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Hobbyists No Longer Have To Register Their Drones As Court Ruling Blocks FAA Requirement

Appeals court judges in Washington D.C. agreed with a legal challenge against the drone registration program of the Federal Aviation Administration. If the ruling is enforced, hobbyists will no longer have to register their drones.

Gadgets May 20, 2017

This Flying Sphere Has A Drone Inside: Meet The World's First Spherical Drone Display

NTT Docomo has announced the world's first spherical drone display and it will demonstrate it later this month. The flying sphere features an LED frame and houses a drone at its center, but it will take a while to hit the market.

Gadgets April 27, 2017

The $75,000 Flying Eye Is The First Broadcast Quality 6K VR Drone In The World

The Flying Eye by 360 Designs is the first broadcast quality, live streaming virtual reality drone in the world. The $75,000 device highlights the growing importance of 360-degree content in media and the expanding applications of drone technology.

Gadgets April 17, 2017

Leaked DJI Spark Looks Like A Little Mavic Pro: Is The Drone For Racing Or Selfies?

Leaked images of the next DJI drone, supposedly named the Spark, have surfaced. The drone, which looks like a smaller Mavic Pro, is speculated to have a parimary purpose of either selfies or racing.

Gadgets April 7, 2017

Here's How NASA Plans To Explore Mars With Unmanned Drones

NASA is on course to develop a new drone for Martian research and exploration. The unmanned drone, dubbed Mars Electric Flyer, will fly in the Martian atmosphere for in-depth exploration of the planet.

Space April 4, 2017

Land Rover Discovery Project Hero Search And Rescue SUV Sports A Drone On Top

Land Rover unveiled a special Discovery SUV dubbed Project Hero, designed to help in search and rescue operations. The vehicle aims to serve as a fully equipped mobile command unit complete with a roof-mounted drone and could be a real game-changer in emergency situations.

Car Tech March 8, 2017

Snap Also Exploring 360 Cameras: Is This A Better Idea Than Selling Drones?

Snap, the company behind Snapchat and the Spectacles, is said to be exploring 360 cameras. Should the company pursue such a product, or should it go ahead with its recently reported interest in drones?

Gadgets March 1, 2017

Beyond Snapchat And Spectacles: Snap Reportedly Working On A Camera Drone

With the Snap IPO just around the corner, news just surfaced that the company has reportedly been working on a camera drone. The project could significantly boost its appeal and help it better position itself as a modern camera company.

Gadgets March 1, 2017

Level Up! Silver Iodide-Laden Drone Brings Cloud Seeding Higher

Unmanned aircrafts find its new use in pulling out water from sky. Flying unmanned and at an altitude of 400 feet above icy mountains and dangerous terrains, it eliminates the risk of manned aircraft in conducting cloud seeding operation.

Robotics February 28, 2017

DJI M200 Drone Takes Flight At MWC 2017: Rugged UAV Ready To Take On Industrial Missions

DJI unveiled its new M200 drone at the 2017 Mobile World Congress. The rugged unmanned aerial vehicle was designed to take on industrial jobs that are very difficult or dangerous for humans to do.

Gadgets February 27, 2017

Microsoft Leads $26 Million Investment In Drone Air Traffic Control Startup AirMap

AirMap, a startup working on technology that acts as air traffic control for drones, raised $26 million in a funding round. The investment was led by Microsoft Ventures and supported by Airbus Ventures and Qualcomm Ventures, among others.

Microsoft February 24, 2017

France Is Training Eagles To Hunt And Take Terrorist Drones Out Of The Sky

The military of France is training eagles as a natural solution to take out drones from the sky. Using eagles instead of weapons to destroy drone threats has proven to be both quick and effective.

Defense February 22, 2017

Exyn’s AI Software Helps Autonomous Drones Navigate The Dark And Avoid Obstacles

Autonomous drones may soon gain situational awareness that enable them to travel smarter. With the help of Exyn’s artificial intelligence software for UAVs, people may soon bark destinations at drones, and they’ll find their way there without any human intervention.

Apps/Software February 22, 2017

UPS Shows Off Delivery Truck That Can Launch Packages Via Drones

UPS has tested its first drone-assisted delivery, putting a drone atop a delivery truck that launches autonomously to offload packages, while the vehicle sets off to make another delivery. Still, FAA’s regulations loom in the distance.

Gadgets February 21, 2017

World’s First Manned Electric Hoverbike Looks Fun (And Dangerous)

Watch the Scorpion-3 electric hoverbike in motion. It might not be as fast as your sci-fi speeder bikes, but it surely is a step closer to make sci-fi modes of transportation a reality.

Car Tech February 21, 2017

Amazon Wants To Deliver Your Packages Using Drones And Parachutes

Amazon was granted a patent that allows the online retail company to use drones when delivering packages. According to the patent, Amazon plans to use parachutes, compressed air, or landing flaps to ensure accuracy in its deliveries.

Gadgets February 16, 2017

Scientists Test Pollinating Drone Amid Dwindling Bee Populations

Japanese researchers have created insect-sized drones, which have horsehairs on their backs and a special gel, to potentially help bees pollinate plants. This may usher in automated pollination methods amid bee population declines.

Animals February 10, 2017

Super Bowl 51: 300 Intel Quadcopter Drones Light Up Lady Gaga’s Performance During Halftime Show

During Lady Gaga’s Halftime show at this year’s Super Bowl, strange, twinkling, LED lights hovered all over the night sky. Those lights were Intel’s “Shooting Stars,” 10,000 of which can be controlled by a single computer at a time.

Gadgets February 7, 2017

Drones Allowed To Fly Inside The World's Busiest Airport: What Were They Used For?

Drones were allowed by the Federal Aviation Administration to fly within the airspace of the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, known as the busiest airport in the world. What were the drones used for?

Gadgets February 6, 2017

This Robot Drone Can Mimic How Bats Fly

Bats have sophisticated flight mechanisms that are difficult to incorporate into robotics. In a new study, however, researchers create a robot design that can mimic how these mammals fly.

Robotics February 6, 2017

GoPro Karma Drone Back On Sale After Recall: Here's How The Battery Issue Was Fixed

GoPro has relaunched the Karma into the market, three months after it was recalled due to reports of the drone losing power while in mid-flight. Here is how the company was able to fix the problem.

Gadgets February 2, 2017

Did You Get A Drone For Christmas? Here's How To Fly Drones Safely And Legally

Drones are amazing little machines that can do both good and bad for its owners. For those who received their first drone for the holidays, here is a quick guide on how to safely and legally fly your unmanned aerial vehicles.

Gadgets December 27, 2016

Star Wars Battle Quads: These Battle Drones By Propel Let You Duke It Out In Galactic Dogfights

Propel has come up with the Star Wars Battle Quad Drones. Each toy drone is handpainted and extremely detailed, and can be used in an aerial combat.

Gadgets December 25, 2016

Britain's Royal Air Force Urged To Recruit Young Gamers To Fly Reaper Drones In Battle Against ISIS

Britain's Royal Air Force should consider recruiting 18- and 19-year-old gamers to fly combat Reaper drones to blast ISIS, a retired air marshal urged a parliamentary group. Just pull them out of their 'PlayStation bedrooms' into a Reaper cabin, he said.

Defense December 10, 2016

Apple Drones For Apple Maps To Improve Services And Challenge Google Maps: iOS Indoor Mapping Also In The Cards

Apple has been tirelessly working on improving its Maps and it reportedly has big plans for the future. The company plans to use drones to infuse Apple Maps with a range of fresh data to challenge Google Maps, and some indoor mapping is reportedly in the cards as well.

Apple December 1, 2016

Facebook's Aquila Internet Drone 'Structural Failure' Being Probed By The NTSB

The structural failure of Facebook's autonomous, solar-powered Aquila drone is now under investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board. The Aquila suffered a structural failure before landing during its first test flight in June.

Gadgets November 22, 2016

Eagles Cost Australian Company 9 Drones And $100,000 In Damages

Eagles rule the air, so it makes sense these creatures would take offense to drones flying in its domain. Australian company, St Ives Mine, have come across several issues with drones being destroyed by eagles. Company has so far lost more than $100,000.

Gadgets November 21, 2016

[updated] Official 'Star Wars' Drones Preorders: Engage In Laser Dogfights With The Speeder Bike, Millennium Falcon, X-Wing Or TIE Fighter

In time for holidays, fans can preorder these official 'Star Wars' drones by Propel. For $239.99, they can purchase a Millennium Falcon, X-Wing, TIE Fighter or Speeder Bike and engage in laser dogfights with other drones.

Gadgets November 18, 2016

Disney, Intel To Decorate The Night Sky With 300 Drones As Part Of 'Starbright Holidays' Show

With the Starbright Holidays show, Intel and Disney want to demonstrate how 300 drones could trounce fireworks display in spectacle and magic. The performance will run throughout the holiday season.

Gadgets November 17, 2016

Videos Show Crashes Of Recalled GoPro Karma Drones: Why Are They Losing Power While In Flight?

Several videos online show the recalled GoPro Karma drone crashing after losing power while in flight. A design issue might be causing the problem, according to sources.

Gadgets November 13, 2016

Watch Intel Light Up The Night Sky With 500 Drones [Video]

Remember when Intel released 100 drones during a show in Germany last year? Well, they've done it again. Intel unleashed a fleet of 500 drones called shooting stars into the night sky, in another record-breaking light show.

Gadgets November 6, 2016

GoPro Rolls Out Passenger App: Want To Go For A Ride On The Karma Drone?

GoPro rolled out the Passenger app for the Karma just as the company started shipping the drone. Through the app, users will be able to look through and control the GoPro camera attached to the Karma.

Gadgets October 24, 2016

DJI Mavic Pro MIA? Not Anymore: Foldable Drone Starts Shipping At Last

The DJI Mavic Pro release has faced a one-week delay, but customers are now in for some good news. DJI officially announced that it started shipping the Mavic Pro on Oct. 21, so eager fans should get it soon enough.

Gadgets October 21, 2016

Tencent Announces WeChat Drone: 4K Video Record And 720p Livestream

Tencent is known as one of the biggest companies in China because of WeChat, a messaging service. But now, the company has entered the drone market with the Ying, a device that can livestream.

Gadgets October 16, 2016

$549 Hover Camera Passport Is A Fully Enclosed, Foldable Drone That Needs No FAA Approval [Video]

The Hover Camera Passport drone is finally on sale at $549, promising great bang for the buck. The Passport is truly foldable, fully enclosed and has some neat photography tricks up its sleeve, ready to challenge the GoPro Karma and DJI Mavic Pro.

Gadgets October 13, 2016

Verizon Has Plans To Sell Drone Wireless Data Plans Soon

Verizon said that it plans for the drones to be enrolled in its data plan, and it will cost $25 a month for 1 GB and $80 a month for 10 GB of data. Verizon is also hopeful that the service could extend to remote piloting in the future.

Internet October 7, 2016

DJI Mavic Pro vs. GoPro Karma: Which Foldable Drone Should You Buy?

DJI and GoPro recently rolled out foldable drones, and both the Mavic Pro and Karma are sporting video capturing features and unique little tricks. We compared and contrasted them so you know which makes for a better purchase.

Gadgets September 28, 2016

Build Your Own Flying, Crash-Friendly LEGO Drone With These Simple Kits From Flybrix [Video]

LEGOs are already pretty awesome (unless you step on one), but what if you could make them fly? Now you can, with simple DIY kits to build a working, flying drone made of LEGO.

Gadgets September 22, 2016

New GoPro Karma Drone vs DJI Phantom 4 Drone: Which Is Better?

The GoPro Karma and the DJI Phantom 4 are two of the best drones to be released this year. One is more for the advanced drone pilot, while the other is more catered toward those who are new to the world of drones.

Gadgets September 20, 2016

DARPA Launches 'Aerial Dragnet' Program To Monitor Drone Traffic In Cities

DARPA has announced an Aerial Dragnet program to keep track of drones in urban environments. DARPA wants the drone tracking program to monitor drones, especially the unknown and hostile ones, in low altitude.

Defense September 16, 2016

Alphabet Teams Up With Chipotle For Project Wing Test: Drones Will Deliver Burritos To Virginia Tech

Alphabet's Project Wing is teaming up with Chipotle Mexican Grill for the delivery of burritos to Virginia Tech staff and students. The testing, which is set to begin this month, will see the drones fly on an automated route.

Google September 10, 2016

This 'Star Wars' Drone Set Tasks Pilots With Shooting Down The Death Star

An upcoming drone set from Spin Master tasks owners with piloting an X-Wing and shooting down a hovering Death Star.

Geek September 7, 2016

AT&T, Qualcomm Want Drones To Stay Online Even When They're Beyond Line Of Sight Via LTE Networks

AT&T and Qualcomm look at future where drones can operate outside the line of sight and stay connected to the internet using the carrier's LTE networks.

Internet September 7, 2016

DJI To Release Mavic On Sept. 15: New Drone Will Be Entry-Level And Foldable

A report claims that DJI will be unveiling the entry-level Mavic drone on Sept. 15. The foldable drone will include a 4K camera with a two-axis gimbal and an Android-powered remote control with an integrated LCD screen.

Gadgets September 6, 2016

New FAA Small Drones Rules Go Into Effect: Here's What You Need To Know To Get A Drone License

The FAA drafted a new series of rules for small drones in the United States. The recent document makes it easier for the average user to fly a UAV but puts some limits to commercial use.

Business Tech August 30, 2016

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