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Bungie Confirms Cayde-6 Died In The Story Trailer For Destiny 2's Forsaken Expansion

Bungie confirmed that it killed off one of its beloved characters in the story trailer for Destiny 2's new expansion, 'Forsaken.' The developers say that they're trying to make a darker story.

Video Games June 12, 2018

Bungie Receives $100 Million From China's NetEase To Make New Game: Are 'Destiny 2' Players Affected?

A new Bungie game in the works is part of a $100 million investment into the developer by China-based NetEase. The announcement of the partnership, however, might have caught the attention of some 'Destiny 2' players.

Video Games June 3, 2018

Destiny 2: Warmind: Here's How To Get The Sleeper Simulant Exotic Fusion Rifle

The Sleeper Simulant, an exotic linear fusion rifle that made its debut in the original "Destiny," is a powerful fan-favorite weapon. Find out how to get this weapon in the "Destiny 2: Warmind" expansion.

Video Games May 12, 2018

Destiny 2 Faced Troubles And Had To Be Rebooted Midway Through Development

Bungie was not having an easy time with the release of 'Destiny 2.' There are now reports that the sequel, just like its predecessor, had to be rebooted during development.

Video Games January 4, 2018

Years Later 'Destiny' Soundtrack 'Music Of The Spheres' Leaks Online

Four years ago Bungie composer Marty O’Donnell completed a soundtrack for ‘Destiny.’ The soundtrack never made it to the public but has now leaked online for the world to hear.

Video Games December 27, 2017

Destiny 2 DLC Curse Of Osiris Confirmed By Bungie: Get Ready To Explore Mercury

The first DLC for 'Destiny 2' is confirmed to be entitled Curse of Osiris. In the expansion, players will explore Mercury as they save Osiris, the legendary Warlock who mentored Ikora Rey.

Video Games September 9, 2017

Here Are All The Ways To Get A Sparrow In 'Destiny 2'

The Sparrow was easy to obtain in 'Destiny,' but things have changed in 'Destiny 2.' Here are the ways for players to get one of the hoverbikes in the sequel, and an explanation of why they are hard to acquire.

Video Games September 7, 2017

'Destiny 2' Greets 'Destiny' Players With An Awesome Tribute That Takes You Back In Time

Bungie promised to commemorate the achievements made by 'Destiny' players in 'Destiny 2' through emblems. However, a surprising tribute opens the sequel for returning players, invoking a wave of nostalgia in preparation for new adventures.

Video Games September 7, 2017

Destiny 2 News Roundup: Live Action Trailer, Reddit-like Companion App, PS4 Download Availability, And More

'Destiny 2' is making the headlines, from the new live action trailer 'New Legends Will Rise' to the updated companion app that now sports some Reddit-like features.

Video Games September 1, 2017

Destiny 2 PC Beta To Launch On Aug. 28: Here Are The Changes That Bungie Made After The Console Beta

The 'Destiny 2' PC beta is set to launch on Aug. 28. To address some of the biggest complaints made by players in the 'Destiny 2' console beta, developer Bungie will be applying several changes.

Video Games August 12, 2017

Bungie Extends ‘Destiny 2’ Open Beta, Game Director Calls It An 'Extremely Small Slice’

Bungie just extended the 'Destiny 2' open beta, now set to end July 25. Despite the sheer scope of the beta, the game director says it’s just a small part of a much larger parcel.

Video Games July 25, 2017

Want To Play The 'Destiny 2' Beta Without A Code Or Preorder? Here's How

No code for the 'Destiny 2' beta for the PS4? Don't worry because you don't need it to take Bungie's shooter out for a spin early.

Video Games July 19, 2017

Destiny 2 Beta To Start Next Week On PlayStation 4 And Xbox One: Here's What You Need To Know

The 'Destiny 2' beta will launch on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next week. Here are all the details that players will need to know, including specific launch times, the contents, and what's in store for PC players.

Video Games July 13, 2017

Sony Unveils Glacier White PlayStation 4 Pro As Part Of Limited Edition 'Destiny 2' Bundle

Sony unveiled the Glacier White PlayStation 4 Pro as part of a limited edition bundle featuring 'Destiny 2.' The bundle, which costs $449.99, is now open for preorder and will launch alongside the first-person shooter on Sept. 6.

Video Games July 11, 2017

Gameplay Video For 'Anthem' Shows Exosuits, Jetpacks, Co-Op Combat, And More: Too Similar To 'Destiny'?

BioWare has released the first official gameplay trailer for 'Anthem,' featuring exosuits known as Javelins, jetpacks, and co-op combat. The game is being geared as a challenger to 'Destiny,' but is it too similar to Bungie's first-person shooter?

Video Games June 12, 2017

There Is No Next 'Destiny' Update As Bungie Shifts Focus To 'Destiny 2'

'Destiny' players hoping for another update to the first-person shooter are out of luck. Developer Bungie revealed that its sole focus as of this time is 'Destiny 2,' crushing the hopes of players who are requesting for changes.

Video Games June 3, 2017

Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal Recap: What We Know

Bungie finally gave fans a proper taste of what's to come in 'Destiny 2' in the gameplay reveal. And, boy, it looks pretty insane.

Video Games May 18, 2017

5 Fixes and Changes That Need To Happen In 'Destiny 2'

Since its 2014 release, 'Destiny' has been subject to a fair share of criticism. To avoid the same critiques, there are a few things 'Destiny 2' can do.

Video Games May 17, 2017

Bungie Will Not Stop Support For 'Destiny'; More 'Destiny 2' Details Leak

Bungie revealed that it will continue support for 'Destiny' for the foreseeable future. The announcement comes as more details about 'Destiny 2' leak, including the release dates of the game's first two DLCs.

Video Games April 2, 2017

Destiny 2 Official Details Unveiled: Sept. 8 Release Date, PC Version, Collector's Edition, And More

Developer Bungie has uploaded the reveal trailer for 'Destiny 2,' along with several details on the sci-fi shooter sequel. 'Destiny 2' will be launched on Sept. 8 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Video Games March 31, 2017

Destiny 2 Teaser Features Cayde-6, Humor, And Reveal Trailer Release Date

Bungie has released a teaser video for 'Destiny 2,' which was just recently officially announced. The cinematic trailer features Cayde-6 and humor, along with the release date for the game's worldwide reveal trailer.

Video Games March 29, 2017

Bungie Officially Unveils 'Destiny 2': What Do We Know So Far About The Space Shooter Sequel?

Bungie has officially announced 'Destiny 2,' though gamers have known that the sequel to the popular space shooter is coming this year. Here is what we know so far about 'Destiny 2.'

Video Games March 28, 2017

Leaked Poster Reveals 'Destiny 2' Release Date And Beta: Guardians, Get Ready

A leaked poster revealed the release date of 'Destiny 2' and a planned beta version. The poster has been confirmed to be legitimate, with Bungie expected to make an official announcement of the title soon.

Video Games March 23, 2017

Destiny's Age Of Triumph Update Will Bring Back All Raids, Boosted To Max Light Level

Bungie will bring back all the raids of 'Destiny' with the upcoming 'Age of Triumph' update. In addition, players will be given access to the biggest record book yet for the space shooter.

Video Games March 8, 2017

The Last 'Destiny' Update Will Feature A Return To The Vault Of Glass

The teaser for 'Age of Triumph' hints at a return to the Vault of Glass, which is the very first raid for 'Destiny.' The video also reveals when the details for the last update for the game will be unveiled.

Video Games March 7, 2017

Only Your 'Destiny' Character's Looks Will Be Carried Over To 'Destiny 2': Goodbye, Guns And Loot!

Developer Bungie confirmed that only the looks of 'Destiny' characters will be carried over to 'Destiny 2.' The progress of players, including their farmed money and accumulated armor and weapons, will not be transferred.

Video Games March 3, 2017

Destiny Sequel Coming Out This 2017, Activision Says

The sequel to the successful sci-fi shooter ‘Destiny’ is due this 2017. Activision revealed it in its recent earnings report.

Video Games February 12, 2017

Destiny Update 2.5 Goes Live: Holiday Event 'The Dawning' Arrives

Introduced back at this year PlayStation Experience, The Dawning update for 'Destiny' has now gone live. The holiday-themed event brings a number of new additions, chief of which is the new Sparrow Racing League.

Video Games December 14, 2016

Bungie Now Issuing Permanent Console Bans To 'Destiny' Cheaters, Just As 'Destiny 2' Reveal Rumors Heat Up

Bungie might be making an official announcement for 'Destiny 2' very soon. The developer is not only focused on the sequel, though, as it is looking to improve the 'Destiny' experience by issuing permanent console bans against cheaters.

Video Games November 18, 2016

Destiny's Festival Of The Lost: How To Get The Secret Broom Sparrow

Ever wanted to traverse the world of 'Destiny' on a Broom instead of the classic Sparrow? Well, now's your chance because the Festival of the Lost Halloween event has brought somethng great to the table. Bear in mind, it's not forever.

Video Games October 27, 2016

'Destiny: Rise Of Iron' Player Beats Wrath Of The Machine Raid Boss Aksis Solo: Where's The 'I' In 'Team' Again?

A new video shows a detailed demonstration of how Aksis, Wrath of the Machine raid boss in 'Destiny: Rise of Iron,' got obliterated by only one Sunsinger Warlock. The feat has been thought as unthinkable.

Video Games October 24, 2016

Destiny Festival Of The Lost 2016 Happens Oct. 25: Here's Everything You Need To Know

Bungie and Activision announced that the 'Festival of the Lost' rolls out next week, and 'Destiny' players should ready their guns. Guardians should expect quite a few changes, ranging from cosmetic to in-depth modifications to the Silver Dust economy.

Video Games October 22, 2016

Bungie Reveals New Destiny Weapon Customization Options: New Ornaments For Bad Juju, Red Death, Thorn And More

Bungie announced that five of its 'Destiny' exotic weapons will receive ornaments in the upcoming expansions. Fans of the FPS will be able to craft badass-looking weaponry, but the game has more in store for them.

Video Games October 21, 2016

'Destiny' Players Beat 'Rise Of Iron' Wrath Of The Machine Raid Boss Without Guns [Video]

A group of six warlocks took down the final boss in 'Destiny: Rise of Iron' Wrath of the Machine Raid without firing a shot. The strategy relied on the use of red plates and tons of grenade.

Video Games October 11, 2016

Destiny: Rise Of Iron Wrath Of The Machine Heroic Mode Arrives October 18

Bungie announced that 'Destiny: Rise Of Iron' teams will soon get extra challenges in the form of a Heroic Mode for 'Wrath Of The Machine.' The mode was scheduled to debut on Oct. 18, but it's not for everyone.

Video Games October 7, 2016

Original 'Destiny' Progress Might Not Transfer To 'Destiny 2', And That Has Some Fans Worried

Bungie once talked about a 10-year plan for 'Destiny,' but new rumors regarding 'Destiny 2' have some players worried.

Video Games September 29, 2016

'Destiny' Players Have Discovered A Powerful New Exotic Weapon, But It's Far From Easy To Get

Complex number sequences and hidden objects are just the beginning when it comes to snagging 'Destiny's' new most-desired weapon.

Video Games September 28, 2016

'Destiny' Players Have Discovered How To Easily Skip A Large Chunk Of 'Rise Of Iron's' New Raid

'Destiny' players have regularly proved themselves to be smarter than Bungie's game. The new raid is just another example.

Video Games September 27, 2016

'Wrath Of The Machine' Raid In 'Destiny: Rise Of Iron' Beaten 2 Hours After Launch, Followed By 3-Man Group In Less Than 24 Hours

Bungie congratulated Clan Redeem for becoming the first team in the world to finish the 'Wrath of the Machine' raid in 'Destiny: Rise of Iron.' A three-man group then completed the raid less than 24 hours after it was launched.

Video Games September 25, 2016

Destiny Servers Down As New 'Rise Of Iron' Expansion Debuts

'Destiny: Rise of Iron' recently came out and players are flocking to the game’s servers to get a taste of the action. However, Twitter is on fire as a lot of gamers are put on queue when trying to join.

Video Games September 20, 2016

A Mysterious Virus Is Infecting 'Destiny' Players, But For What Purpose?

Some 'Destiny' players are finding themselves infected with a mysterious virus. What is Bungie planning?

Video Games September 16, 2016

'Destiny' Is Getting Even More Eververse Microtransactions In 'Rise Of Iron'

Players will soon be able to buy reputation boosters via the game's real money store.

Video Games September 15, 2016

Pre-'Rise Of Iron' Patch For 'Destiny' Secretly Added A New Weapon And Other Unlisted Changes

'Destiny' players are discovering numerous changes to the game not detailed in Bungie's patch notes.

Video Games September 9, 2016

'Destiny' Weapons Are Getting Some Major Tune-Ups Ahead Of 'Rise Of Iron'

'Destiny's' tools of destruction are being tweaked ahead of the game's new expansion.

Video Games September 8, 2016

Weeklong 'Destiny' Live Stream Raises $500K For Charity

Before 'Destiny: Rise of Iron' comes out, the game’s community set out to do a good deed. In a weeklong live stream, the 'Destiny' community raised more than $500,000 for their chosen charity.

Video Games August 27, 2016

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