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Atari Is Setting Its Eyes On Cryptocurrency With The Atari Token And Pong Token

Atari will make a bid on cryptocurrency with the launch of Atari Token and Pong Token. Rollout of the new Bitcoins remains unknown, but they are understood as the company’s entry to the digital entertainment and online casino platforms.

Business Tech February 16, 2018

Mining For Cryptocurrency Is Interfering With The Search For Alien Life

Researchers are struggling to get the right computing power due to cryptocurrency mining. The lack of power is hindering further research into alien life.

Space February 14, 2018

Hackers Exploit Telegram To Spread Cryptocurrency Mining Malware: Are You Affected?

A Russian cybercriminal group exploited a zero-day vulnerability within Telegram to spread a multipurpose malware. They were able to create a backdoor and mine for cryptocurrency on affected systems.

Security February 14, 2018

Salon Wants To Get Rid Of Ads By Asking Users To Mine Cryptocurrency Instead

Salon has a new strategy of dealing with people who block ads on the website. It's offering a new choice, get rid of ads and instead mine cryptocurrency for Salon.

Internet February 13, 2018

Nvidia Is 'Working Really Hard' To Keep GPU Supplies Up For Gamers

Nvidia confirmed during an earnings call that it is aware of the supply shortage for its GPUs. Cryptocurrency mining is apparently the biggest driving factor for its increased sales.

Computers February 13, 2018

Rounding Up The Theories For The Current Cryptocurrency Market Crash

Cryptocurrency has not had a good month. Fortunes seemed to be on the rise until an unexpected crash occurred at the end of last year, taking the winds out of the sails of the cryptocurrency market.

Business Tech February 1, 2018

Facebook Is Banning All Cryptocurrency Ads, Including Bitcoin And ICOs

Cryptocurrency companies will no longer be able to advertise on Facebook. The company has just banned all ads pertaining to bitcoin, ICOs, and others, though the move isn’t permanent.

Internet January 31, 2018

Google Shuts Down Hackers Who Hijacked YouTube Ads For Cryptocurrency Mining

Hackers hijacked YouTube ads to exploit users' CPUs for cryptocurrency mining, but YouTube addressed the issue. The company says it blocked the malicious ads and removed the attackers from its platform.

Google January 29, 2018

Hackers Hijack Google’s DoubleClick Advertisement System On YouTube For Cryptocurrency Mining

Attackers took advantage of Google’s advertising platform to put cryptomining currency code inside YouTube ads. The perpetrators primarily used Coinhive to facilitate the attacks, a controversial subscription service.

Security January 27, 2018

Nvidia Wants To Fix GPU Shortage By Asking Retailers To Limit Sales To 2 Per Customer

Nvidia wanted to limit the selling of GPU cards to two units per buyer in response to the rising supply shortage of graphics cards. The problem is believed to be caused by cryptocurrency mining and inflated the GPU selling price.

Computers January 22, 2018

South Korea May Be Looking To Ban Cryptocurrency Trading

One of the largest markets in the world supporting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is considering legislation to ban it. South Korea might pass a new law that bans the trading of cryptocurrencies.

Business Tech January 13, 2018

Kodak Is Creating Its Own Cryptocurrency Called Kodakcoin

Kodak announced plans to launch its own cryptocurrency called Kodakcoin. It also confirmed the launch of a new image platform for photographers and agencies to license images.

Business Tech January 11, 2018

As Bitcoin Value Tumbles, Dogecoin Sees Market Cap Rise

Dogecoin may not have a serious name but the cryptocurrency's market cap is increasing. Once dominant Bitcoin continues to see its value fall as altcoins keep rising.

Business Tech January 8, 2018

Ripple Rises To Become Second Most Valuable Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin continues to dominate the market for cryptocurrency, but recently, Ripple rose to become the second most valuable cryptocurrency. It recently overtook Ethereum in market share.

Business Tech January 3, 2018

Archive Poster Chrome Extension Mines Cryptocurrency Via Users' Computers In Secret

Archive Poster, a Google Chrome extension popular with Tumblr users, was reportedly weaponized for cryptocurrency mining. The target of the cryptojacking attack, in the form of Coinhive, is a digital currency known as Monero.

Apps/Software December 31, 2017

Bitcoin's Price Drop Triggers South Korea To Make Changes

Bitcoin's recent volatility after a period of sharp rises is forcing South Korea to make changes. The cryptocurrency's widespread popularity in the country worries lawmakers.

Business Tech December 30, 2017

Bitcoin Prices Recover After Last Week's Large Drop

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies saw a large drop at the end of last week. Prices have been steadily rising but not to the record-highs seen before.

Business Tech December 27, 2017

Bitcoin's Price Drops Sending Panic In The Cryptocurrency Market

Cryptocurrency is a volatile investment. With prices soaring people who recently bought into the market are experiencing a hard crash.

Business Tech December 25, 2017

South Korea Investigates Possible Involvement Of North Korea In Latest Bitcoin Hack

Authorities suspect North Korea is involved in the latest cyber attack incident. Hackers targeted a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange company named Youbit, which filed for bankruptcy after the attack.

Business Tech December 22, 2017

This Cryptocurrency-Mining Malware On Android Can Literally Destroy Your Phone

A new type of malware called Loapi is infecting Android phones, Kaspersky has discovered. It can do a lot of things, including melt your phone.

Security December 20, 2017

You Can't Buy Steam Games With Bitcoin Anymore

Steam no longer supports Bitcoin, meaning you can't buy games on the platform with the cryptocurrency anymore. Valve says it's because of the 'volatility' and increasing transaction fees of the virtual money.

Video Games December 7, 2017

The Winklevoss Twins Now Bitcoin Billionaires

The Winklevoss Twins, who became famous when they sued Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, are now officially Bitcoin billionaires as bitcoin trading surged over 10,000 percent during the final week of November.

Business Tech December 4, 2017

Cryptocurrency Owners Have Already Spent Almost $2 Million On CryptoKitties In Just A Few Days

Cryptocurrency owners have spent nearly $2 million on CryptoKitties, a collectible cat game that just launched a few days ago. People can purchase virtual cats in auctions and breed them to try to create kittens with rare attributes.

Internet December 3, 2017

Cryptocurrency Startup Tether Hacked: Attackers Take $31 Million Worth Of Bitcoin

Tether, a cryptocurrency startup, has lost $31 million worth bitcoins from its platform due to the hacker attack. The value of cryptocurrencies has fallen across the market against the U.S. dollar after the news of the attack broke out.

Security November 21, 2017

Bitcoin Is Now More Expensive Than Gold, Cryptocurrency Reaches All-Time High

A unit of digital cryptocurrency, bitcoin has reached a new historic high. The price of one bitcoin has surpassed the value of an ounce of gold for the first time.

Business Tech March 3, 2017

Developer Of App That Hijacks Smartphones To Mine Cryptocurrency Settles Case With FTC

App developer Ryan Ramminger and Equiliv Investments agreed to settle with the FTC after creating an app that hijacks smartphones to mine cryptocurrencies.

Legal June 30, 2015

'Dope' Will Be The First Movie To Let You Use Bitcoin To Buy Tickets

When the new indie comedy 'Dope' opens in theaters June 19, it'll set a milestone. You can now buy tickets to see the movie with Bitcoin, the first time a movie studio has allowed such a thing.

Money June 15, 2015

uTorrent Secretly Installing Epic Scale Cryptocurrency Miner In Users' Computers: Defiance Despite Complaints

uTorrent is reportedly installing a third-party software used to mine users' extra processing power despite complaints users did not give permission for it to be installed.

Apps/Software March 7, 2015

Fedcoin: A Possible Government-Backed Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin and other digital currencies have been criticized in some circles for having no regulation and state backing. Now U.S. economists are exploring the idea of a government-backed cryptocurrency.

Money February 23, 2015

Bitcoin News: NYC Could Let You Pay Parking Tickets With Digital Currency

If a new bill passes, you will be able to pay any parking fine or court fee using bitcoin, the increasingly popular but infamously volatile digital currency.

Money February 13, 2015

Mixed Views on Bitcoin Future, Cryptocurrency Stability

No one argues the validity of the platform beneath bitcoin, but experts are divided on the future of the cryptocurrency. Some are a bit bullish, some bearish and some are staying neutral.

Business Tech January 15, 2015

Is Bitcoin Made from Titanium? Currency on Rebound Despite Hack, Price Plunge

First it was hit by a hack and then a price point crash. But bitcoin isn't letting either negative keep it from forging forward. While its value and full utility remain hard to define, the young currency still appears capable of achieving long-term success in the mainstream.

Business Tech January 7, 2015

History of Bitcoin: Mainstream or Marginalized? Bitcoin Today

Bitcoin is primed to move into the next stage of its life where it will either mature in the mainstream or tokenize other currencies. From there, its life may be in the hands of the country whose currency currently backs the cryptocurrency.

Business Tech December 26, 2014

Bitcoin price nosedives below $300 but there are still takers

The price of Bitcoin has declined by more than 50 percent when it reached sub $300 from the previous $630 mark. Merchants who accept Bitcoin as payment now face the pressure to sell to avoid exposure to its volatility.

Money October 8, 2014

Reddit plans to distribute company shares to active online community through cryptocurrency

Reddit is thinking about creating a cryptocurrency backed up by Reddit shares. Part of the $50 million funding the company has raised will be given to members of the online community.

Business October 3, 2014

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau warns public of bitcoins, other virtual currencies

The CFPB released an advisory detailing the risks associated with using virtual currencies such as bitcoins. Hackers, scams and a lack of protection from banks make virtual currencies risky business, the bureau says.

Business Tech August 12, 2014

Hacker compromises the networks of ISPs to steal bitcoins

Researchers from Dell's SecureWorks unit revealed that a hacker gained access to the networks of ISPs to steal bitcoins. The thief was said to have pocketed $83,000 worth of cryptocurrencies.

Business August 9, 2014

Dell now accepting bitcoin as payment: Discount on Alienware products

Dell is the latest company to support bitcoin, and it is also the largest and most well-known brand to do so. Dell is also giving customers who pay in bitcoins a discount on all Alienware products.

Computers July 22, 2014

Bill AB 129 in California legalizes bitcoin, other alternative currencies

Bitcoin is now a legitimate currency in California, where most of the world’s most innovative technology companies are located. One bitcoin = $628.

Business June 30, 2014

Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto: Alleged Bitcoin founder denies being Bitcoin founder

After Newsweek published a story saying that it has traced the location of the founder of bitcoin, the alleged creator of the virtual currency has vehemently denied being the man who started it all.

Money March 8, 2014

What does Mt. Gox bankruptcy filing mean for Bitcoin users?

Mt. Gox, once the biggest bitcoin trading exchange, has declared bankruptcy on Friday. Customers are clueless if they can still recover their money. So are the governments.

Business March 2, 2014

Mt. Gox files for bankruptcy: RIP Bitcoin?

Mt. Gox has filed for bankruptcy and about half a billion worth of bitcoins vanished. It might be too much for the virtual currency. It must be approaching the flat line.

Business March 1, 2014

Post Mt. Gox collapse, Dell SecureWorks warns over 100 families of bitcoin malware lurking to steal your cryptocurrency

Amid reports that popular bitcoin trading exchange Mt. Gox has filed for bankruptcy after losing around $480 million, Dell SecureWorks has warned that over 100 families of bitcoin malware are lurking around to steal your cryptocurrency. A U.S. senator has also sent out an appeal to regulators and wants to throw the bitcoin down the well. No wishes included.

Business February 28, 2014

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