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Dogs Use Facial Expressions To Communicate With Humans

A new research finds that dogs' facial expressions are not mere involuntary reactions to stimulus. Their responses to human attention show possible deliberate attempts to communicate with humans.

Animals October 20, 2017

Puppies From Pet Store Linked To Bacterial Outbreak That Sickened Dozens In 7 US States

Contact with puppies that were sold by the national pet store chain Petland has been linked to a multistate campylobacteriosis outbreak. What are the symptoms of this bacterial infection?

Public Health September 12, 2017

Sleeping With Your Dog Can Give Better Night Rest: Mayo Study

Pet owners are still divided on the topic of letting their dogs sleep in the bedroom. Mayo Clinic found that letting them sleep in the bedroom is actually fine, but evidently only to a certain extent.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 9, 2017

Over-Mothered Puppies Less Likely To Graduate From Guide Dog Training

Maternal style early in life influences puppies' odds for success, with puppies of doting mothers less likely to successfully complete guide dog training programs. Here's why less attentive mothers raise better guide dogs.

Animals August 8, 2017

Genetics Unlocks Mystery Of Why Dogs Are Friendly

Why are dogs friendly? Researchers look for clues in common underlying genetics between dogs and humans to potentially explain dogs’ hyper-social behavior toward people.

Animals July 20, 2017

1 In 3 Dogs And Cats In US Are Overweight: Study

A new study has found that about one-third of pet dogs and cats in the United States can be classified as overweight. This raises questions about the eating habits of pets and the various health risks associated with gaining too much weight.

June 28, 2017

Dog Owners, Beware: 5 Brands Of Rawhide Dog Chews Recalled As They Could Make Dogs Sick

United Pet Group has recalled five brands of rawhide dog chews that could make dogs sick because of chemicals used in the manufacturing process. Here are the affected products and brands.

Feature | Health June 12, 2017

Dog Flu In Florida: How To Protect Your Pet From Canine Influenza

Keeping your beloved animal companion safe from the dog flu can be an easy task for pet owners who stay on top of the H3N2 virus. Here’s how to protect your dog from canine influenza.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 31, 2017

Dog Flu Cases Confirmed In Florida: Symptoms To Watch Out For

H3N2 canine influenza virus infected at least seven dogs in Florida. What are the symptoms of the dog flu, and what should pet owners do if they suspect infection?

Public Health May 30, 2017

Here's Why Brachycephalic Dogs Such As Pugs And Bulldogs Have Flat Face

Brachycephalic dogs such as bulldogs and pugs are the result of selective breeding processes. DNA analysis now reveals the genetic mutation responsible for the flat face of these dogs.

Animals May 30, 2017

Humans' Sense Of Smell Is Just As Good As Dogs’: Study

It is a popular belief that the human olfactory sense is inferior to that of other mammals. A new research traces the history of this myth and proves this false.

Animals May 12, 2017

Marijuana-Laced Edible Sickens Dog: Signs Of Marijuana Poisoning In Animals Pet Owners Should Watch Out For

A pet owner urges marijuana users to be careful with their weed after her golden retriever ingested a pot-laced edible. What are the signs a pet has ingested weed?

Public Health April 30, 2017

Organic Dog Food Recalled After Testing Positive For Euthanasia Drug

A pet food company recalled some of its organic dog food products after samples tested positive for the potentially lethal pentobarbital, a euthanasia drug. Here are the affected products.

Public Health April 27, 2017

New Canine Family Tree Reveals Living Descendants Of Ancient New World Dog

The new family tree of dogs hinted of two living breeds that may have descended from the ancient dog that lived in the New World before the arrival of Christopher Columbus. What else does this genetic map revealed?

Animals April 26, 2017

Warning: Save Your Dog From Chocolate And Other Common Easter Treats

Watch out: your dog could access chocolate and other Easter treats during the holiday. Learn how to identify the signs of chocolate poisoning in dogs, and what other Easter treats can make them sick.

Animals April 14, 2017

Boy With Rare Skin Disorder Meets Dog With The Same Condition

An eight-year-old boy who suffers from vitiligo, a rare skin condition, has met a dog who has the same disorder. Before meeting face to face, the two have known each other virtually.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 22, 2017

Dogs Can Be Manipulative, Sneaky To Get Treats From Humans

Man's best friend can be both manipulative and wily to get hold of their favorite food. A new study reveals that dogs attempt sneaky tactics to weasel a treat out of humans.

Animals March 11, 2017

Study Reveals Dogs, Toddlers Have Similar Social Intelligence

Maybe there really is merit in being told to get a dog first when you reveal you want a child. Researchers have discovered that dogs and toddlers share similarities in social intelligence.

Animals February 28, 2017

Scientists Working On Better Flu Vaccine For Dogs

Researchers are working on improving canine flu vaccine. They are targeting the creation of the live-attenuated canine influenza vaccine, away from the killed or inactivated virus currently being used for canine shots.

Animals February 20, 2017

Bad Dog! Research Shows Dogs Mirror Owner's Traits

Bad dog? Research has shown that the dog and its owner could mirror each other's traits, which means that canine with neurotic tendencies are likely to behave according to what they see in their owners.

Animals February 15, 2017

Dogs Judge You Based On How You Treat People: Study

A new study showed that canines and monkeys probably know when someone is being nice or rude. This lends further insight on the evolution of dog-human relationship as well as the furry friends' potential sense of morality.

Animals February 13, 2017

Euthanasia Drug In Dog Food Prompts Illinois Pet Food Company To Issue Voluntary Recall

Pentobarbital, a drug used to anesthesize and euthanize pets, was found in a lot of dog food that sickened five animals. What are the affected products?

Public Health February 7, 2017

Kids Are Closer To Pets Than Their Own Siblings: Study

University of Cambridge researchers examine children’s relationship with their pets and find that they derived more satisfaction from animal companions and got along better with them than with their siblings. These pets may then wield a great influence on kids’ development.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 30, 2017

Man's Best Friend Shares Food Rewards With Other Dogs, New Research Finds

A new study suggests that dogs, like humans, shows generosity toward its fellow species during complex situations. The study was conducted by behavioral biologists at the Messerli Research Institute in Vienna.

Animals January 28, 2017

Skin Cancer Cream Reportedly Kills 5 Dogs

The FDA has released a new advisory warning pet owners of reported dog deaths from the topical cancer drug fluorouracil, marketed under brand names such as Carac, Efudex, and Fluoroplex.

Medicine January 19, 2017

Do Adult Dogs, Puppies Respond Equally To Dog-Directed Speech?

New research showed that, while baby dogs answer better to dog-directed speech, their mature counterparts record no difference depending on the tone of voice. The research added evidence to studies trying to explain human-dog communication.

Animals January 13, 2017

Dogs Going Digital: The Best Gadgets For Your Pets

Dog owners who want to keep their pets entertained may want to get any of the gadgets in this list for Fido

Gadgets December 31, 2016

Dogs Have Better Memory Than You Realize

Memory retention in dogs is better than previously believed, reports a recent study. Dogs were able to recall and perform an action they saw after short- and long-time intervals, demonstrating an episodic-like memory.

Animals November 25, 2016

Dogs Trained To Sniff Out Invasive Species Of Mussels In Montana

Montana is trying a new strategy to deal with zebra and quagga mussels. The state has trained dogs to detect the presence of these invasive species.

Animals November 13, 2016

This Dog's Reaction To Her Favorite Toy Come To Life Is The Happiest Video On The Internet Right Now

If the cold season has got you feeling the winter blues, then watch this heartwarming video of Jolene the dog meeting her favorite toy that has come to life.

Viral October 28, 2016

Your Dog Is Likely Dreaming About You, Says Harvard Psychologist

Sleeping allows for rearranging information processed throughout the day in a less logical manner. Following this thinking, it is entirely possible for dogs to dream of their owners.

Animals October 22, 2016

Love At First Sight: Autistic Boy Instantly Bonds, Snuggles With Service Dog He Just Met

An autistic child shared a warm bonding moment with a service dog he just met. The 5-year-old boy, who lives in Japan, flew to Ohio to meet the autism assistance dog Tornado.

Life & Style October 21, 2016

Yes, Your Dog Can Understand What You Say, Regardless Of Your Positive Tone

A new study found that dogs use the same part of their brains as humans to be able to understand vocabulary and tone in speech.

Neuroscience August 30, 2016

Is Goat Man's New Best Friend? Scientist Says Goats Are Just As Clever As Dogs

In a new experiment, researchers find that goats gaze imploringly at their human handlers when given an impossible task. Findings suggest that goats are just as smart and affectionate as dogs.

Animals July 7, 2016

New FDA-Approved Drug Can Calm Anxious Dogs During Fourth Of July Fireworks

Sileo drug for dogs is the first and only FDA approved medication to help furry friends deal with noise aversion, which they could suffer from during the forthcoming July Fourth fireworks.

Animals July 2, 2016

This Is How Dogs Help Detect Diabetes In Patients

Here's another reason why dogs are wonderful: new research affirms that dogs can be trained to help detect diabetes in patients. The secret lies in their superior sense of smell.

Public Health June 27, 2016

'Socially Awkward' Dog In Pool Party Video Goes Viral: Beya Has Something To Teach All Of Us

Her name is Beya. In this viral video on Facebook, this beautiful, seemingly antisocial dog is just apathetic to the crazy pool party going on around her.

Viral June 18, 2016

Ancient Humans Domesticated Dogs Not Just Once But Twice And In Two Different Places

Different studies point at different locations as the birthplace of dog domestication. A genetic study of ancient and modern canines explains the reason behind the discrepancies.

Animals June 3, 2016

More Than 6,000 Postal Service Workers Attacked By Dogs In 2015

Run, mailman, run! An annual survey by the U.S. Postal Service found that 6,549 of their employees were attacked by dogs in 2015 while on the job.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 17, 2016

Bee Experts Dissipate Swarm Of Aggressive Bees That Killed 2 Dogs In California Town

A swarm of bees attacked Concord in Northern California and was pinpointed for the death of two dogs and the stinging of several individuals in the neighborhood. It's bee swarm season, but it was an extraordinary case, said bee experts.

Animals May 17, 2016

Artificial Sweetener Xylitol Can Be Fatal To Dogs: Other Food That May Poison Your Pet

The FDA warned about the dangers of giving dogs food that contains the artificial sweetener Xylitol. Here are other food products that may be safely consumed by humans but can be fatal to pet animals.

Animals May 15, 2016

Are Dogs Omnivores? Ancient Bone Crusher Dog Was One, Study Says

Dogs have a genetic make-up similar to carnivores, but it does not mean their diet is similar. Ancient bone crusher dogs were found to be omnivores, but does this mean modern day dogs are omnivores too?

Animals May 14, 2016

German Shepherd Takes Rattlesnake Bite To Protect 7-Year-Old

When a rescue dog becomes a hero. A 2-year-old rescue German Shepherd risks his life to save his 7-year-old human from a rattlesnake bite.

Life & Style May 14, 2016

Artificial Sweetener Used In Chewing Gums Can Kill Dogs

Artificial sweetener found in sugarless gum may kill dogs, the U.S. FDA warns. A substance called xylitol may cause blood sugar to drop tremendously, eventually leading to death if left uncontrolled.

Animals May 13, 2016

Ancient Bone Crusher Dog Ate Like A Bear

Cynarctus wangi is a newly discovered dog that roamed North America 12 million years ago. What makes this find so unusual?

Animals May 13, 2016

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