of comets. In a new study, researchers found explanations as to why star KIC 8462852 exudes unusual brightness and dimming patterns.

Space November 26, 2015

Comet Lovejoy Spews Alcohol And Sugar Across Solar System: No Booze Overload, But What's Next?

Comet Lovejoy was found spewing ethanol and sugar, providing evidence that comets carry complex organic molecules. Further investigation could reveal if these organic materials came from ancient clouds of gas that formed the solar system.

Space October 26, 2015

Astronomers Find Lovejoy Comet Releasing Alcohol, Sugar Across The Solar System

While mostly composed of water, rock and dust, comets also contain organic compounds in their composition. What makes the Lovejoy comet unique is that it is the first comet discovered to contain alcohol and sugar as well.

Space October 24, 2015

Showers Of Comets And Asteroids May Be Linked To Many Of Earth's Mass Extinction Events

The asteroid impact that killed off the dinosaurs was not a one-off event, researchers suggest. Similar extinctions triggered by cosmic bombardments may have happened a number of times in the past, they say.

October 22, 2015

Comet 67P Approaches The Sun: Here's How You Can Watch Rosetta Mission's Day In The Sun

As the Comet 67P approaches the sun, the public is getting more and more excited. Here's some information on how and where to watch the highly anticipated cosmic event.

Space August 11, 2015

Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko Makes Closest Approach To Sun On Aug. 13: What To Expect

This Aug. 13, 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is due for a perihelion, allowing the comet to achieve its closest approach to the sun and complete an important milestone in its current journey.

Space August 3, 2015

NASA May Soon Nuke Asteroids To Safeguard Planet Earth

NASA partnered with the National Nuclear Security Administration to investigate on the possibility of using nuclear power to combat possible asteroid and comet damage on planet Earth.

Space June 24, 2015

Rosetta Makes New Discoveries About 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko Comet's Atmosphere

Scientists have made new discoveries about the 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet’s surface and atmosphere, using the Alice spectrograph aboard the Rosetta spacecraft.

Space June 3, 2015

Comet Lovejoy Has a Happy New Year Treat in Store: Don't Miss

Comet will help ring in the New Year, providing skywatchers with a visual treat for much of January. Comet 2014 Q2 will make its closest approach to Earth on Jan. 7.

Space December 31, 2014

Don't Miss Geminids Meteor Shower 2014 This Weekend

The Geminids meteor shower will light up the night sky with shooting stars on weekend producing up to 80 meteors per hour. Here are reasons not to miss the show:

Space December 12, 2014

No, Earth's Water Did Not Originate from Comets, Rosetta Data Suggest

The Earth’s water is believed to have originated from comets, but data from the Rosetta spacecraft, which analyzed the water vapor of Comet 67P/C-G, suggest that our planet’s oceans may have a different origin.

Space December 11, 2014

Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko Revealed Finally in Full Color Glory

The European Space Agency (ESA) has been showing images of comet 67P in black and white. Using its OSIRIS camera, Rosetta now has a color photo of the comet.

Space December 3, 2014

Philae Lander Silent After Streaming Data on Comet 67p/Churyumov-Gerasimenko: Abrupt End to Historic Mission?

The Philae lander was the first spacecraft to every touch down on the surface of a comet, but failed to land in the planned location.

Space November 16, 2014

Rosetta Philae Lander Lands on Comet 67P Successfully but Battery, Location Continue to Worry

Philae lander's batteries have run out of power but ESA scientists remain positive. The lander could possibly wake up again once it receives brighter sunlight when the comet moves closer to the sun.

Space November 15, 2014

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